“Original oil” is so expensive, is it really the best oil?

Every time I live broadcast, Taige will be asked such a question:

What kind of oil, empty filter, and machine filter should I use this car? Is the supporting things that is a little bit compared with the original factory? For so many years in Taigo, almost every car owner has a close -up mentality about the “original factory”. It takes the original factory to buy accessories and the original factory.

When asked why I believe that the original factory, the answer is also very simple, because the manufacturer recommends that the 4S shop also continuously deepen the impression that the owner must use “up factory oil”, and there is no need to bear the consequences of the accident.

So is this statement be established? I start from a story:

Auto manufacturers do not make oil by themselves

99%of the original lubricants are bidding

So I ask everyone a question: How much do you think of the production line of a lubricant company?

Each original oil is generally divided into 2-3 grades, which requires at least 3 production lines. Do you think the car manufacturer has this capital to support billions of lubricant from research and development to the entire process of production?

The answer is definitely impossible.

The old men know that a few brands selling the heads all year round will know that no one is made of oil by themselves. Therefore, the “original engine oil” understood by the majority of car owners is usually “OEM” for other oil plants through bidding authorization, but the terminal sales price is much more expensive than the retail version.

Similarly supports LL12, the price of the original shell foundation will be much more expensive than the commercially available oil

So the question, how did the so -called “original engine oil” bid?

Taigo gives you two examples: I understand:

For example, you want to buy a batch of graphics cards for OE supporting facilities, and bidding finds 3 suppliers to distribute themselves.

Suppliers A’s quality and performance, the quotation is also appropriate, but their chip supply is unstable, maybe it cannot be delivered because of the core problem of the core.

Supplier B has a very high performance, and the large manufacturer has a stable supply, but the offer is really spicy

The sample properties given by the supplier C can be used, and the indicators meet the design needs, but it is not the best, the production capacity is large, the supply stability is no problem, and the quotation is low.

The sample given by the supplier D is very cheap, but the quality will be much worse, but the shipments are huge.

If the old man is the purchase of this computer factory, the principle of public affairs will basically choose C, right ~

For procurement, as long as the performance meets the standards, the most stable and stable supply of the lowest price is the optimal solution. If there is a deeper cooperation before, it will be better.

This is called “comprehensive consideration”.

For any serious enterprise, or the military or government, a large number of long -term procurement and cooperation will score the supplier from multiple aspects and perspectives. Finally, the last 1 to 2 are selected after comprehensive consideration. So car companies must be the same.

For example, FAW Toyota’s original engine oil mainly comes from out of light and Sinopec

GAC Honda’s original engine oil mainly comes from shells or Great Wall lubricating oil.

The manufacturer code above Volkswagen’s original machine oil bottle is:

4nn, 4xm —— Castrol multi -permanent worker;

4NK — Mobil OEM (Changchun Anye Oil Products Co., Ltd.);

5HV — Fox foundry; 7WL — Great Wall OEM;

7Wh — Shell OEM (Changchun FAW Fourth Ring Bel Dolofia);

7VQ — Haili OEM;

7PV, 7VO -Pan Dongxing OEM;

U4D -Shunchang OEM.

In other words, you buy the same money, which may get Mobil foundry and Great Wall foundry. How to choose Mobil and Great Wall? This does not require Taige to say more. The old man changed the original machine oil, and it took his eyes to spend his eyes.

“High -end Oil” price opaque

From time to time to play with reading understanding

Since the original oil is not said so well, it would be better to buy higher -end oil with the “original price”?

I can’t say that ~

Many car knowledge masters know that the basic oil in the oil is important. It is also that many “driver” masters generally feel that the higher the basic oil level, the more reliable the oil is.

Simply put, it is the same brand oil:


Fully Synthetic > Synthetic > Mineral Oil


There is no problem in such rough classification, but now the sky is full of the oil in the mildly synthetic engine oil, and the basic oil routine comes. Their general propaganda logic is: ↓↓↓

In the table, the direction is the highest level of five basic oils

But in fact, the original form of the US Petroleum Association (that is, our oil SN grade) is the original table of the basic oil classification: ↓↓↓↓ ↓

The definition of the US Petroleum Association for the five types of basic oil is not to say that the five types of oils are synthesized by the ester, but except for the basic oils of the 1-4 category as five categories. However, the five types of basic oil must be compared to 4 The class is good, so such a routine is here.

First of all: the majority of the large manufacturers of “ester basic oil” on the market do not contain many ester! ~

For chestnuts, many websites say that their imported engine oils are fully synthetic. But the bottle body and the official website cannot find the words “ester” or “ester”. The large “XTL” (heterogeneous process) on the bottle really face. Do you tell me that this is the ester?


In addition, although the ester base oil is resistant to high and low temperature and abrasion resistance, it is unstable in encountering water, easy to corrodes, and durability is not as good as other complete synthetic basic oils. It is often used for car oil and is rarely used for home vehicles. However, many car owners believe that “ester” is a good thing, so of course JS also “pretend to sell stupid” directly “ester” ~

The next step is PAO universal Dafa. To be honest, Taige has encountered a lot of riders who asked if Honda’s purple bucket was 100%PAO basic oil. I took a look at it, and it really was 100%Pao, but take a closer look. Essence Essence Essence The routine is not ordinary!

The Chinese on the back, 100%PAO means “100%PAO” instead of “PAO content 100%”. This routine is so deep.

Wuhu ~ Buy a motor oil and also read the reading understanding


Recognize viscosity and level

Follow the manufacturer’s certification, right?

Since the oil is so complicated, how about a special institution and car manufacturer to help us make quality assessment? The most basic certification is on the oil bottle:

Lubricating oil level certification



There are three types of lubricating oil -level certifications internationally, which are authentication: API standards for the US Petroleum Association, European ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturing Association) standards, and OEMs.

And the quality level of the oil from the level from worse to good


The OEM certification is the authentication of each car manufacturer to ensure the best efficiency of its own engine. It is usually not recommended to use machine oil without manufacturer certification. for example

Starting from Mercedes Benz (representing Mercedes Benz) such as MB229.3; MB228.5 …


BMW LongLife-98; BMW LongLife-04;

Volkswagen Audi: VW 502; VW 505.01; VW 504.00 …


Porsche: Prosche …

In general, the concept of “the best oil” is actually more marketing value. Many of the high -performance oil brands that are known as “super running” and “special track”, do not superstitious. Because more supercar manufacturers choose top -level comprehensive synthesis of serious manufacturers, this is good enough for civilian cars.

Super runs like McLaren, Chevrolet, Porsche, Aston Martin, Toyota LFA, as well as Bentley, Mercedes -Benz AMG, Nissan GTR, and the original factory. Jaguar and Land Rover are Harvest’s polarot. The original BMW M, Rolls -Royce, and Ferrari used the shells.

So today’s article, let’s summarize: Don’t be superstitious about the so -called “original factory”, and there is never the saying of “the best factory”! No matter what accessories or consumables, as long as the specifications meet the original factory regulations, the level certification meets the official requirements of automobile manufacturers, and can be switched and universal!

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