Striped wind is popular, do you make it?

Fashion and daily necessities are closely related to popular elements.


Striped wind is popular, striped stationery is the standard for Wenqing


With the hot of classic stripes, the stationery has also ushered in a striped boom. It seems to be streamlined, but it is very practical and aesthetic, which is salivated. A letterhead, a handbook, or a black and white stripe pen, can be beautiful. Come and see, come and see, these are your standard.


1 week month stripe paper tape

The handbook tape with a week, the day, and the day, I can buy a set of girls who like to write the handbook, help you important every day.


2KINBOR Naval Wind Notepad

The soft surface is super thin and exquisite, simple horizontal line, easily carry no burden, records every bit of your life at any time. Fresh stripe color, simple, comfortable.


3 Metal striped warhead neutral pen

It looks very textured. When I meet it, I want to write articles at all times, streamline stripes, and fresh art. Draw the hat design, retro luxurious.

4 striped lace correction bands


Creative lace correction belt, cute striped light fluorescent hand tiles, special diary, DIY album decoration belt, hold the head, gently pull out the lace, such a beautiful correction zone is not willing to use.

5 Breakfast series Clear striped canvas pen bag

A pen bag that can be washed is not easy to fade. Breakfast series patterns are rich and interesting. Exquisite workmanship, simple design, fresh color tone, full of literary atmosphere.


6 zebra cotton cloth striped pen bag

One handbag can not only be used as a pen bag, but also can be used to install mobile phones, lipsticks and other daily necessities. Cotton and linen materials are not easy to damage. Various colors stripes, different styles, fashionable and versatile.

7 Retro Wind Strop Strip Lauret Pen Bag

The minimalist style, there is a thrown retro, linen material, and comfortable with environmental protection. Dirt -resistant, not only as a pen bag, but also a cosmetic bag.

8 Simple striped notebook


Hold the right size, which is convenient to carry and records it at any time. Fresh stripes, full of literary and artistic feelings, the inner page has the date symbol, and it is easy to read afterwards.

9 Simple Wind Forms Diary Notebook

Simple striped design, you with a girl’s heart, use this one to record your sweet and bitter life, sweet and fresh.

10 striped cotton cloth pen bag glasses bag

The high -quality cotton cloth material is very comfortable and very stylish. From ordinary glasses to large sunglasses, it can be stored. Thicked design of shock -proof and falling. It can safely protect the glasses. It can also be used as a pen bag.

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