Tribute to the artist in the name of fashion! Insun Enshang 2015 Autumn and Winter Fashion Show

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Insun Enshang 2015 autumn and winter women’s clothing show


On March 19, the first Shenzhen Fashion Week opened, and Insun Ensui brought a new product of the 2015 autumn and winter “paying tribute to the artist” series. As INSUN Enshang brand advocates: “One person either becomes a artwork or wears a artwork”, Insun Ensuo ’s visual drawing fashion paintings this season’s products are outlined Elite female style with artistic atmosphere.


Art print, quiet urban landscape

The trend of the fashion industry has been changing, but the print has never left. As an undefeated element in the fashion circle, printing has evolved with the continuous evolution of technology and technology, and it has transformed into a more glorious color and texture. Insun Enshang discovered the deep meaning of art from the artist’s inspiration, and converted into art hand -painted arts with soul and temperature, extending the most lofty respect to the artist.


Fashion is fleeting, but the art has been passed down forever. This time, the inspiration for the release of the Insun Eunong Autumn and Winter series comes from the masterpiece “Dream” of the founder of modern art, Picasso. The love and respect for life and life in the paintings are in line with the spiritual characteristics of contemporary women. In this new product series, the patterns in Picasso paintings may be directly used in the design of sweaters, T -shirts, dressing, etc., or “Dream” as the original sound, combined with the designer’s wonderful imagination, drawing an artistic atmosphere But more fashionable paintings. Unscrupulous abstract printing, ink prints, and eye -catching color ensemble, you will find that the fabric completely acts as the role of the canvas. The print is the absolute protagonist!

Flatus drag, free and casual agility


High quality, simplicity, and neutrality are the design pursuit of INSUN Enshang. The brand’s encountering Shenzhen Fashion Week still brings this free and simple fashion concept. The slender silhouette is incorporated into the geometric element, and the proper ratio of color, silhouette, and details conveys simple and elegant modern design and charm. In this simple outline, there is no lack of dedication and consideration of details.

The tide of tassels blows from New York to Milan, and has blew four major fashion weeks, destined to become the most popular element in 2015. Insun Enshang’s autumn and winter 2015 series, it also uses a large number of tassel elements, or on the hem, or on the edge, or the whole skirt, you can see the shadow of the tassel. The craftsmanship adds unrestrained and agile feelings to the shape. The moment the tassel beating with the woman’s clothes, the freedom and casualness were easily displayed!


Gem red x dark green, relaxation and degree

The art of minimalist life has always been the brand spirit of Insun Ensuo as a classic. The colorless black, white, gray, and camel color is inspirational base color of INSUN. Color creativity.

Looking at the major fashion weeks of 2015, gem red is a well -deserved color of the year. Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, all use gemstone red as the main color of the brand’s new products. In the autumn and winter of 2015, the use of Insun Enmbasson in color follows the international trend. In addition to the conventional four -base color, it also adds highly saturated gem red and retro dark green.


The simple overall high -grade gray silhouette is embedded in the infrared of slightly charming gemstones, and it sets out the neutral temperament of the water hibiscus. The elegant long skirt also makes the black dance elegant charm. And dark green, which is used to render the characteristics of rigidity and softness, it is more appropriate. The effect of immersion and spraying brushes adds a leisure texture. The three -dimensional cuts show women’s soft lines and self -confidence, autonomous and independent personality.

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