The winter “three -piece set” of the girls in the southern office, can the stomach warmer and warm the stomach can survive the winter

Today, it’s cooling again, by the way, there is still light rain. The room in the south is always a bit cold because it is not heated. It is easy to dry the air conditioner, and it can be said to be extremely unfriendly for “dry skin” people like me. Dry cold weather is the characteristic of my city. It seems so difficult to leave the winter.

Even if he complains, the days are still lived day by day. Mom’s words still seem to be in my ears: “It is cold and cold in winter, drink plenty of water, wear gloves, and be careful of frostbite.” At this time, you can only take care of yourself by yourself.

Fortunately, it is not the first time that I have spent the winter alone, and I have prepared my winter “three -piece set” for a long time. With them, at least they can be more comfortable.

Health pot

In this small thing, in winter, there should be both home and office. You can boil tea and boiled desserts. It is really a little expert in hydrating and warming the stomach. A few days ago, I also shared with you several desserts and tea that can be made with health pots. You can also try it.

Today I cooked kumquat black tea, which has a moisturizing effect, and it tastes sour and sweet.

Ingredients: 5 kumquats, 3 small pieces of tangerine peel, a little rock sugar, 1 spoon of black tea.

Method: 1. Wash the skin with salt water, then wash it with water, and cut into 2 or 4 petals.

2. Wash the Chenpi and black tea slightly.

3. Put water in the health pot, add kumquats, black tea, Chenpi, and rock sugar. After boiling, continue to cook for 3-5 minutes. After turning off the heat, continue to simmer for 5 minutes to drink.


I like the taste of tea, and I use Yunnan Dianhong I usually drink. The color of the cooked tea soup is dark red, and the taste is very mellow. If you don’t like to drink strong tea, you can use a tea bag, so that the tea taste is a bit light, and you don’t need to filter the tea residue.


In addition to cooking tea, the cooking pot is also good for cooking. If you do n’t eat breakfast in the morning, cook an egg, and cook a bowl of white fungus. It is very convenient. The sweet and warm hot drink in winter can warm your hands in your palms, and you can warm your stomach in your mouth.

Dew glove

Girls who work in the office must have experienced cold fingers and typing. It’s okay to hold the hands warmer, but you can’t work. If you wear gloves, you feel awkward when you want to type. Here I recommend everyone a small artifact-dew gloves. I do n’t know if you know this glove, you can cover the lower half of the palm and fingers, expose your fingertips, so that you can type easily and play a role in warmth.


People use a laptop.

In order to type convenience, it is recommended to choose the one that is separated by five fingers. Some styles also bring a top. When you do n’t type, you can put your fingers up. Like ordinary gloves, you can wear it.

Hand cream

I do n’t know if there is a little friend like me. It is particularly dry as soon as I get in winter. If you wash a few more times, even if you use hot water, you can prepare a crack. If the temperature is lower, there is a risk of frostbite.

Whether you are as easy to hurt as I am, hand cream is really a must -have in winter. The variety selection is particularly moist, the capacity is the largest, one can in one house, a can on the desk, and a small, placed in a packet. After washing your hands, squeezed out a large piece, wiped, from fingertips to wrists. Wipe it, wear gloves. continue working.


If you are also alone and you can only take care of yourself, then try this three -piece set for yourself. Or, prepare other “three -piece set” for you according to your needs. At least let those who love you don’t have to worry too much for you this winter.

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