The honey traffickers should first ask Bo Meidu. Can the Bomei detector detect the authenticity of honey?

I believe that many friends who have sold honey to honey dealers know that when honey traffickers are purchased by honey, they will first ask how the beekeeper’s honey is the Betame. Because this behavior is very common in the beekeeping industry, many friends think that the Bomei detector can detect the authenticity of honey, because there is an obvious phenomenon that when honey traffickers are acquired, they will first treat honey. The Bomei was tested, so that many friends regarded the Bomeid detector as a honey trafficker to detect the true and false honey instruments. Is the truth really like this?

Before answering this question, let’s let everyone understand a concept, that is, Bomei. What is Bomei? The so -called Bomei is the concentration of the solution, and the Bomeid detector is used to measure the concentration of honey when honey traffickers are acquired by honey.

The current commonly used Bomei detector is a folder. This Bomei detector can not automatically perform the temperature. When using it, it is directly dripped on the observation board of the Bomei detector. The eyepiece of the detector can be clearly seen how much the honey is. Can this instrument detect the authenticity of honey? It is actually impossible.

In fact, through the introduction above, we can find that the Bomeid detector detects the concentration of honey, not the ingredient of honey. So what can the Bomei detector be detected? In fact, it can only detect the moisture content in honey.

Maybe there are some friends in our friends here. Since the Bomei detector can only detect the moisture content of honey, why is the merchant still relying on the Bomei detector so much? In fact, general merchants acquire honey and say that honey is impossible to acquire, and it is generally acquired honey.


We are very clear about the price of honey, and we also know very little about production, and honey traffickers are sold to the factory, and not high -quality honey is needed. For soil honey, it is clear that the price honey vendor is definitely not absolutely not absolutely not the price of honey vendors. Yes, so only to buy Italian honey.

In fact, for honey, it is very small to say that there is fake honey, especially the beekeeper chasing flowers and honey. Honey traffickers, these people are the elites of the honey industry, and it is difficult to sell honey to beekeepers. Therefore, it is impossible for the beekeeper to sell fake honey to honey merchants at all, but it is not possible to give good honey, so there is such a one. Uncomfortable rules, how many honey dealers must reach the honey of the honey to acquire, so Bomei has become a reference standard in the beekeeping industry. In fact, it cannot detect the authenticity of honey.


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