What tea sets are used for brewing green tea yellow tea and white tea, oolong tea Black tea, please choose according to the characteristics!

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Recently, there are many brewing methods about white tea with tea friends. From the use of tea for tea, water to the water out of water, and the amount of tea, cover all aspects of white tea.

Among them, everyone is most concerned about what tea sets are used to brew white tea.

The most commonly recommended for everyone is the white porcelain cover bowl.

White porcelain covers bowls and make tea, which can completely retain the aroma and not destroy the soup, which allows us to feel the purest natural taste.

While sharing the article, there is a new problem. The tea friend of Xiao Chen tea house covers the south and north, and the region is vast. In addition to drinking white tea, there are friends who like oolong tea, black tea, Pu’er tea, and green tea. These friends asked if they could post a brewing tea set for various types of tea to check it, which is more convenient. As long as an article, you can easily understand the brewing tea sets of various tea.

This is why this article appears today -tell everyone what tea sets should be used for different teas.

Chinese tea is far more than white tea. At present, it can be divided into six categories, in turn: green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, black tea.

To know what tea sets to choose from different tea, we must first understand the characteristics of these tea, and choose the charm of tea according to the characteristics.

Below, the six major tea is suitable for brewing tea sets.


green tea

Features of green tea: non -fermented tea and famous green tea are mostly bud heads as raw materials


The characteristics of non -fermentation make it have more internal contents. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain more than 85%of fresh leaves, chlorophyll retains about 50%, and vitamin losses are also less, thus forming the characteristics of green tea “clear soup and green leaves”.

Recommended tea set: transparent glass, white porcelain cover bowl

Breeding green tea, most of the tea friends will choose to use transparent glass to brew.

There are two benefits of transparent glass with green tea.

1. The transparent glass is cooling quickly and does not cause sullen tea. Coupled with the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, it is also suitable for summer drinking.

2. Observe the leaf stretching, and the color of the tea soup changes. Green tea has the name of clear soup and green leaves. Breeding with glass can be used to capture the changes in the green tea form in time.

During the brewing process of the glass, there are also controversy of “investment method”, “China Investment Law”, and “lower investment method”. The three brewing methods are different.

On the investment method: First inject hot water in the transparent glass first, and then put 2-3 grams of tea when the water temperature is moderately. This brewing method, green tea stretchs slowly, the taste release speed is delayed, and the taste will be soft.

China Investment Law: After putting 2-3 grams of tea, first inject 1/3 of the hot water, wait for the tea to suck water, and after stretching, then fill the hot water. Generally, the China investment method can better control the concentration of tea soup.

Lower investment method: first put 2-3 grams of tea, and then inject hot water in the transparent glass at a time. This method is suitable for general green tea with poor tenderness. This type of tea and moisture will be exposed for a long time, which can easily lead to excessive release of tea polyphenols and caffeine, which will cause bitterness.


In the process of brewing green tea with a glass, you must use a fixed -point water injection method. You can use the boiling boiling water, but note that do not directly flush the boiling water on the tea, and it is easy to burn the tea. Some tea friends will be brewed at 85 ° C directly.

Green tea can be brewed with a white porcelain bowl.

However, when brewing, the speed of water is required. If the speed of water is slow, the tea leaves and water for soak for a long time, and it is easy to taste bitter.

If you are a novice, you do n’t often use a cover bowl. It is not recommended that you use a white porcelain bowl to make green tea, or choose to brew with a transparent glass with lower operation difficulty.


Yellow tea


Features of yellow tea: It belongs to light fermented tea, and the tea nature is relatively mild. After the stuffy yellow oxygen chemical process, the content of tea polyphenol contains less, has the characteristics of yellow soup and yellow leaves.

Recommended brewing equipment: transparent glass, white porcelain cover bowl


Breeding yellow tea is similar to green tea.

Yellow tea is made of crickets. Most of the nutrients in tea have become soluble. It can dissolve the inner material without too high temperatures. Usually the water temperature can be controlled at 85 ° C, and the tea leaves will not be stuffed.

