Popular science: The principle and function of the product of the microcarmark ion importer

Today’s beauty classroom mainly gives you a popular science of the principle and function of the product of the microcarmark ion import instrument. The concept of ion import is to learn from the medical ion import of medicine, stick positive and negative magnetic pole tablets on the human body, and apply special drugs to make the cation in the drug from the positive electrode, the anion of the anion from the negative electrode into the body to make the face skin skin The inner chaotic cells are arranged again, and the inner dirt of the toxin and the skin is discharged, so that the skin can restore a relaxed and refreshing state.

But in fact, most of our daily use of skin care products do not have so many ionic ions. These ingredients are positive, some are negative, and some do not charge, not to say that the import can be imported.

However, the ion import instrument has the function of massage. Massage can relax the pores of the skin, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the ingredients will be easier to penetrate.

[Komeka microcarbon ion importer]

How to use the correct use of ion guide:

1. Use the ion importer to clean the facial skin with the facial cleanser before using the facial cleanser, and then apply the appropriate skin care products to the part that needs care, and then use the ion importer to move slowly from the bottom to the bottom from the bottom to the outside.


2. You can also apply the facial washing milk evenly, directly massage with an ion importer for two to three minutes, and then rinse it with water. This can strengthen the effect of cleaning the skin.


Product characteristics of Cameca ion import instrument:

1. Silver -white product design, fashionable and easy to carry. In the design process, the design concept of ergonomics is fully considered. The sense of experience.

2. The conductive part of the Camecus ion importer is made of alloy, which is stable and lasting, and has excellent body sensation.

3. Pay attention to humanized design, and automatically start/close the human body induction, which facilitates users to use.

4. The characteristics of negative ions can be absorbed and imported by massaging the essence of skin care. The built -in vibration motor can be used to relieve the facial muscles and relax the massage.

5. The product is equipped with a personalized pressure ring, which can be used with cotton pads and essences to promote product absorption during the massage process.

6. Cameca micro -current bearing instrument uses AAA1.5V alkaline battery power supply and sets up a battery anti -installation anti -protection structure to ensure the absolute safety and reliability of users in the process of use.

The biggest function of ion import instrument is to efficiently import skin care products nutrition cities. It can better play a better role in cleaning, acne, moisturizing, whitening, moisturizing, wrinkle anti -wrinkle, firming and repairing. Refreshing and delicate, improving skin texture and narrowing pores.

The effect of vibration is like a high -speed massage, which can help clean the dirt in the skin. At the same time, the effective ingredients with charge in the skin care products are pushed into the skin to promote absorption.

When using, you should pay attention to the skin with acne or wounds. In addition, pregnant women are not recommended;


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