50+ Women don’t wear small white shoes. The “short boots” popular this autumn are too elegant, keep warm and comfortable

No one can predict the changes in fashion trends. Last autumn and winter, the popular shoes were still handsome and sharp knight boots. Some time ago, everyone began to chase casual style to wear. After the autumn, the fashion wind direction changes again, and the fashionables are seeking more refined shoe types.



In fact, for middle -aged women, especially after 40 or 50 years old, wearing small white shoes or daddy shoes, although comfortable on the feet, for overall, it is necessary to spend more thoughts to match the effect. But the short boots do not have such concerns, because it is full of personality, simply can improve the temperament of middle -aged women, and at the same time, it will not be weaker than casual shoes in terms of comfort. Together, it is very fashionable.

The content you want to share with you in this issue is to help middle -aged women to create a fashionable short boots that wear clothes and gas fields. Get up and see ~

1. How to choose the “short boots” suitable for you

The sharp gas field of the short boots comes from the length of its shoe tube. Compared with the boots that grow to the knee,

The requirements of short boots are lower, and it is not easy to expose the leg curve due to the shoe tube

As long as each woman shows the slender part of the ankle, she can make themselves look more straight and thin.

When choosing short boots, we first


Pay attention to the opening size of the shoe mouth


Those short boots that are not so good to wear are probably because the mouth of the shoe mouth is too large, which makes people look more procrastinating. It is recommended to choose the size that fit with ankle.

For the choice of flat bottom or heel, it depends on personal preferences

Essence You can choose a flat model on weekdays. This kind of shoes is more practical for women who need to walk for a long time. If you want to further enhance the degree of beauty, it is recommended to choose the style of the heel. Fine heels are conducive to concluding sight, enhanced the sense of sophisticated, and can play a good embellishment in the case of dressed thickness, or to show a capable gas field.

The application of thick heels is more widely used, and everything can be worn.

Choose the corresponding toe according to the dress style

Essence House shoes are fashionable and have a retro charm. If you like to highlight the sense of time or gentle temperament, you can choose the square head thick heel.

And if you usually dress with simple and capable style, then pointed shoes will be more conducive to creating gas fields, and at the same time, it can also be further modified in the modifier, which is more suitable for small children to stretch the leg lines.

2. The practical formula of “short boots”

Although the short boots are versatile, knowing that some common matching formulas are more conducive to saving time when wearing it. The following combinations of dressing can highlight the combination of boots.

① Cover sweater+half skirt+short boots

The most feminine combination in autumn is to use knitwear with long skirts, the soft and gentle knitwear, and the elegance of the skirt, the woman is super gentle to wear.

When combined with short boots, if the sweater itself is relatively large, then the upper body may appear a little bloated. Therefore, pay attention to the emphasis on the skirt waistline. At the same time, it can be more prominent with pointed short boots.


For the fitted sweater, you can use a slightly A -line skirt to match

, Highlight the slender body. At the same time, the grasp of the skirt should also be noted that it should be in the middle of the calf. It is best to keep a short distance with the shoe tube of the short boots.


If the temperature decreases, then a coat is also essential. When wearing a coat, pay attention

The version of the coat should form a sense of layering


Essence The length of the coat can be slightly shorter than the skirt, and the hem can be opened larger. In this way, it will not look messy because of the stacked wear. At the same time, the color of the shoes can also echo the accessories. The same color is elegant. The color of the color is fashionable and can be matched casually.

② Shirt/knitwear+cropped pants+short boots

The second formula is to use shirts, knitwear and nine -point pants to match short boots.


As long as the color matching is appropriate, it is not easy to wear to wear.

For women who want to rely on thin clothes, it is recommended to choose micro -trousers in pants, and compare the tightening of pants tubes at the ankle and the tightening of short boots, which can highlight the skin of the ankle and make the whole look looks like the whole looks like Light a lot.

For the matching of color knitwear and cropped pants,

Do you want to expose your ankle? In fact, it depends on the style of dressing

Essence If it is matched with suit pants, a time between the pants and the short boots can be more expressed to express the trendy gas field.

But if your matching is biased towards retro and elegant, it is also harmonious to cover the short boots with pants tubes, and it will be warm and comfortable to wear.

With this set of inside plus a suit jacket, does the minimalist French atmosphere come out? If you want to highlight the details of the details, then the cuffs of the long -sleeved shirt can be exposed a little, increasing the richness of the shape, and the small short boots of the wine can also shine and it is worth trying.

Well, this is here for the sharing of middle -aged women wearing small boots. Do you prefer boots or short boots? Welcome to share your opinion in the comments area, we will see you next issue ~ Elise



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