Nine coffee of different places have their own characteristics. Which one is your heart love?

In big cities, a cup of coffee is a rare and common scenery. And a cup of coffee not only wakes up the tired soul, but also relax the soul.

There are many factors that determine the flavor of coffee. Different temperatures, extraction time, etc. will present different flavor curves. The coffee beans of different places also affect the presentation of aroma and taste. I wonder which coffee of the following 9 different producing areas, which one is your heart love?


Features: good balance and high acceptance

The world’s largest coffee production country Brazil, the most common refined processing method is sun exposure. It is a complex fragrance of a variety of types of synthesis. Overall, compared to the beans in China and the United States, the acidity is low and the aroma is complicated. The balance of bitterness and sour taste is excellent.


Because the acidity is not strong, it is easier to accept the first contact with coffee. Coffee produced in Brazil is often used on mixed beans.


Comes with advanced sweetness

Colombian coffee production accounts for 10%of the world’s. It is characterized by sweetness and obvious alcoholism, but recently the variety has improved, creating a variety of flavors coffee. In the world’s coffee market, Colombian coffee is rated as high -end coffee.

The characteristic of Columbia Coffee Beans is that beans are large and green, roughly lengthy in length. Coffee bean tissue is fine and tolerated heavy roasting.


The top coffee that has attracted worldwide attention

Panama coffee beans, which are also often rated as senior coffee, are the world’s attention. It has a light and sweet sour taste, balanced and deep. Rich incense. The moderate mellow taste and unique aroma are its characteristics.

Its unique smell comes from traditional water washing processing and natural drying method, making coffee bean sour taste obvious, with slender aroma and moderate alcoholism.

Costa Rica Republic

The rich taste of changing with altitude

The main coffee varieties are Arabica. This bean grows in a high altitude mountain, with strong sour taste and clear alcohol. The lower the altitude, the more smooth the taste. The coffee alcohol is clear in the Pacific side area, while the coffee sour taste produced by the TRES RIOS region (TRES RIOS) is balanced and alcohol is balanced.



The hometown of soft and sweet “Blue Mountain Coffee”


Jamaica is the producer of the king of coffee “Blue Mountain Coffee”. Blue Mountain Coffee is determined by the size and defects of coffee beans. Under strict control, beans with high quality will be baked. The particles are large, the surface is smooth, and the aroma of the coffee is very strong and hazy, so even if the extraction is very strong, the taste is still very soft.

Under normal circumstances, the sour taste of Blue Mountain Coffee is low, suitable for moderate roasting.


Washing beans with the aroma of peach is a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts

Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica beans, and coffee enjoys super high popularity worldwide.


Its aroma has a unique personality, and Jegar Snowfei is one of the high -quality sun coffee. The aroma reminds people of peaches or apricot. And coffee is rich in mellowness, so it enjoys super high popularity worldwide.

In addition, washing coffee such as Sidamo and Limu is also world -famous.


Citrus and wine are rich in aroma, strong sour taste

Hand -harvesting, washing processing, and determining the grade according to the size of the particles. Its aroma is reminiscent of the strong sourness and aroma of citrus and wine. The sour taste is strong and the alcohol is clear.




The origin of the fragrance of Mantening

In Indonesia, the origin of Mantening coffee, you can often drink Mantin coffee in local streets and alleys, which is the Arabica species produced by Sumatra.

Gorgeous Manting and soft Tonaga are the two major beans produced by Indonesia. Mantening’s aroma is complicated, with the characteristics of vanilla, spices and fruit aroma. Tonaga’s characteristics are not as strong as Mantine, smooth and soft.


Sweet aroma, popularity with citrus acidity


Kona coffee is a fine coffee picked on the western part of Hawaii. Features are no turbidity and clean taste.

Kona coffee, known for its senior products, is a world -class popular coffee. The sweet aroma is reminiscent of grass and trees. The sour taste of citrus fruit brings softness, highlighting the clean and clean taste of no trace of turbidity.

I wonder which coffee in the above nine areas, which one is your love? Looking forward to your message sharing.

Speaking of coffee, I often heard the word “boutique coffee”. What is boutique coffee?


Specialty Coffee is passed from the United States to the world since 1980. Although the nephew has not defined fine coffee today. But speaking of the difference between it and ordinary coffee, including clear coffee manufacturing information, the unique and careful flavor and taste … In short, it is that boutique coffee will bring you a beautiful and even stunning coffee experience.


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