Beijing Pinggu held the “Four Buildings” Wenwan Wallet Wallet Test Season

(Photography: Cui Dongliang)

(Photography: Ma Pingchuan)

China News Service, Beijing News, September 29th (Ma Chengyuan) “The handwriting is rotating the sun and the moon, and the time is going backwards.” The Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty was a loyal player who appreciated the Won -to -Waotan walnut. Louwen play walnut. On September 28, the fifth “Four Buildings” Wenwan Walnut Test Season of Xiongzhai Township, Pinggu District was held.

Wenwan walnut culture has a long history and rumors. It originated from the Sui Sui and Sui Dynasty, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties, and prevailed in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The four lion heads are known as the most Went Play walnuts, and they have the reputation of “Wenwan Walnut Thai Dou”. The collection value is amazing. The four buildings are a lion head species named after the place of origin. They are originally produced in Xiong’erzhai Township, Pinggu District. They are quite popular and sought after. The people have the saying that “do not play four buildings in life, and the walnuts are full of walnuts.

Xiong Zhai Township Four Building Nature Reserve has a dozen native four buildings in the mountains of the four -seater pair of walnut ancient trees. It is the native tree of the four -seater of the walnut market today. The reason why the lion heads of the four -town lion head are loved by players and collectors, mainly from its “character”: dwarf piles are stuffy, flat shoulders and thick edges; bones and big belly, chrysanthemum blooming; deep lines and stretching; The appearance is domineering, round and full, and enjoy it very much, so it becomes the “darling” of the market. Only Xiong Erzhai’s regional environment can cultivate the four authentic lion heads, which can retain the domineering charm of the lion head variety.

In order to protect this rare industrial resources, Xiong’erzhai Township has registered the “Four Buildings” Wenta Wallet Trademarks and established a brand image. The “Beijing Pinggu Four Building Tower Walnut Production System” was included in the “China’s Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage” catalog by the Ministry of Agriculture, and was approved as “China’s Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage”.


The old four -seater building of Xiong’erzhai Township, which shows this season, is the best in Wenwan walnuts. The variety of walnuts are solemn and vigorous, the texture is stretched, the dwarf piles are thick and stuffy, with unique chrysanthemum bottoms, and the leather density is excellent. Wenwan walnut growers use new technologies to plant the seeds, branches, and saplings of edible walnuts through various planting methods in the forests, providing natural conditions for the skewers and flowers between the walnut trees and the edible walnut tree. After tens of millions of years of natural mutation, the four buildings of Xiongzhai Township have successively produced a series of outstanding four -seater lion heads, big belly Maitreya three tendons, diamond lion heads, native tiger heads Essence

It is not difficult to pick a single product in Wenwan walnuts. It is difficult to match the pair. The matching of alien walnuts is even more difficult. In the tasting of Ji Xiong’erzhai Township Special Organization of the Wallet Play Walnut Backing activities, many Wenwan enthusiasts brought a single text -play walnut boutique with collected collection to find out at the scene to discuss the transaction at the scene.

Unlike the previous four tasting season, this year’s tasting season joined forces with Panjiayuan Media Company and Jingdong Pinggu Pavilion to sell online exhibitions on Weibo and Douyin platforms. Tens of thousands of netizens actively participated in interaction. The spike session attracts the participation of the majority of netizens and Wenwan enthusiasts. At the same time, there are local specialty agricultural products and food stalls such as honey, thin walnuts, chestnuts, dried mushrooms, dried mushrooms, red fruits, Spring pepper, alpine apple, peach wood smoked pigeons. Visitors can participate online and offline, and feel the new experience of the customs and customs of Xiong’erzhai Township and the combination of agricultural tourism.


In recent years, Xiong’erzhai Township has actively implemented the construction of Agricultural “Zhongguancun” in Pinggu District and the relevant requirements of the “China Core” to build a “China core”, and gathered to develop a modern agricultural industrial park. Focus on promoting the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks such as Nanta Village Edible Cyber ​​Base, Donggou Village Wells Walnut Base, Beidomen Village Boipi Walnut Base, Weijiawan Village Big Cotton Ball Red Fruit Park, Huayu Village High -Planting Agricultural Park, and other modern agricultural industrial parks. A new pattern of agricultural development that forms “one village and one product”. (Finish)

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