The “sweater dress” popular this year is too beautiful, wearing or stacked coats, down, high -level gentleness

In winter skirts are mainly solid colors, such as knitted dresses, most of the romantic floral skirts attended in the hot summer, but in addition to knitted skirts, “sweater dresses” are also popular this year.

The sweater skirt, as the name suggests, is the same material as the sweater, the same soft and comfortable, but compared with the knitted dress, the sweater is more fashionable, and it is super good. Let’s take a look.



Missing match with the shirt


• Skill skirt single wear

The soft sweater design of the classic straight tube is also good for the tolerance of the figure, and the cover is particularly good. The wide hooded design is very close, highlighting the neck lines. The flexible and loose sleeves are also very comfortable and smooth, very age -reducing. With Martin boots, it is really beautiful.


The hat -connected skirt with a hooded style, the medium -length style is particularly delicate, loose and lazy dress, no matter how you look, it looks extraordinarily atmospheric. With random trousers and snow boots, it is filled with simple fashion and classics.


The hooded sweater connecting the skirt, casual and versatile, can also take the girly line. In the fashionable and indifferent white design, the upper body is particularly foreign, loose and casual, and not monotonous to wear. Oversize’s design is simple and easy to control, and small girls can wear them, which looks particularly thin. The design of the side opening is novel and not monotonous.

The disappearing style of the lower shirt can make the proportion more perfect. The gray sweater can show white legs, it looks fashionable and age -reducing, and it will be more casual when wearing light gray. Although the hooded fashion is not particularly avant -garde and popular, it is not particularly dull.


• sweater skirt+down jacket match


The skirt with a thin down jacket is just right for the cold place. The color of the milk coffee color, just like the warm winter, the lower body with super shorts or tight -fitting stockings, which is even thinner.

• sweater skirt+down vest

Dark skirt, but the style of the knee can perfectly modify the figure, with down velvet vests, fashionable and generous, stylish, fashionable and atmospheric, suitable for most girls, showing thin hidden meat.


Sweater skirt+long coat matching


• sweater skirt+Changxi suit jacket

The next introduction is the skirt with a long suit jacket, which is usually very worthy of reference. Whether you match a short suit or a long suit, it may be a good choice with a soft skirt as an inside.

• Swear skirt+coat

The skirt is actually the basic long sweater, which is more slender than a short sweater. The skirt of the sweater is energetic, and it also incorporates a strong fashion atmosphere. In fact, the sweater dress is not more than the sweater as the interior. On the contrary, it is more casual and casual than a sweater. Women who are afraid of cold can also buy fluffy ones, which is warmer.

The soft sweater dress is really convenient to wear a long jacket. Compared with short jackets, the long raid skirt will be more slender and can cover the thick thighs in the middle. The design of the skirt will have a small skirt. The femininity and the combination of lively, so it is not easy to put on it into a shirt!

The choice of coat color is actually concentrated on some dull combinations and more common colors for women. The overall matching of this camel coat may be simpler than the three colors of black, white, and gray. The color scheme of “camel+black” will be more preferred to show a mature sense of fashion.


• sweater skirt+knitted long cardigan

The delicate knitted cardigan is almost one in winter, and the touch is particularly comfortable. It is not so warm to wear on the body, but it is too delicate and waxy, especially when it is matched with a skirt, it is a kind of ladylike taste, eye -catching and vivid.

The skirt is flexible and grounded. It is indeed a single product that is not to be missed in today’s fashion match. If you want to wear the most fashionable sense of autumn and winter, choose a sweater skirt to match.

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