Tide of domestic goods, frugal wind leading the start of school consumption

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Guangming Daily reporter Dong Bei

With the start of schools in major and secondary schools, students and parents have begun to get busy. Malls, supermarkets, stationery stores, and bookstores can often see parents carry their children for “big procurement”. Some people look forward to the new semester of “rejuvenating” and purchasing new equipment such as computers, mobile phones; some people prepare for the schoolwork of the new semester, and buy a lot of books and teaching aid information; some people stay away from their hometown to study and install a lot of hometown in the backpack Specialty products … The hot sales of computers, stationery, schoolbags, snacks and other learning and daily necessities have driven consumption in the opening season to continue to heat up. At the same time, the trend of domestic goods and frugality has become a new fashion for leading the start of school consumption.

Guizhou Qianxi Elementary and Middle Schools have started schools one after another. Xinhua News Agency

1. The rise of domestic goods, the quality of the “shopping cart” is upgraded by the start of school



On the afternoon of September 2nd, in the stationery stores in a shopping mall in Beijing, various learning supplies such as schoolbags, laptops, pens, and pen bags were full. Parents and students who come to buy are endless. Customers waiting for the checkout before the cashier have been lined up. The reporter saw that many shelves in the store were attached to a striking discount promotion label. A primary school student held several different colors of fluorescent pen in his hands and chose it happily. The mother of elementary school students told reporters: “The child is about to study in the first grade. I took her to the physical store to let her choose the stationery by her own. The price is not much worse, and the quality is better. “

Every time the school season, students related to students are always hot. In this stationery store, the reporter found that in addition to the traditional stationery, notebooks and other stationery, there are also many unique stationery in the cultural and creative commodity area. This area is also a place where the entire stationery store is very popular. There are many “small customers”. The stroke is a sponge -made decompression neutral pen, a peculiar and lovely shape, and a schoolbags printed with cartoon cartoon images.

“Now students hope that their stationery products are different. When we buy, we will also buy more rubber rubbings and pens such as small animals. This type of stationery is much better than other types of products.” A stationery of stationery. ” The owner of the shop said that the domestic stationery functions, styles, and types are becoming more and more diverse. The stationery style of stationery is personalized and new and creative. In addition, there are many learning utensils and anime IP joint names, adding elements such as characters, and selling in the form of stationery blind boxes and stationery gift packages, attracting many post -00 and 10 post -10 eyeballs.

The first batch of freshmen at the 2021 level of Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University came to school. Chen Shengwei Photo/Guangming Picture

Writing supplies and other stationery have always been the “frequent customers” in the opening purchase list. With the development of the Internet and the change of teaching forms, people’s consumption has gradually upgraded, and some electronic learning supplies have begun to become a must -have “equipment” for primary and secondary school students to start schools. Essence Zhang Yingjia, a student who was in high school immediately, just bought a tablet computer and a handwritten pen. “Usually there will be some drawings and PPT display. After buying new equipment, I can complete my homework in the classroom, and the learning efficiency will be relatively high.” Zhang Yingjia was looking forward to the upcoming new semester.

The rise of domestic goods, the consumer market shows a new trend. Some foreign tide brands and popular IP cooperate to launch joint products, which are amazing, and these products are gradually no longer the “fashion” advertised by students. Wang Ping, a student of Nanjing University, spent 159 yuan on the Internet to “grab” a short -sleeved top of Hongxing Erk and Henan Museum, and felt “cool” on his body.

Today, the content of the “shopping cart” of students is becoming more and more abundant. From traditional stationery to digital equipment, it reflects the development of education and changes in the way young people obtain information. Gao Baohua, a researcher at the Institute of Service and Trade, Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that in the past, most students purchased books and paper and pen and other stationery. Now the start season consumption has gradually changed to electronic stationery and more personalized and trendy products. This change is related to the improvement of the income level of residential family income and the widespread application of e -products in the era of digital economy.

2. Focus on cost -effectiveness, thrift successful school new fashion


The survey shows that among the categories of clothing and shoes, college students spend the most money on casual shoes, running shoes, and basketball shoes. They are accustomed to spending for sports clothing. “Shoes Fashion” has become more and more popular in recent years, especially after the 95th and 00s. The reporter found in the interview that whether it is clothes, sneakers, computers, and stationery. Students did not blindly pursue foreign “brand names” when choosing, but pay more attention to practicality and face value. It is also favored. The “large pieces” added to freshmen’s enrollment often tens of thousands of yuan, but electronic products such as mobile phones do not need to change new every semester. Improper consumption will allow students to have bad habits such as comparison and follow the trend. “Waste the start of school.”

In a Xinhua Bookstore in Beijing, Aunt Lin is selecting the exercise book for the third grade of elementary school. “The expenditure of the start of school in the new semester is mainly for children to teach auxiliary books. There are other things at home. My two children are not much different. The clothes and shoes I bought for my sister before are still new. , Saved a lot of expenses, “Aunt Lin told reporters.

Li Shanshan, who was studying in the eleven school in Beijing, was about to rise into high school. “The live pages and pens I bought in junior high school have not been used up, and the pen bag has not been bought for long, and it is a bit wasteful to change the new one.” Li Shanshan said that most of the time to go to school wearing school uniforms, there is no chance to wear the clothes I bought, I have no chance to wear my own clothes to wear Therefore, there are very few spending on clothing, and most of the consumption is used to buy books.