The biggest benefit of brewing yellow tea with transparent glass -can be observed.

Take 300 ml of transparent glass and prepare 3 ~ 4 grams of tea. Wash the glass first, then cast the tea leaves, and finally inject water at 85 ° C.

Under the action of water and heat, you can see that the tea buds are gradually standing upright, floating up and down, shaped like stone milk, and the posture is beautiful.

Use glass to make tea, because the temperature will not be too high, you can drink after the tea soup becomes cold.

When brewing yellow tea with a white porcelain cover bowl, the amount of tea is controlled at about 5 grams, and the bowl is brewed with 120 ml. Breeding yellow tea also follows the way of fast water. The water should be quickly rushed out of the water, otherwise the yellow tea is stuffed in a bowl, and the soup is easy to be bitter.



White tea


Features of white tea: It belongs to micro -fermented tea. The traditional process is simple. There is no need to kill youths, nor need to be twisted. The appearance is complete, and the naked eye can be visible. White tea contains material, which is also completely retained, and tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, tea polysaccharides, and flavonoids are completely retained.

This complete appearance structure and rich material content make white tea brewing different from ordinary tea. And white tea can also be stored for a long time, and after transformation, it will form a unique taste. After the old white tea, the tea method can be used.

Recommended foaming utensils: white porcelain cover bowl, glass, tea pot (particularly suitable for old white tea)

White tea, divided according to the variety, including: white silver needle, white peony, and Shoumei.

Divided according to the year, including: new tea, old tea.

Divided according to the form, there are: loose tea, cake tea.

Divided by altitude, including: alpine tea, flat ground.

Regardless of the division method, you can finally brew with a white porcelain bowl. In other words, a simple white porcelain cover bowl can brew all white tea.

The white tea cover bowl is soaked in a 120 ml white porcelain cover bowl with 5 grams of white tea.

When brewing, use 100 ° C water temperature to brew with water in the ring wall, and use 5 seconds to get out of water. The white tea made like this is fresh and sweet, smooth and delicious.

The transparent glass soaking method is suitable for new white tea. It is better to brew the white peony and Shoumei. The rich taste of the white silver needle is left to the white porcelain cover bowl to display.

Old white tea, brew with glass, can not make rich charm, it is too wasteful. To let the deepest material of old white tea be released, the method of making tea can be used. (Remarks: New White Tea must not use the tea method, the tea soup will be bitter and astringent, which seriously affects drinking tea.)

Cooking tea, the best glass pot.


The transparent glass pot can be observed with the boiling of tea, and the color changes of the tea soup can be observed, which is convenient for us to control the size of the firepower.


Oolong tea

There are many types of oolong tea and factions. This article takes northern Fujian oolong (Wuyi Rock Tea) as an example.

Features of Wuyiyan tea: semi -fermented tea, which requires roasting when making, has rich aroma, high -rust, and rich taste


Recommended foaming utensils: white porcelain cover bowl

It is recommended that you use the white porcelain cover bowl to brew Wuyiyan tea for four reasons.

1. The white porcelain covers bowl does not absorb the aroma, and can keep all the aroma so that the tea friends can experience all the aroma of rock tea, flower aroma, fruit aroma, woody fragrance, cinnamon flavor, and even some bad odors, which can also be complete. Store.

2. The white porcelain cover the bowl does not taste, and it will not snatch the flavor of the tea soup. The rock bones and charm of rock tea are fully stayed in the soup.

3. The white porcelain cover bowl is convenient to produce water, which can be perfectly adjusted according to personal taste.

4. White porcelain cover bowls to heat the cooling, which will not cause the situation of sullen tea.

Breeding Wuyi Rock tea with a bowl, there are several details to pay attention to.

First, brew rock tea and cover the bowl with 120 ml of white porcelain, with 8 grams of rock tea.

Second, brew rock tea, be brewed at 100 ° C, which can fully stimulate aroma substances and soup water.

