The protagonist is open, and the plot is naive and can’t stand. The old drama bone is going to turn over this time?



A few days before the holiday, Sir did not give up fantasy and opened a show.

After a episode, I was so relieved.


Douban 5.4 “Liu Ye Chasing Case”.

He starred in He Bing, thinking that the acting school was guaranteed.


But what is Liu Ye in this play?

Outdoor fishing.

Seeing a group of people, carried a girl and walked, saying that it was going to treat the disease

But do n’t go to the road, to see any doctor in front of the wasteland; a good good woman, the man who lifts the sedan puts his hand into the quilt; look at it, and a string of jewelry fell from the quilt …

Immediately afterwards, our superhero, ah no, the protagonist Liu Ye drank: These people are wrong, non -rape or stolen!


There were no one under the deserted countryside, and several gangsters chopped Liu Ye with a big knife.


Do you think the servants around Liu Ye are highly strong?


Two people were chopped melon and vegetables.

Two people who have no power to bind chickens, such a sudden frightened their gangsters, IQ? Is it righteous?

Seeing that the two were going to be destroyed, the ground arrow flew, and the gangsters died.


At first glance, it turned out to be the emperor’s former guard, and he was ordered to come to call Liu Ye into the palace.

As soon as the “Liu Ye chasing the case” opened, two defeats appeared:


The plot is wise, and the protagonist is open.

It’s not old drama bones.

It is a drama we may have to say goodbye for a long time

Costume drama.

From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the millennium, it almost contracted the TV of Chinese families.

Now I can only sigh that the kind of interesting and wisdom, the righteous and desolate heart resonance, can only be drifting away in the aftertaste.


What is a costume drama?

It is not serious to the historical drama, nor is it a romance.


On the basis of real historical officials, combined with folklore’s legend, wild history, and fusion of suspense, conspiracy, political, martial arts actions, comedy satirical and other elements for bold drama processing.

You probably thought of them in memory

“Prime Minister Liu Luo”, “Kangxi Micro -Service Private Visit”, “Iron Tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan”, “Shenyi Xilai Le” …

The first level of the costume of the costume show

Language barrier




A lot of content comes from cross talks and books. After passing through mouth, repeated polishing.

So language is humorous and authentic.

“Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot”, the emperor test the fake champion.

Out of the Federation of Shanghai: A group of Zhengyan flew south.

Pseudo -champion is counted: Two roast ducks go north.

Emperor: WTF? Intersection Intersection

“Kangxi Micro -Service Private Visit”, Kangxi had no money to pay in the buns.

Just secretly add the five texts written by others and add one to a thousand.

Zhen Zhen has a word: a thousand five texts, how do I pay you?

“Iron Tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan”, the classic chanting “is a wolf or a dog.”

He Xun found a wolf dog and asked Ji Xiaolan as a wolf (waiter) or a dog?

Ji Xiaolan laughed.

“The monk book, the servant of the offspring, the dog was erected on the top, remember, the upper erection (Shang Shu) is a dog.”

The imperial history on the side saw that the situation was not good, and he helped the cavity.

“Wolf eats meat, dogs eat dung, it eats meat, it is a wolf or dog, there is no doubt.”

Who knows that Ji Xiaolan said again: “Although the wolf nature is eating meat, the dog is not not eating.

So the costume historical drama has the taste, first look at the language.

“Liu Ye Chasing the Case” also has a story.

In the late Qing Dynasty, folk talkers created a long bamboo board “Liu Gong case” based on Liu Ye, which was popular among the tea shops in the market.

But how is it adapted this time?

Raise a chestnut.

In response to an old case that Liu Ye just cracked, it was related to the fault of the emperor that year. The emperor blamed himself: “The moment of confusion at that time, it actually caused a big mistake today, and it can be considered a retribution.”

What did Liu Ye return?

He says:

Emperor Shengming.


Sir almost sprayed on the screen.

What level of speech? Probably the work group is finished, and the level of departure the next day.

The emperor’s self -examination is okay. How many meanings do you mean by the emperor Shengming, it means that he is really confused? Is it true? Zheng Yipin is the emotional intelligence?

See what is the way to speak.

In “Prime Minister Liu Luo”, Liu Ye once won the emperor.

The emperor is unhappy, dare to win, don’t life?

