Distressed!Tune Mountain Moon River Park casual chair “lame legs”

On August 4th, Liyou “photographer” went to the Moon River Park as usual as usual, but as a result, he saw the chair often sitting in a cold chair “lame”!


It is understood that this chair does not know if it is a quality problem or some people deliberately do it, but this situation is not only not beautiful, but also makes the partners feel distressed.”I thought about sitting for a while, taking pictures of beautiful pictures, and as a result, I saw this stool and the cigarette cases and garbage on the surrounding ground, and it felt very bad!” The user “photographer” said.

Erli Lili Information here reminds you that the public environment and facilities need to take care of us together. I hope that you can take care of them together, so that the environment of our troops is better and better!


(China Business Daily reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue)

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