Actually surprised by the small girl in Korea! Height is not enough, come to make up

I believe that any girl is willing to reach the state of the sky. In fact, if you want to create the effect of long legs, the most important thing is that we work hard on it, such as choosing this kind of jeans and T -shirts, It can be achieved well. Let you be able to instantly become an envy of others’ ‘leg essence’.


Look1: T -shirt+denim shorts


It is undeniable that Li Xuanmei’s legs are not short, but at least not to the point of the sky. But every time she appears in the airport or in the camera, a pair of long legs are enviable, and it has a lot of contributions to wear.


Simple letters T -shirts, coupled with this dark super denim shorts, a loosely printed robe, the legs of the robe are completely full of temptation and sexy.

The successful place of her look is the choice of shoes. In fact, this look is best to match sneakers. How to choose the right sneakers? This medium tube is suitable for hidden increase function.

Sister paper can also choose high -heeled shoes, it is indeed possible, but in this way, the entire look will inevitably lose a lot of sexy and casual style, and it is the most suitable for sports shoes.


Of course, if you want to make your temperament more feminine, then change the top to this hollow chrysanthemum, the lower body with black denim shorts, and a word buckle high heel, which is also the standard of leg essence. Essence

Look2: dress

Today, it can be said that it is quite popular. It is a retro feeling of hidden blue wave dot dress. In addition, the skirt is relatively low, so it is quite suitable for the shape of the long legs.


The red wave dot seems to be more sweet. In fact, whether it is red or hidden blue, one thing is very important, that is, the position of the skirt must be high, or the position of the waist must be high.

LOOK3: Jeans

Black is already thin, and this super short design seems to be small and capable of the whole person’s temperament. We don’t have to put a pair of boots like this, simply match a pair of sports shoes, but the temperament is more free and easy.

The color and model of the outer tower can be selected according to your own needs. If you wear white jumpsuits inside, and then the coat can choose this blue model, the texture is thin and thinner.



Sun protection. With fishing net socks, it will be more personalized.


This is a style of panties that are relatively girl and urban style. The role of stripes is not nonsense. The position of the waist is relatively high, and the trouser tubes are enough wide legs. With the material of chiffon, the whole set of look is almost daily.

Look4: top+casual pants

In fact, this kind of weaving suspender vest is more popular in a few years. The blue -green mixed color makes it more fashionable. The lower body with green tight low waist pants can reflect the girl’s good figure.

The chiffon shirt with tight mixed pants, no matter when it is enough to make people like and feel fashionable. This look is also very suitable for the girls in the workplace.

Choose the right pants according to your body characteristics. Only in this way can you better show your figure. Simple foundation T with denim shorts can also get the effect we want.

Actually surprised by the small girl in Korea! Height is not enough, come to make up

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