Liu Ye didn’t panic, and hurriedly said: “The game is a leisure drama, and the carved insect skills also. Your life aims to achieve your talents on the rivers and mountains. , Caomin dare to win you brave. “

The emperor disappeared.

There is no harm without comparison.

It is also adapted to the story of folk drama. This generation of costume dramas is already in the ancient puppets. There is no sophisticated life wisdom, and there is no basic eye -catching.

The concubine in “Liu Ye Chasing the Case”.

The emperor brought a new word for the public to appreciate Zhong Aiqing. He came to such a paragraph: “The emperor worrys about the country and the people, and the world is the responsibility. The blessing, you can sing and cry, touching your heart! “

“Worrying about the country and worrying people”, “the people’s life”, “can sing and cry”, “touching the lungs” … How about, this unobstructed vocabulary is not like the difficult junior high school composition.

(Don’t say that there is no culture, people learn to be rich, and they are proficient in four languages: poetry, songs, and Manchu, Han, Mongolia, and Tibet.)

Look at “Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot”.


Also fartted, a minister opened his mouth and came to such a paragraph:

The minister just listened to the sacrament, and he was so excited that he did not distinguish between things and did not know the North and South. Since ancient times, there are no one in the emperor of Decai. There is no one. Only my saints, Derby Yaoshun, have only passed Li Du. It is a rare monarch for thousands of years! The emperor counts the words, the wen is surging, the word bead jade, the classic sentence. Older I can serve such a sacred master. It is really fortunate to have the third life.

True comparison is fierce.

The current costume drama says that the mouth of the drama has changed.

But even more amazing, it was lost.


Since it is a play, of course, you need to give you a good show.

The actor’s performance is exaggerated, all of which are typical comedy.

There are also various beauties, adding red sleeves to the protagonists.


The audience is happy.


But no matter how the show says, it still has to be closely linked.

This truth is not the truth of history, but the truth of life experience.

According to history Ji Xiaolan and He Xun are not very likely to fight every day. Ji Xiaolan is 26 years older than He Xun.

In the play related to Liu Ye, in the drama, he played the daughter of the six king, but the historical facts, the “Six Princes”, is no one who has a verification.

“Kangxi Micro -Service Private Visit”, Kangxi had no courage and time to walk to the people.

“Detective Di Renjie” was a legendary story composed of a Tang Dynasty politician after the rise of the culture of the Qing Dynasty. Later, the Dutch sinologist Gao Pero wrote it as a Holmes detective novel to spread the world.


The play says that there is no room for adaptation and freedom.

No one has seen the emperor.

Everyone just arrange various stories for the emperor according to their imagination.

At first glance, it was a scoring department, making people laugh, gossip hunting.

But looking at it is reasonable.

Because it talks about the voice of the masses, it is the bottom wisdom.

Said to be an official.

Looking at our lives, isn’t it the power field of large and small, all kinds of power?

There are rules and hidden rules.

There are archway, there are hooks.

The center of power has the ubiquitous centripetal force.

Half of the charm of the costume scene lies in dismantling the routine of the world and shining the hearts behind the people behind the welcoming.


It is said, why is He Xie be loved by Emperor Qianlong?


The folks are rumored to be able to shoot horses, and the emperor’s heart is best.

How to shoot that horse?

In “Iron Tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan”, a “pair fish” plot is very interesting.

Ji Xiaolan proposed that the emperor, He Xun, and his three people took the title of fish and exported.

Ji Xiaolan was frequent, and the limelight.

He came for a long time: big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp.


In this sip, you will speak too.

But is He Ye really a straw bag? (I have introduced it before)

When the emperor was not present, the two were against the fish.

However, when he saw the exit of He Yan, he came in handy.

Ji Xiaolan is curious now, what medicine do you sell in this gourd? Obviously a stomach, why was a straw bag just now?

He smiled and said the reason:


Mr. Ji, the papers are just one waiting for me, and you are the official, you are inferior to me. With today’s emperor, why should I grab his limelight? You do n’t know. Today, the Holy San is known as the first emperor of Gu Laowen. Only stupid people sell it in front of him.

Why is the costume drama fascinating?


Because it is not in a hurry to distinguish between right and wrong, on the contrary, it is also necessary to disturb your black and white cognition with deeper reality.

