After awe, Meizu LIPRO cabinet sensing lights “layman catch up with inside”?

The decoration is a big project. Everything has to be done by himself. It has already grinded the scalp and running the legs, but it is still difficult to be perfect, and the lighting layout is no exception.

No, no,


No lights in the kitchen cabinet? The brightness of the operation is not enough.

Is there no light in the wardrobe? Pick -up beautiful clothes are also worried.

The younger sister does not go out without makeup, and she knows that the mirror cabinet is not powerful. The most troubled thing is this.

What other lights are insufficient, automatic brain supplement …


Perhaps the distance and comfort are the distance between a lamp. To be precise, it is a high -quality lamp.

Make -up requires high fingers to easily cope with various makeup. Since then, I will not ask for a whispering husband.

Night lamps need low brightness, satisfying lighting does not affect others, and no longer disturb people’s romance.


…. Say …. point …. positive …. things …


A lot of Meizu Lipro lamps were stunned. Today is the assessment of the cabinet lights. One is waiting for you to dig more multi -functional sensing lights of the use scenario.

Since it is practical multi -functional sensing lights, it is necessary to:

With excellent light sources, you can easily cope with makeup, reading, and even painting.

With a reasonable brightness adjustment, we can meet the lighting needs of more scenes.

With a good interactive experience, it can improve convenience.

With enough beauty, it is in line with my temperament.

Light source

The official announcement of the LIPRO lamps are paired with the same purple light LED, but it is still necessary to get on the shelves to let everyone have a scales in their hearts. The main test of the quality and illumination of light sources is closely related to the use of the inductive light.

Lipro Cabinet Light Wireless Edition

Apparent refers to CRI details

R1-R15 is greater than 90, RA97, R9 = 97, skin color R15 = 97 is very friendly to plain face, excellent color rendering index, good spectrum continuity, can be competent for makeup, and even paintings.

RG96-RF100, color saturation and color realism are at excellent levels.

Color temperature and color difference

The brightness of the wireless charging version is relatively low. The color -capacity difference is better than the ceiling lamp with the same light source. It is 3.7SDCM, the official standard color temperature is 4000K, and the measured is 3847K.


Scene brightness


The most widely used use is the kitchen hanging cabinet, mirror cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, bedside night light, etc. The hanging cabinet is about 70cm from the operating table, the mirror cabinet is mostly 50-60cm from the face. Most of them, so measure the maximum illuminance of 70 and 60 respectively, the maximum and lowest illuminance of 40cm, so that more use scenarios can be summarized.

The cable version 5W power, I got the wireless version charging version, the power is only 2W. The measured data is as follows:

Measurement will be slightly deviated

It is obviously not enough for the kitchen table to light up from 70cm. Please buy a wired version if you need it.

At a distance of 60cm, if you use makeup lights, you can only use the light for light. If there is no mirror cabinet light, you can use two wireless charging editions or wired versions.


Wardrobe lighting is basically no pressure, and it is enough to meet leisure reading and compasses on the computer on the computer.


It is more appropriate to welcome the lamps as a small night lamp and household porch cabinet.

Listing summary:

The wireless charging version is more suitable for scenes that are not too high. If you want highlighting functional lighting, it is recommended to consider the wired version.

More scenes are waiting for you to develop …

Interactive experience

Lipro multi -functional sensing light has three modules: light, human induction, and gesture induction. There are two modes of manual and automatic modes to switch.

How much confidence in the light guide board will the light feel at this position?

Switch to ON, turn on the brightest mode by default, and support the switch of the hand. This scene is more of high brightness lighting, which effectively simplifies the operation.


Switch to Auto, turn on the light control+human body induction+gesture mode. The human body induction needs to meet the low -environment brightness+human activity before turning on. After the person leaves the inductive area, the light will be turned on to provide convenience while providing convenience.


The gesture mode can control the brightness of the induction light at any time. After the light is turned on for 30 minutes, there is no action to turn off the lights. Mom no longer needs to urge me to turn off the light.

The straight -line induction distance is about 5m when it is unobstructed, and the side induction distance is about 3m.


Hanging in Auto mode, you can not have pole lighting, as shown in the figure:


As shown in the figure:

The lighting experience is very smooth, and there will be no violence. This is a praise.

Face value and craft


As a mobile sensing light, it will be played in your hands from time to time, so you must also consider the face value, feel, materials, and workmanship.


When I got this induction light, I probably guess it is a scheme with the side, because the thickness of the whole light is only 1cm.

After disassembling, a list of accessories:

It is a bit extravagant with 36 light sources, which is a bit luxurious, which is a bit cost -effective.

The 36 lamp beads are matched with the optical treatment of the lighting board to make the light source evenly distributed, and then spread through the sandwood lampshade. This is just to make light more uniform.

This configuration is to get such a result.


The light source is uniform and the exposure of the surface is wide, and the significance of the intention is 120*70cm. The entire light surface is relatively uniform.

The design of the boundless lampshade does not play a role of uniform full lighting, but it has the effect of light and dark transition on the frame, which has a certain help for softening light. Full screen, the lights also need to be covered.

The surface treatment of the aluminum material is more delicate and the feel is good. The lamps are made by the standards of the lamp.

I don’t know what 6 -series aluminum is called, but the induction light is really surprising. The aluminum surface inside the lamp body obviously has been treated many times. Although I can’t talk about it, it can still be seen. Is it specifically prepared for obsessive -compulsive disorder?

How to magnetize the whole aluminum lamp body? Look at the three iron sucking stone in the picture. Do n’t want to say more about the process of installing the back strip. Look at it yourself.



With 2000mAh demolition battery module, Type-C interface. The minimum brightness status of the official announcement can last for 4 months with the frequency of 10min lights per day. This has no measured data and can only be updated later.

The appearance of the battery has a high consistent standard as the lamp body, and the processing of seams is in place.



Lipro multi -functional sensing cabinet light has excellent light source quality, which can almost meet the light source requirements of the painting. Human lanterns are simple and practical and non -cumbersome. The slim design and excellent process processing are rare in similar lamps.

As for the price of one or two hundred yuan, it is reasonable. Like other products of Lipro, it belongs to people who are pursuing life. This is in line with your temperament.

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