The thick baby underwear just needed in the winter, and the price is supercharged!

In the past two days, it is known as the “most fierce cold air” all the way to the south. Hangzhou’s original warmth of the world suddenly became cold. The adults in the family have changed into a thick warm underwear. Although the baby is hot and full of heat, it is also impossible Nenes, wearing a soft autumn dress, comfortable and warm.

In October, the previous one of the one -fruit underwear was too fast. Many of the popular models were finished.

Considering that the weather is relatively cold, although ordinary thick underwear can cope with most of the autumn and winter,

When the heating at home in winter is not hot enough, if you want the baby to wear lightly, you need a thicker underwear.



in addition

In winter, I want to make the baby concave, wearing western point, and thick underwear is also needed.

Essence Thick underwear with a sweater or thick shirt, and a coat on the outside, it is enough to go out in winter. It can be worn by one layer less than thin underwear. Essence

So this time the baby underwear returns to the group, I recommend a thick baby underwear, and the brand is still one fruit. Compared with the ordinary babies underwear, the difference between the same size pants is roughly the same, it is still a lot thick:

However, the continued choice of one fruit this time is not based on the trust and favors accumulated before, but after comparing the 4 thickened baby underwear.


Below I will talk about the process of choosing thick underwear in detail. If my mother wants to buy it directly, scan the QR code to enter the store!

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Four babies have thickened underwear horizontal review, the best quality of Yiguo

1. Material comparison:

They are all cotton cotton.


I have always insisted that the baby must choose a single layer and cotton (more than 90%of the amount of cotton) for your baby. , Static electrostatic, breathability and hygroscopicity are also very poor. The baby is easy to sweat and sticks to the back, and the cold wind blows.

So this time I purchased to compare the X -type thickened baby underwear, and the materials were selected all cotton. Coincidentally, they chose Schonglong cotton in the materials.


After the cotton cotton is forming the whole cotton cloth, the velvet is used to form the fluffy feel on the surface of the cloth surface to form a fluffy feel, so its composition is natural cotton, not artificial fibers. There are four pieces of beds made of hairy materials in my house. Every winter, the four -piece set of hair is the most comfortable. When drilling into the bed, it is soft and warm when drilling into the bed, not wet and cold.

However, I am more curious why Yiguo did not continue to use organic cotton as thick underwear, so I went to ask Yiguo R & D Department. They explained to me in detail the reason why the choice of Shuri cotton:

The cotton and spandex rational ratio is more elastic than the cotton and organic cotton fabrics after the rational ratio, and it is not easy to deform. In addition, after the surface of the fabric is grinded, the feel is softer and waxy, and the touch feels very soft.

Therefore, for the thickened autumn clothes, choosing a cotton cotton is a better choice. The soil cotton has both soft, breathable, moisture absorption and warmth, and the stability is quite good. It is not easy to deform after washing and machine washing.


However, although Shuyong cotton is very suitable for the baby’s thick underwear, there are also unavoidable regrets, that is, they will get the ball. Several comparison underwear OK has been wearing more than a month, and the ball is like this:

I have discussed the problem of the Schonglong cotton ball with the brand. Yiguo brand Fang told me that although Yiguo’s craftsmanship has tried to control the ball in a small scope, the current technology can really not reach completely completely. Can’t afford the ball.

So if the mother minds the ball, it is not recommended to choose a cotton cotton underwear!


2. Comparison of thickness:

The thickness of the four underwear is not much different.

The four underwear are 120 yards, and the length of the trousers is very close, so the thickness can be seen intuitively by weight.

The actual measured weight is not much different. The first paragraph is the thickest, the fourth is the thinnest, and the difference is 30g, but there is no difference in the actual feel. From the perspective of weight, One Guo is the second one among the four models.

3. Cuffs and pants mouth:


Although the elastic mouth is better, Yiguo is flat, and the comfort is the highest.


When I saw the cuffs and trousers of these four underwear at first glance, I prefer the design of paragraph 1 and 2, because the elastic mouth is not easy to drill the wind, and the warmth is better.

But when I rolled out the cuff, I voted to Yiguo. When we wear underwear, we also have this experience: the flat cuffs are more comfortable, and we will not feel like it. Among the four underwear, only one fruit’s cuffs are not raised:

When OK is actually wearing, because the cuffs of Yiguo are very good, the opening is not large, and the outside is covered with a sweater, so there is no leakage.

The same situation is also the same. Except for one fruit, the other three models have edges. When the socks are covered outside the legs, Yiguo’s pants legs will not press red marks on the legs.

So in this round, I still choose one fruit.

4, neckline process:


Bringing edge design, it is not easy to deform

From the photos below, it can be clearly seen that after washing the neckline of paragraph 1 and 2, it has been loosened after several times, and the 3 and 4 necklines remain pretty good. Because 3 and 4 use the edge design, it is not easy to deform, and the time limit for the use of clothes is longer.


5. Details of the crotch:


One fruit four stitches and six -line sewing method, there is no friction, the key parts are more comfortable

The design of the baby’s autumn crown also reflects the fineness of work. Like the cuffs, except for one fruit, the other three autumn pants are directly spelled, so there will be edges.


If the baby is no longer wearing diapers, these edges still affect comfort. In this regard, only one fruit was all used in four stitches and six lines, and the crotch was very flat.

6. Shoulder seams:

The flatness of Yiguo adds points again

Only the unsatisfactory places can see the intentions. After several underwear turned over, you can see that one fruit uses four -shot and six -line sewing method at all seams. The place where the most seams on the shoulder are also flat, which makes the inner comfort to the extreme.