In the show, in the play. (Note, not in history)

Hyun is greedy, but it is smooth and diverse, making people kind;

Liu Ye (or Ji Yan) is clean, but there is no shortage of pedantic side.

That’s why, the two have been fighting for many years, making people get up.

They are like a pair of cats and mice.

It doesn’t matter who eliminates who can be chased each other, and it will always move.


What about the “Liu Ye Chasing Case”?

It uses a set of too simple and the second view of the second and second, replacing the world’s mixed order.

For example, Liu Ye found out that Shandong governor Fu Guotai was corrupted.

What he talked about was so empty lecture:

As the court official

Non -think of the country and the people

Just take care of yourself

What Sir sees is not Liu Ye.

It seems to be a Hou Liangping who has traveled back to ancient times to do political ideological work for corrupt officials.

This is the naive of the new generation of costume drama.

They took it for granted,

You can stand at the commanding height, guide everything, and judge everything.


But in fact?

Loyalty is no matter how high the liver and gallbladder, it is not high.


The will from the highest power is more cloudy than the child’s emotions. No matter how straight you are, you think it is correct.

Have to succumb to conformity.

At most, it is a little guidance and resolved wit.


In “Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot”, Emperor Qianlong was angry and let Liu Ye vote for himself.

Since ancient times, the monarch wants to die, whether you are a loyal minister.

What about this?


He ordered his family to cry and made a look like he had already cast a lake.

In fact, I took a bath comfortably.

Then, the wet clothes kneeled to the emperor.

The emperor asked, didn’t you let you die? Are you resistant?

Liu Ye said that he had dived and met Qu Yuan.

When Qu Yuan saw me, I asked, why did you throw himself in the water? He said that he had encountered the unreasonable King Chu Huai, Liu Ye, did you also encounter the faint monarch? I think it’s wrong. The death of the court is small, and the reputation of long lives is great. Our emperor is the Lord of Wanshi, you are King Chu Huai, how can you compare with our emperor. The minister was just lost to the water, and I struggled and came out of the water.

When the emperor heard Long Yan Yue, he not only avoids sin, but also appreciated him.

Seeing it, even if you have a clear conscience, heaven and earth can be learned.

But if you want to stand for your foothold, you are not a “benefit the country and the people”.

The primary is political standing.

Under the premise of being recognized, you can guide the highest power and take shudder in the fire.

This is already the limit that a courtier can do.


Behind the laughes of the costume, there is a righteousness behind the laughter.

The deepest qi is actually helpless and sad.



If the movie is a dream factory.

So this kind of drama that originated from the people is not a dream.

In the show, I felt participating in the court; in the play, I felt that I was pitying.

Is it unimportant whether the story happens?

The important thing is that it projected the expectations of the bottom mirage.

An interesting phenomenon, the positive characters created in the story, often have such appearance defects.

Bao Qingtian, dark face as carbon.

Liu Ye, as long as a Luo pot (佝偻 disease), is old and ugly.

Instead, a traitor like He Xun, Zhu Yuanyu Run, with a blessed look.

“Prime Minister Liu Luo” adheres to this tradition.

He Xun laughed at Liu Ye Luo pot, and six were not complete.

Before entering the dynasty as an official, he insulting him and throwing his test papers.


At the scene of high school champion riding, He Ye withdrew the horse stool and made him ugly in public.

For the officials, there was a group of colleagues behind him, and he was alone.

He Xun laughed at him alone, and he said that he was flowing in the pillar.

In “Iron Tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan”, He Xun joined the Manchu dynasty and martial arts, and he was embarrassed to Ji Xiaolan in public.

Looking at it now, isn’t it isolated in the workplace?

On the officialdom of Chaotang, they are excluded aliens and weak.

But in history, the real Liu Ye’s family was prominent. His father Liu Tongxun was the veteran of the Three Dynasties, and he was not a pot.

The lack of regret and low slightly is to let these officials surpass the class and close the processing methods of ordinary people.

It is also a kind of Gaoming that shaped the character.


Writing a person’s cleverness makes him look smart.

Writing a person is awesome, it makes him look normal.

As Liu Ye said:

“Although the back of the pot, I don’t have a heart.”

“I finally gave birth to a person who was upright among hundreds of millions of people, but God made him bend over hump.”


Now in the costume drama, the front image is getting closer to thin and one -sided.

