Melania style to learn Beiyi? Red high boots with pink skirt, girl feels coming

To say that the highest risk in the world must be soldiers from various countries. They rarely meet their families and throw their heads for the country. They are the “decent” responsibility of the country. On December 9, local time, Melania visited the Arnacastia-Bolin Joint Base and asked the children to meet with their family members at the Marine Corps event.

Melania wore a white sweater, and the tight -fitting version outlined her figure curve to the fullest, especially the plump career line was particularly significant. The sweater collar was round. The neck was modified a little bit. Melania’s lower body was wearing a skirt. The red and white stripes were very fresh and looked full of girly atmosphere.


The front of the skirt has a large fold design with a few round buttons on it. Such a novel style instantly enhances a lot of fashion for the overall style of Melania. Melania stuffed her sweater into the skirt, not only outline her slender waist, but also stretched her leg lines on a certain proportion, full of long legs with the screen.


At Melania’s waist, she tied a dark red belt with patterns in the middle, which suddenly enriched the layered effect of the overall shape. Although Melania’s skirt looks ordinary, it comes from Gucci, priced at 980 US dollars, equivalent to RMB 6,900.


Melania style to learn Beiyi? Red high boots with pink skirts, girls came to face ~ Melania’s feet wearing a pair of red boots, her enthusiastic color and fire color with her half -body skirt red stripes, very harmonious. The elegant white and enthusiastic red match not only made Melania look full of girls, but she was more tall. The boots with a heel of about 10cm high are added to the aura of Melania, showing the temperament of the first lady in the United States.

Melania scattered her big waves on her shoulders at will, and she was applying pink lipstick with a slightly pink. The rosy look came from. If it is said that Melania’s most charming point is definitely going to count her eyes. A pair of blue eyes are clear and deep, with the outline of the diamond -shaped face, and it comes with a domineering field. Ya would be a super model before marrying Trump, which was born for the catwalk.


Marania’s arms holding a little girl, a child wearing a princess skirt with her help, which also allows the ring on the fingers of Melania to see the eyes. The whole body except this ring She is very low -key without other accessories. Melania is the most subtle one since Trump’s three wives. Many netizens have ridiculed that Melania is not the first lady at all, but the first house girl in the United States. La Nia’s low -key summary.


Those who are familiar with the dynamic of foreign ladies are not difficult to find that Melania’s dress style is a bit similar to Beckham’s wife Becky, small and fresh, but at the same time as elegant.

Who said that Melania has a small belly? The sweater with a stripe skirt shows the palm of the waist, and the small fresh route is changed?

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