After the comparison items above, Yiguo became an inevitable choice, so thick babies, I continue to recommend one fruit for everyone.

Not only do you wear home, you can also wear it outside, which greatly increases the utilization rate

In addition to the material and details, I reassured, the design of Yiguo is also a major reason I chose it. Yiguo’s underwear is not the same as the autumn clothes in the previous impression. The style is simple and foreign. Some styles of tops can even be worn directly. Anji and Xiaoyuer brothers have worn it in the show in the past two years. Home clothes:

Because it is comfortable and beautiful, you can wear it as a home and a base service:

You can wear underwear again:


For a baby who is not used to wearing a sleeping bag, this underwear is also very good as a pajamas:


A single set is 139 yuan, and the two sets can be reduced by 20 yuan, which is too cost -effective!


When I choose a baby underwear, the fixed psychological price has always been a single set within 150 yuan. After all, the underwear is about fit. It is almost the same for a season, and it will be worn at most to next spring, so it is not cost -effective to be expensive. I have found a better baby underwear with better materials and better styles, but the price of a single set is nearly 200 yuan, and two sets of buying two sets are four hundred. Think about it. It is still painful.

And this time Yiguo’s thick underwear, finally talked about

The group purchase price is only 139 yuan a set, and the two sets can be reduced by 20 yuan


It can be worn as underwear, pajamas, and home clothes. In the heating shopping malls and restaurants, wearing it will not be abrupt, so I think choosing one fruit thick underwear is the most suitable choice at the moment.

There are elastic closed ports, you can wear it according to the length of the body or a large size, you can wear it

Like Yiguo’s ordinary baby underwear, from the perspective of trial, its size is still quite accurate. If you want to wear a complete fit, you can choose according to the length of your body. Then choose a large yard, elastic close, a little bigger will not affect wearing, it is also very comfortable.

Let me talk about why I recommend one fruit baby underwear.


Reason for recommendation //

1. Choose high -quality cotton cotton, thick, soft and elastic, baby can wear it with peace of mind

The clothes I put in the baby are most important is the fabric. I really don’t have to worry about the material of Yiguo’s underwear. The material of this thick underwear is 95%of cotton with 5%spandex. The fabrics and yarns are standardized by GOTS global organic textiles. After the rational ratio of cotton and spandex, soft and waxy is elastic, and it is more convenient to wear and take off.

The safety level of the fabric is of course no doubt about the Class A standard, without formaldehyde, no heavy metal, and no sensitivity source. It is completely OK.


Thicked underwear fabric grams reached 320g. Compared with the ordinary models in the previous group, the thickness difference is quite large:


The pattern on the clothes uses active printing and dyeing. During the printing and dyeing process, no puppet nitrogen and formaldehyde are added. It does not contain harmful substances to the human body. It is not easy to fade when washing. Essence

2. Close the mouth, hidden buckle, crotch, packages, labels, packaging, every detail is intimate


The neckline, cuffs, and pants legs of the baby’s underwear are designed with elasticity, so that the baby is not easy to leak cold when wearing it, and it is even more spiritual:


Hip three -dimensional tailoring:

The pants of Yiguo’s thick underwear are made of three -dimensional tailoring, leaving room for the small butt. Even if you wear diapers and wear pants, you will not feel tight.

Pants waist wide rubber band:

The waist and mouth of the pants are wide rubber bands. This design is not easy to drop the crotch or stomach.

Switching flat:

The seams of the clothes are all four -pin and six -line process, and the flatness is not abrupt, so that the baby will not have a foreign body when wearing it.

Tags can be torn:

The labels on the one -fruit top and pants can be torn off directly without damaging the clothes, and it will not grind to the child’s skin. However, it is reminded that after receiving the clothes, everyone checks the clothes first, confirmed that there is no need to return, and then tear the label!


3. The design is simple and generous, cost -effective, two hundred dollars in two sets, let the baby warm the winter


Yiguo’s design is still very special among many domestic brands. This thickened underwear is based on the best -selling level of ordinary models. The 7 most popular colorful colors are selected to make thick models. Each model is generous, even if we wear it, it looks good.

Buying underwear for the baby, except for the material, the cost -effectiveness is the second point I think about. Our this time Yiguo’s underwear suit is opened, and the group purchase price can be said to be very grounded.

, A set of (top+pants) only requires 139 yuan, and two sets of two sets can be reduced by 20, that is, as long as you spend 258 yuan, you can buy two thick -thicker cotton underwear


It is really cost -effective for children’s interior clothes, underwear, and underwear in winter.


Oh right, because one -fruit thick underwear is recently replaced by packaging, so the underwear received by everyone may have two types of paper bags and frosted semi -transparent bags. In the future, they will be frosted and translucent bags!

// Optional flower color

// Details

△ Select the size according to the length of the body. If the body size is large, or if it takes a long time, you can choose a large size

product name:

Yiguo Yiigoo Organic Cotton Children’s Underwear


Group purchase price


Original price 299


Yuan, group purchase price




Plum two sets, then reduce


Open time:

Wednesday, December 5th 20:00


Delivery method:

Free shipping nationwide (Xinjiang Tibet needs to add 15 yuan freight) and issue 48 hours.

Because the group purchase price is low, it does not support invoicing! Please understand.

Retreatment policy:


Quality problems are free to return.

Before the courier is collected! Check! check! Confirm that the outer packaging is intact and non -damaged before signing! Otherwise it will increase the difficulty of return.


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