Undergraduate Qu Jiashuo, who is studying in Shanghai, has not had too much expenses on stationery and other stationery such as paper, pen, pen and pen. He said: “The schoolbags I bought before can continue to be used. There are many pen and cores of the” Tun “last semester. There is no need to buy new ones this semester.” In the choice of stationery brand, he has been buying from high school. Most of the prices of a domestic brand such as Bai Xue and Chenguang are around two yuan.

Qu Jiashuo liked to play basketball. A few days ago, he just bought a pair of new sneakers for himself. He told reporters that functional shoes such as basketball shoes and running shoes generally choose brand products, and the price is about 600 yuan. The casual shoes you usually wear depends on the face value and whether it is matched with clothes. Whether he is a foreign “brand brand” is not very concerned, and the quality and comfort of domestic goods are also very good.

Students buy stationery in the stationery store. Lighting Daily reporter Dong Bei Photo/Guangming Picture

Consumption orientation like Qu Jiashuo is not a small number. Li Shengnan bought a set of skin care products for himself in the new semester, and also chose domestic products. “The ingredients I bought are safer, very suitable for my skin, and the cost performance is very high.” Li Shengnan said.


In the university dormitory, various “dormitory artifacts” can be seen everywhere. The “pattern” posted on the wardrobe is on immediately, adding a touch of warmth to the bedroom after the lights are turned off; The telescopic rod and the suspension storage box are “expanded and upgraded” for the space of the dormitory … These “artifacts” are not dozens of dollars from the Internet, but it is very practical. It is the “good heart” of many college students.

The student group is a fresh force for the continued rise of China’s consumer market. Liu Hui, the dean of Jingdong Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute, believes that they pay more attention to personality, express themselves, and like fresh experiences and services. For example, many post -00s international vision is very broad, but they love to chase the national tide, especially the old names that their parents used to use. Innovative products for young user groups are often popular.

“The tide of consumption brought by the opening season is actually a clear display of the consumption trend of young consumer groups represented by students. They have gradually become an important role in the Chinese market. More and more far. “Liu Hui said that in order to better meet their needs and stimulate market vitality, more companies will deepen consumers -centered main lines, deep combinations of goods+services+content, and more personalized. Design and cross -border cooperation … These trends will drive high -quality development in the market, benefit more consumers, and upgrade the manufacturing and circulation links simultaneously.

3. Pursuing quality, “standard” for electronic products to become university consumption


The “Reporter of Post -00 Online Shopping Behavior” released by Yu Guoming Academic Studio, the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University shows that when choosing an online shopping platform, new young people are most concerned about the convenience of platform use (79.2%) and the cost -effectiveness of the goods ( 77.2%) These two factors. After 00, the personality consumption presents the following main characteristics: love social sharing and technology fashion, love “wool” and value quality. The report believes that compared with the post -80s and post -90s, the new youth group represented by the post -00s is closely bound to the consumer society as soon as it is born, and it is becoming an important pillar of new consumption in society. After 00, online shopping is also in line with the development trend of “cost -effective, high -quality”.

The annual opening season is the hot season for electronic products. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets have always been a must -have “old three” for college students. Recently, JD.com’s “2021 School -Opening Season -Report on Online Shopping Fun Insights of College Students” shows that from the perspective of per capita turnover, college students have the largest overhead on computer office, mobile phone communication, and digital products. In the past school year, the number of college students in online shopping computers exceeded 1.1 times the number of users of online shopping stationery. The turnover of the Internet card, shooting, micro -single camera, and tablet computers have increased by more than 100%year -on -year.

The more technological electronic learning equipment is not only popular among primary and secondary school students, but the consumption demand for these products is stronger. The son of Ms. Li, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu, is about to enter the university campus. The school is about to start. Ms. Li takes her children to the mall to select mobile phones and computers. “I don’t know much about these electronic products, so I took the child to let him choose it by himself.” Ms. Li said that his son learned the architectural design major. In the future, he should use computer to draw pictures. The computer performance must be higher. In the end, Ms. Li bought a high -profile computer for her son.

Fang Zijian, a “graduate student”, also prepared sufficient preparations for the study life after school. “I have to conduct field surveys in the major of graduate students, so I spent about 2,500 yuan to buy a recording pen to facilitate organizing research materials in the future.” Fang Zijian said, “In addition to the survey, I also have to read a lot of literature and materials. It’s not convenient to print into the paper version. The classmates recommend a 13.3 -inch domestic electronic reader to me. The screen is very eye -catching. In the split screen mode, you can read notes while reading. You can save it for convenience and find it later. I think it is very suitable for me. “

Many college students leave their hometown to study in different places. They miss the “taste” of their hometown very much and hope to share with my classmates. Li Shengnan, born in 2001, is about to start in school. One of her roommates is from Xinjiang. Every year, the Xinjiang girl will bring some special products in their hometown to her roommates. Li Shengnan said: “My Xinjiang roommate will bring us some grilled baked and beef jerky to our house. The Qianxi chestnuts and chess cakes of my hometown are more famous. I will also buy some for everyone to try it.”

The opening season of college students also exudes more “life atmosphere”. The data shows that students walking into the campus purchased a large number of snacks and even health care products: coffee, flower tea, milk and dairy online turnover increased by more than 100%year -on -year. Essence Liu Hui said that tea and snacks can not only regulate the tension and pressure of learning, but also shared the fun of sharing the social and chatting interaction of students’ dormitory. Behind this is a distinctive manifestation of the younger generation loves life and pay attention to health.

“Guangming Daily” (September 04, 2021, 05 version)

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