Is memory really reliable? Forgotten that happened around you, don’t care about it

Every day, with memory and forgetfulness, small mistakes caused by unimpractable can sometimes be made up in time. Sometimes not only have a great impact on work and learning, but also make us pay more. Tips can be forgotten, and big things can be forgotten. There are different reasons for forgetting in various cases. Therefore, we learn how to improve our memory, and scientific training for memories is the most effective way. It not only allows us to remember specific work content or knowledge points, but also comprehensively enhance our brain, so that it is confident and confident. Healthy and powerful working status.


Tang Dao is a superb foreign language guide. He is responsible for receiving foreign friends who come to China and lead domestic tourists to travel abroad. Once, a tour group of more than 20 people came to China. The next day’s trip was to visit the famous tourist attraction Emei Mountain. Tang Dao took the guest at the airport on the first night and started to explain in the car. Passports, umbrellas, etc.

The next morning, the next morning, Tang Dao took a taxi to the hotel by taxi. When all tourists arrived in Qi to get on the bus, Tang Dao found that his suitcase was forgotten on the taxi. As a result, the luggage was not found. Tang Dao’s suitcase was equipped with a plan for this trip and a laptop. On the one hand, the travel group must not affect the mood of all tourists for their own reasons, and on the other hand, Tang Dao was anxious to find valuable luggage to reduce losses. There are also umbrellas and jackets, and Tang Dao was drenched into a soup chicken on Mount Emei.

Why forget it?

The main reason is: irritable work requires the comprehensive processing of the brain to deal with all small things, and those small things are most likely to be distracted.



After graduating from ordinary universities, Xiao Mou entered the bank and was responsible for the counter business. Due to strong business processing capacity, he was soon transferred to the credit loan commissioner and was responsible for customer data review and other tasks. Xiao Mou did not have many connections from the countryside, but the performance salary was always the first among colleagues. At the annual meeting, colleagues asked him to disclose the secrets. Every customer in his hand will remember birthdays, hobbies, etc. Important information, calling for blessings in advance on birthdays will make customers feel kind. At the same time, he remembered the loan conditions of various industries, every year’s policies, and so on. Every time he encountered a new customer, he could quickly judge the amount of loan quota and review whether the information was passed. Conditions can also help customers try other applications. As a result, Xiao’s loan has gradually increased, and his business ability has been appreciated by his superiors. He is now promoted to the director of the Ministry of Credit Ministry of Credit. Not only is it a customer, but even the loan amount issued by each of his men can now remember that it is a bank that it is from the bank. Star figure.

Why can’t others remember?

The main reason: the bank’s work is very delicate, the policy changes quickly, and the crowd is widely exposed. A lot of information must be remembered that not everyone can do it. Xiao Mou has a set of virtual memory tools in his mind. Extremely.


Xiao Shaanxi is a high school student. When reviewing each subject, he always feels trivial knowledge. Remember too much things. Remember the new and forget the old ones. Taking memory geographical knowledge points as an example, there are many geographical knowledge sectors. The exams often give a message related to the topic, and then judge the answers related to the knowledge sector based on the relevant information given. For example, as long as the shape of the Russian Yinse River is given, you can answer the agricultural distribution or climate characteristics of this area. After seeing the picture, judge which river is, which country belongs to, which region in which areas of the country and other information will be performed. For high school students such as Xiao Shaanxi, how to classify and review and review a large number of knowledge sections is the key to getting scores, plus a large amount of knowledge points in other subjects such as physics, mathematics, politics, history, how to quickly and effectively review and memory. It has always been a problem that plagues them. Since then, Xiaoanan through the flexible use of thinking maps and memory skills, which clearly “storage” of the knowledge points of each discipline in the brain, and finally increased the score of the single subject of geographical disciplines by 20 points. In the 2015 college entrance examination Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

More memory learning content is shown in the figure below …


Why don’t you remember?

