Why is sheepskin worthless from value to a text? Sheep dealer: Don’t send me!

In the 1980s and 1990s, a sheepskin coat was a very beautiful thing. Everyone would feel that you were very noodle, so sheepskin has always been sought -after. Dad took a few months of salary at that time and spent more than 1,000 before making a coat. He loved it every day. He was really warm and atmospheric. After so many years, why is sheepskin worthless now?

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Last year, my mother -in -law died. According to the local customs and habits, the family contacted the sheep dealers to buy a living sheep to sacrifice the deceased, expressing the filial piety of the grandchildren, and the price also said to the sheep traffickers. The price of the sheep was the price of the sheep. At 1500 yuan, how many slaughtering costs of the sheep traffickers would be 150 yuan. When the sacrifice was completed, the sheep also killed, and the relatives asked the sheep’s sheepskin to offset the cost of slaughter, and we could not use sheepskin.

At that time, she thought sheepskin was a good thing, and she thought that sheep vendors would agree. I knew that he rejected us in person, saying that you may not know that no one is acquired at all. Let’s send you, we can’t use it anyway. He said that you can just find a place to throw it away. It can be seen that the sheepskin is in the goat traffic without transaction value.




In the previous 1967, the garrison in northeast and northwest, warm clothing allocated in winter, was indispensable from head to toe. Both use more warm and lightweight high -synthetic fiber products, which reduces the weight of the troops. In the defense material, the demand for sheepskin is missing a huge number in this piece.

The most important thing in the sheepskin market is the cold north. The southerners are rarely used. In the past, the people in the north had no good clothes. All of them were wearing sheepskin coats. When killing pigs and sheep in rural areas, many people would be the elderly at home. Or customize a fur clothes yourself to keep warm, and the demand for civilian use is very large. However, the northern grazing is driving or riding a motorcycle. It is not convenient and beautiful to wear a sheepskin coat. Naturally, there are fewer people.


Don’t look at a sheepskin. The process of making a fur coat is quite troublesome. You have to find a craftsman who has a craftsmanship “cooked leather” and spend a lot of time and kung fu. The coat is easy to replace the warm clothes such as down jackets and sweaters on the market, and the warmth effect is better and stylish.


Which young people will hang a sheepskin coat on themselves and walk hard, I am afraid that people are too earthy, and they are not in line with the aesthetics of young people. As a result, many young people have never heard of this mysterious profession. No Naturally, no one has done money. This traditional craft is now almost extinct, and the sheepskin is naturally worthless.



The value of one thing is determined by the market. The sheepskin market is gone, and the value is gone. Although it expresses this phenomenon, the profit of farmers has not made less money because of the value of sheepskin, but The profession of “cooked skin” and the “leather artisan” may disappear quickly. No generations of inheritance, some are distressed!

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