A set of streaming yoga sequences that enhance the body’s metabolism, cold hands and feet in winter, those who are afraid of cold need to practice more


In winter, many students will be cold in hands and feet, because the weather is cold, the energy in our body is not enough, the metabolism will become slower, and the blood return ability will weaken, which will cause the blood circulation of the fingers and toes and other parts.


Therefore, the more cold the weather, the more you need to strengthen exercise and improve your physical fitness to better resist the cold.

Today, I will share with you a set of warm -up yoga sequences that enhance physical fitness, which can promote blood circulation of the whole body, speed up metabolism, and avoid fat accumulation. Before practicing, remember to warm up on the day!


Action 1:

Standing in the mountain -style, put your hands together on your chest

Action 2:

Inhale, raise your hands up above your head

Exhale, a big step back to your left foot

Bend the right knee, the knee and the toes with the same direction

Enter the warrior 1

Action 3:

Inhale and extend the spine again

Exhale, your body forward, raise your left leg and backwards


Enter the Warrior 3, keep 2-3 breathing

Action 4:


Exhale, fall back with your left foot, flex your right knee

Inhale, hold your hands flat, enter the warrior 2 Type 2

Action 5:

Exhale, the body twists to the right


Put your hands on your chest with both hands


Enter the side angle twisting type, inhale extension of the spine

Exhale, deepen the torsional range

Action 6:


Inhale, restore the warrior 2, hold the right arm upward the top of the head

Exhale, bend your body to the left


Action 7:

Inhale, extend the spine


Exhale, move your body’s center of gravity forward, raise your left leg and go backwards

Fall your right hand on the pad surface and enter the half -monthly style

Keep 2-3 breathing

Action 8:


Exhale, fall your left leg on the pad surface

Both feet are close or separated from shoulders

Enter before standing flexion, inhale extension spine

Exhale, relax the spine, and turn the pelvis backwards

The spine is upright, restores to the standing mountain style


Repeat movement 1-8, practice the other side


Action 9:

The lower dog type starts, adjust 2-3 breathing

Action 10:

Inhale, your right foot goes backwards

Enter a single -legged dog

Action 11:

Exhale, fall between your right foot between your hands

The right calf is vertically on the ground, enter the new moon

Action 12:

Exhale, move your body to the left

Straighten your right leg, put your hands together on your chest

Enter the left -handed side stretch

Action 13:

Exhale, move your body to the right


Straighten your left leg and enter the right leg stretching style

Action 14:


Inhale, put your right hand on the outside of your feet

Open your hands as wide as your shoulders, and your right legs straight back

Flip the body down, enter the slanting plate

Adjust 2-3 breathing

Action 15:

Exhale, bend your elbow, 90 degrees with a large arm


A straight line in the body, enter the four -column style

Action 16:

Inhale, your body crossing, enter the dog style

Action 17:

Exhale, fall your legs, your hips backwards

Enter the big worship, adjust 5-10 breathing

Repeat movement 9-17, practice the other side


Inhale, raise your hands up above your head

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