Reason: The amount of knowledge and memory of high school students is particularly large, and the content of memory requires scientific review and classification. Otherwise, forgetting while remembering, the topics in the exam often seem to have known each other. Therefore And use “Mind Map” to classify notes and knowledge points to effectively improve the score.


Ms. Chen, just after giving birth to a child, is now a housewife. Most of the time, she brought children and housework at home. Once, when the porridge was cooked in the kitchen, the child suddenly cried. When there was no one at home, Ms. Chen hurried to the bedroom to coax and feed. After more than ten minutes, the child did not cry. Later, Ms. Chen came to the living room. Open TV to watch TV shows. When Ms. Chen smelled a fragrance, she shouted “My porridge!” She ran into the kitchen while running. The lady lamented: “Everyone said she was stupid for three years. I was too careless and had not found it. I hadn’t had time to cause a safety accident.”

Why is it so careless?

Reasons: “One pregnancy and three years” is a joke, but it is not a scientific basis. From a scientific point of view, the synthesis of infant brain during pregnancy requires a lot of lecithin, and the lecithin content in human nerve cells accounts for 17%to 20%of the baby weight during pregnancy. This proportion is combined with the direct intake of the mother. Coupled with the slow life and decompression during pregnancy, the brain seems to have entered low -speed operation. Therefore, after giving birth to a child, most mothers will feel that their thinking ability has decreased and memory declines. In fact, the brain reduces things that must be considered in normal work, and loses the opportunity to exercise intermittently.


Yang is a staff member of a public institution. He often travels to the equipment of the department’s equipment. One day, Yang received a call from the department leader on the way out of the business and told him that the opportunity to go abroad for training was very good. It is still likely that he would be improved for half a year of studies. After receiving this great news, he jumped up and jumped up happily Because going abroad has always been Yang’s dream. Then the leader asked him to submit other information such as ID numbers and photos immediately, but Yang couldn’t remember his ID number at one time, and put his ID card at home, so he told the leader to call back 10 minutes later. After Yang asked his family to find his identity, he called the unit phone. Unfortunately, because the list needs to be reported immediately, there is no time to wait. The position that should have belonged to Yang had been temporarily replaced by another colleague. Because he couldn’t think of his ID number for a while, he lost his dreams, and Yang was in a mood trough for a long time.

Why don’t you remember?

The main reason: the number of memories of ID card numbers, bank card numbers and other series of memories are a repeated way of memory for the average person. Repeated reading will naturally remember. However, this memory is not reliable. The ability of people to recall when fatigue will decline. Sometimes it is necessary to remind the first few to think of, and sometimes they can Zhang Guanli Dai Di into several information.


Xiao Liu is the leader of Chongqing, which is mainly responsible for Hong Kong’s tourist route. He once led an elderly group with more than 20 people to travel to Hong Kong. The night before departure, he also organized the passports of all visitor in the handbag. The departure time of the passenger plane was 8 o’clock in the morning the next day, but it was not until the next morning. All tourists could not wait for the tour guide Xiao Liu and never answered the phone. When all the members were anxiously waiting, the leader Xiao Liu pantingly pantingly Run over and said sorry for a lot. Originally, Xiao Liu’s mobile phone horn suddenly broke. He didn’t hear the alarm clock, and he didn’t hear the phone. After telling all the members of the group members, he led everyone to the airport counter to go through the boarding procedures. The group members put their passports at home because of panic. It’s too late to come back to get a passport. The cost of buying the ticket for each member will be borne by himself. Thinking of the tickets that he might compensate tens of thousands of yuan, Xiao Liu screamed, and the tourists also waste themselves because of the negligence of Xiao Liu. Time and energy constantly blame him. In the end, Xiao Liu not only paid a heavy economic price, but also attracted reports from the local media.

Why happen?


Main reason: In the news, we often see someone forgetting a lot of information on taxis. Why do we have some important things we realize, sometimes we are forgotten? Everyone has their own biological clocks, some people have a strong energy for a long time, and some people will have particularly easy fatigue biological clocks. Feeling no concentration or not sober head. Tests show that the biological clock that can regulate brain thinking scientifically can regulate the biological clock of the brain, so that the brain can achieve the purpose of enhancing the brain function by increasing the oxygen consumption when thinking about problems, so that it is healthy and powerful.


