SBK Winter Cycling Server -Winter Warm and Fashionable

The activities of Double Eleven have passed. Many people “chop their hands” more or less. I wonder if the majority of Mo friends have chosen their satisfaction in the Double Eleven activities?

As the weather gradually changes from warmth, many people will block cars to choose more comfortable private cars to travel, but there are still some relative regional temperatures that are more suitable for cycling, so the choice of equipment when outdoor commuting seems particularly particularly particularly particularly particularly special. It is important, the temperature difference between day and night in the winter riding is obvious.

Especially in the morning in the north, the cold wind coming on the face always makes people feel that it is not particularly comfortable. After the comparison of each family, the SBK’s winter warm goose velvet ride is the preferred product. There is no inconvenience brought by a conjoined body.

The inner surface adopts a loosely tights -wrap design to reduce the entry of the wind area. The double -layer design allows the appearance to show a unique style. The appearance still inherits the consistent firm appearance of the SBK. At the same time, it also guarantees the sufficientness of the temperature, so that the winter cycling can be as smooth as the summer.

(Note: This picture comes from the Internet, reprinted from locomotive armed)

With the many brand hot products entering the market now, there are many selectivity for Mo You. The cost -effective and comfortable level and the level of the brand’s craftsmanship are becoming more and more convenient. The need. The tight package design is adopted at the cuffs, and there are corresponding protective gear protection on the back, shoulders, and elbows.

From the professional products of the track to the daily commute equipment used all the time, it is reflecting the external performance of the value of major brands. In the design of the SBK of domestic brands, although there is no high -end brand value such as Dennis and A star, The protection factors of design concepts and safety have not fallen. In the commuting of winter, safety is more important than summer, and warmth is also indispensable.


Although winter is cold, pay attention to travel safety!

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