Out of good intentions to go home, the boss boldly overload 5 people Guiyang Traffic Police: 200 yuan to record 6 points

Guiyang Network News On November 15, the Six Squadron of the Yunyan District Branch of the Guiyang Public Security Transportation Administration seized a superior illegal illegal, the driver was fined 200 yuan, and 6 points were punished.

At 17:40 on the same day, during the evening peak, the Yunyan Traffic Police Six Squadron Police Hu Qihu, who was on diligence at the intersection of people’s avenue and Yan’an Middle Road, found that a yellow van of a purple forest was ready to turn around at the intersection. The car was found to take a large number of passengers in the back row and was suspected of being super.

出于好心送工友回家,老板大胆超载5人 贵阳交警:罚200元记6分

The police officer saw that the rear seats of the car were completely demolished, and all kinds of tools were piled up underneath. Workers could sit or squat and squeezed together. The hidden danger was great.

After the on -site, the car was nucleated with 7 people and 12 people. It belongs to the illegal act of more than 20%of the number of passenger cars other than 20%of the number of passenger cars other than 20%.

Asked that the passengers on the car were all drivers. They were constructed on the sidewalk on the Yan’an Middle Road on the same day. Everyone go home. However, it was seized by the police.

出于好心送工友回家,老板大胆超载5人 贵阳交警:罚200元记6分

After conducting traffic safety education for drivers and passengers on the car, the police asked the driver to transfer all the occupants in the car, and punished the driver with a fine of 200 yuan and a driving license of 6 points in accordance with the law.

(Guiyang Daily Rong Media Reporter Chen Jiayi)

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出于好心送工友回家,老板大胆超载5人 贵阳交警:罚200元记6分

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