As a beautiful girl, Xiao Wang broke up with her boyfriend for three years because of quarrels. The sad little king Yiyi reluctantly, so she turned on the computer and turned out the photos of traveling with her boyfriend. Recalling the beauty of the former beautiful Memories. When the winter was warm in winter, Xiao Wang put the electric heating table on the computer desk to warm up. Looking at the snowflakes floating outside the window, Xiao Wang was even more sad. She decided to go to other cities to disperse the next morning and come to travel at will. One week later, Xiao Wang returned home. When she stepped into the study, she was stunned. It turned out that she forgot to turn off the switch of the electric heating table cushion when she left. The computer keyboard has been burned out and sticks to the table cushion. If you go home a few days later, it may cause fire and cause serious consequences.

We have many habitual behaviors in life, such as closing doors, flushing toilets, etc. These habitual behaviors have formed subconscious in the brain, and even when you call or read. But when emotions are affected, our brain has forgotten to do those actions because of interference. Bad emotion is the enemy of the brain. Learning to control emotions is to control the brain.


When making promotion in a computer city in Shijiazhuang, the activity notice reads “People who can remember the peripheral rate of 100 to send 300 generation vouchers, and those who can remember 1000 vouchers with a circular rate of 300.” Many college students are trying to try their fists. The challenge time is not limited. First of all, the male classmates came to the stage to challenge. After a few tens of minutes, the male classmates started to write silently. Because some people missed and wrong, the challenge failed, and then there were Several students came to the stage to challenge, but they ended in failure. After a while, a person came, and it came down 10 minutes after taking office, and then began to write silently. The audience around him looked at this person with doubtful eyes. Soon the mall staff checked the peripheral of the man silently. After the inspection, the staff picked up the microphone and said, “The 300 perians written by Mr. Chen are all correct, and the challenge is successful!” He will get the mall provided by the mall. 1,000 yuan shopping vouchers, “In a group of surprised and enviable eyes around, Mr. Chen accepted a reward.

Why can you remember so many numbers in a short time?

The main cause: The disquestful and meaningless brain can rarely remember that Mr. Chen was a teacher who trained and memorized numbers. He turns meaningless numbers into shaped things in his head. When memory, he will produce associations. Turn a long string of numbers into meaningful pictures, and you can easily and accurately remember 300 numbers.


Teacher Zou in his fifties is the vice president of a training institution. He is very humorous in teaching and is loved by children. After getting off work, I drove home from the office. When I opened the door, I found that the key fell in the school office, so I drove back to the office to pick up the key. During the peak of traffic, the traffic jams in the city delayed for a long time. When Teacher Zou finally arrived at the office, I remembered that the door of other colleagues at work this morning was not holding by other colleagues. Home. Teacher Zou first tossed enough, and then sighed: “Isn’t that I am getting old?

Main cause: Teacher Zou has forgotten many factors twice, and people feel that the older the age, the worse the memory ability is. It is related to many factors such as human emotions, causes, diets, genetics, whether it is affected by external damage. The slowdown of brain thinking leads to forgetfulness, which is related to a certain type of amylase precipitation. With the increase of age, we rely more on experience to judge things. The frequency of brain thinking decreases. Stylase precipitation will block the biological flow in the brain neuron, which will produce the unforgettable phenomenon we call. The reason is of course a combination of various factors, and cannot be explained in one aspect.


Have you seen the above cases that you have a sense of acquaintance? Maybe my or her friends are really here. People live in the big family of society, and the brain plays a pivotal role. We not only need to eat like other animals, but we need to sleep. What we need to need is to “think”. Therefore, if people do not think, they will encounter various troubles in this society. Without a healthy and effective brain, they will fall into more difficulties in social competition. If you want to exercise yourself, challenge yourself, and transcend yourself, you must truly understand the operation of the brain.

Why forget it?

Why happen?

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