Yang Caiyu will wear more than fashion bloggers, high -necked sweaters with shorts, and the western style is super long.

Yang Caiyu’s fame is not very large in the entertainment industry, but her temperament is very good, and her figure is online. Simple, very suitable for daily wear, for ordinary people, it can be learned very strong.


Yang Caiyu’s styling analysis:

Loose sweater -full of comfort

Yang Caiyu also worn more than fashion bloggers. High -neck sweaters and shorts, and the western style is super long. Yang Caiyu wore a relatively loose sweater in the upper body. The sweater is actually a very useful item for middle -aged women or young girls. Single -products, wearing the body and age are not very restricted. The loose style can ensure sufficient sense of space, and it will not limit the body shape, so the comfort is very strong.

Sweater with shorts

Pay attention to creating key points in the matching of the upper and lower body, wearing a key prominent matching effect, the focus on the matching should be placed on the most advantageous part of the body. When you can use some conservative sweaters to match the dew -skinned shorts, use the conservatively exposed skin matching method of the visual matching focus on the lower body, thereby presenting the superiority of the leg shape.

Brown boot

Yang Caiyu paired with a pair of brown boots that are very simple and very durable on his feet. The color matching method of the upper and lower body is very simple to show a visual harmony. At the same time The three -dimensional sense and richness, the increased inner boots can also take into account the effect of lengthening the proportion of the legs.


High -necked sweater

If you want to increase warmth and temperament when choosing a sweater in the early spring, the style of the high collar is a better choice. Suitable for mature women.


Analysis of other styling of Yang Caiyu:


Brown coat+checkered suit

The style of a suit jacket and coat will make the overall shape look both fashionable and foreign, and at the same time, it can also show sufficient sense of layering. Both styles are tough. Very powerful, the mid -length casual suit of the checkered element is worn inside, with semi -see stockings, which is charming and sexy.

Satin short shirt+high -waisted jeans

The shirt is a single product with a high upper body rate, but the shirts of different fabrics and different elements design will wear different matching effects. The satin shirt is relatively high -level. It will be very strong, and at the same time, you can also take care of the skin -friendly feeling. With the short -handed shape of the upper and beautiful, you can show a small waist. High -waist jeans on the lower body can be prolonged by extending the leg shape and wearing a perfect body proportion.


Deep -navel installation+striped shirt+white high waist pants

The short navel dress is paired with an open vertical striped shirt, which can wear the superiority of the small fiber waist, but also through the vertical vertical striped shirt to wear a thin effect. In addition to showing long legs, you can also wear a refreshing sense.


Macaron suit+9 -point jeans


If you want to combine the sense of sharpness and leisure, you can try to present the matching effect you want in a mixed way. For example, a suit with a strong sense of sharpness will wear a sense of English in the workplace. High -waisted 9 -point jeans can wear a casual matching effect. The overall style of matching shows a mix and match of business casual style.

Yang Caiyu’s appearance is not a amazing type in the entertainment industry, but to talk about it, the younger sister really does not lose any supermodel, especially the simple style of matching, which is arranged on her body.

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