Liu Ye in the “Liu Ye Chasing Case” canceled the image setting of Luo Guo.

Lord Liu is already a beautiful scenery and an amazing appearance, which is really noble.

I encountered difficulties in the officialdom, and my wife’s plug -in

The daughter of the prince, the relatives of the emperor, came forward to suppress the person in person.


The drama no longer shows.


Cool and dramatic

It’s right.

Liu Ye in the new drama seems to be the standard “positive typical”.


He is a sense of people, and he is loyal to the emperor. He is also a superhero and Sun Wukong, sweeping all the corrosive monsters.

This shows a self -confidence.

Or, delusion.

In “Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot”, what he said was enthusiastic and sober after many years in the officialdom.

In his later years, he went to jail, and when Liu Ye came to see him, regardless of the yin and yin,


He will never enter the DPRK as an official.

He saw it early.

In the later period, the Emperor Qianlong was so happy that Daxing Civil Engineering built temples.

He was useless and cried when he went home.

But as the wife of the grandfather’s daughter, he heard that the first reaction of the temple was “Isn’t this a good thing?”

Liu Ye had to be sad:

The Buddha wants to live in the store, the people want to eat food!

Does the Emperor Qianlong know that he is greedy? Don’t you know that he has power?


Of course he knew.

But Qianlong needs such people.

In “Iron Teeth Bronze Ji Xiaolan”, Ji Xiaolan and Xun swept the street, Qianlong deliberately spoiled them to quarrel.



Governing the country since ancient times, the courtiers are not noisy


How can the emperor be peaceful?

A handful of sand made them quarrel

Ji Xiaolan and Liu Ye, on the surface, are fighting with He Yan.

But the biggest criticism of the old version is

What is really sinister is not a concubine.

A classic argument between He Xun and Ji Xiaolan was mixed with bran bran and forage in the disaster relief food of the court.


Ji Xiaolan was deeply angry about this, but He Xun felt very reasonable-

One pound of rations can change three pounds of bran bran. This is equivalent to saving a person’s food. Now you can save three people.

Mr. Ji, have you seen this person who eats Guanyin lived alive and swollen? You see, you don’t know.

I ask you again, have you ever seen all the skin of this thousand miles of plains?

You can eat it, of course you heard that it is the four words in the history books. I have seen it with my own eyes. This changing children to eat is a pile of meat in the pot.

Do you think I am unmanned? Do you think I only know that greedy money to collect money is it?


I have been to the disaster area in person, and I have a cold heart at that time.

No matter how much disaster relief sent by the court, it will never be enough. If I do not try to change, then what you see in the disaster area is not the victims, but the bone.

Ji Xiaolan represented an idealism. He would criticize corrupt officials and hope that everyone is clean.

He Ye has his principles: the world’s corrupt officials are like sediment, and acting in accordance with the rules of corrupt officials is the reality.

After all, where is the problem?


In that imperial power system, even if there is a Qing official, it cannot save the people.


So what can Qing government do?

At the end of “Prime Minister Liu Luo”, Liu Ye resigned to the old man, just like a folk uncle, dressed in simple clothes and walked on the streets.


It was found that there were a few children who were rolling the ball. The small hole on the ground was called “Emperor”, and the last large hole in the last level was called “the emperor”.

Liu Ye also joined enthusiastically, and he stayed in front of the last big hole. As soon as the child’s ball rolled over, he hit it back.


The children are helpless in the distance.


Liu Ye said at this time:

“I’m here to stay here, so as not to let you enter. I can’t win, you can’t lose, I just watched here, let you go far away from the emperor. I just see here and let you go away from the emperor far away. , Far away from the emperor. “

He understands.

It is not peace that is greedy, nor does it trample on civilians.

Because he can fight, you can fight.

But it cannot be said that it cannot be corrected, let alone the existence of the most vigilant …

Liu Ye said in “Liu Ye Chasing the Case”:

Everything I do is for the people and the emperor.

The old version of the play is talking about the drama

Everything I can do is to make the emperor “far away.”

It collapses less, making it raging one point, and the people live easily.

Sir also remembers that “Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot” is stamped from the film that it is not history, but a folk story.

But the lyrics of the ending song sings again:

Things in the story


Maybe it’s true

Maybe it’s never ever never

Vertical story

Originally a story

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Things in the story

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