Third, the first four rushes, soak tea in the way to get out of water in five seconds. It is not recommended to start the cup in the first rush. The tea soup will be too strong or even bitter.


black tea

Black tea characteristics: belong to the full fermented tea, which has the characteristics of red soup and red leaves. Black tea can be divided into three categories: small breeding black tea, godan black tea and red tea.

The common aroma of black tea is: floral fragrance, honey fragrance, flower and fruit fragrance, sweet fragrance, caramel fragrance, etc. It is necessary to experience these rich aroma changes, and it is better to cover the bowl of white porcelain.

The reason for making black tea with bowls is not repeated here. Please refer to the reason why Wuyi Rock Tea selects white porcelain and brewed tea.

Here, there are several points to explain.

It is rumored that black tea should be brewed at 85 ° C with water temperature, because the black tea is tender, and it will be bitter if it is brewed with high temperature. This is wrong.

Good tea is not afraid of boiling water, not to mention, small smoky species in black tea need to be brewed at high temperature after being smoked after charcoal fire. If the temperature is not high, there is no way to make the tea soup taste, it is even more impossible to appreciate the so -called longan fragrance.

Brew the small breeding black tea and brew with boiling water at 100 ° C.

In addition, the control of the tea ratio, 120 ml of cover bowl with 5 grams.

When you get out of the water, make tea in a way out of the water, and it is not recommended to take a cup.


Black tea

Features of black tea: post -fermentation, with mold participation in transformation.

Recommended brewing utensils: purple sand pot, tea pot

Black tea, which belongs to post -fermentation tea, during the fermentation process, because of the participation of mold and the later transformation process, a certain temperature and humidity are needed, which is often prone to some odors. When brewing, if it is brewed with a white porcelain bowl, it can easily affect the tea drinking experience. If you use the purple sand pot, it will be much better.

Purple sand pots have small pores. These small pores have adsorption effects. When brewing, these odors can be adsorbed.

Furthermore, old black tea is also suitable for the use of tea.

Take 10 to 15 grams of tea, fill 500 ml of water with pots or other containers, cook until boiling, put the tea in it, and boil the water in the pot. , Filter the tea residue, you can drink.

Because Pu’er tea belongs to black tea, the controversy is greater. But Pu’er tea is famous, here, one item.

Pu’er tea

Features of Pu’er tea: Yunnan Big Leaf Seed green tea is raw material, and is made of specific processing processes within the scope of geographical indication protection. Tea with unique quality characteristics. There are differences in raw tea and cooked tea.

The raw tea has not been fermented by the pile, and the tea is strong and stimulated. Cooked tea is fermented by the pile, and the tea nature tends to be mild.

Recommended brewing utensils: purple sand pot, white porcelain cover bowl


Shengpu and mature, the tea set used by tea friends is slightly different.

The Pu’er tea shopkeeper that the aunt Chen Chen, when brewing raw tea, prefers to brew with a large bowl, usually 250 ml of white porcelain cover bowl, 10 grams of tea. Because Pu’er tea is a large leaf species, the leaves are large and the overall as a whole. If you do not need to be brewed with a large bowl, the tea is not soaked in the water. Naturally, the taste cannot be released, and the taste is different.

And she made tea with a purple sand pot. The purple sand pot has adsorption. When brewing, the odor attached to the cooked tea can be absorbed to release the real smell.

Pu’er tea with different processes, with different tea sets, can also complement each other, which is appropriate.



Before brewing, the ancients treated tea, simple and rude, and used chewing.

After the emergence of the tea method, drinking tea has become diverse. Tea, pay attention to tea sets, water, water temperature, environment, mood, etc. In front of all brewing elements, tea sets used in tea are ranked first.

If the tea set is not selected, how can you expect the tea to play your own level and bloom.

Green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, black tea, each kind of tea has a brewing tea set for you. Are you right?

One device is only famous for her, and Yuelai is full of tea.

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Recommended foaming utensils: white porcelain cover bowl

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