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Portable Bluetooth speakers are a very unique product. It can be used at home, or you can take it out to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Especially in recent years, popular outdoor camping has begun. A convenient Bluetooth speaker with good quality and high sound quality has become a must -have for camping for many people. However, even if you use its small volume at home, you can bring you a great sound quality.

JBL FLIP6 Music Gall Varler Sixth Generation

The sixth generation of JBL FLIP6 Music Gale is the first choice for many people’s outdoor speakers. It supports IP67 level dustproof and waterproof, which can be used almost normally in any environment. Don’t worry about damage to the weather such as rain and sand and dust. JBL FLIP6 has a built -in 4800mAh large battery, which can continue to play music for nearly 12 hours, and the battery life is very strong. In addition, JBL FLIP6’s speakers are very powerful. The independent track -type weight bass and dual bass ensure that there are good sound field performances outdoors outdoors.

Marshall (Marshall) Embeston

「必买」四款最热门的户外蓝牙音箱 趁特价赶紧收入囊中

Marshall Emberton represents a taste of music, which is the favorite audio brand of many rock music and popular music enthusiasts. This Marshall Emberton has a strong rock music element, whether it is black or black gold, it looks very “rock”. It has 20 hours of music playback, supports IPX7 waterproof level, and can be used normally after soaking in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes.

B & O Play Beoplay Beosound A1GEN2

「必买」四款最热门的户外蓝牙音箱 趁特价赶紧收入囊中

The appearance of the B & O A1 is the best in these four Bluetooth speakers, and it is also the most video UP owner. It can often see it in many VLOG videos. I believe that the main reason for many people to buy A1 is also because of its high value. Under the high face value, the function of A1 is also very comprehensive. It supports IP67 level dustproof and waterproof, with 18 hours of battery life. Under the bass volume, it can provide a maximum 43 hours of music playback.

「必买」四款最热门的户外蓝牙音箱 趁特价赶紧收入囊中

Beats Pill+

Beats Pill+ may be Beats’s last outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Beats has not been updated for many years. As a Bluetooth speaker, the volume of Beats Pill+ may be the easiest to carry. It uses the Apple Lightning interface to charge with a maximum battery life of 12 hours. In addition, this speaker supports reverse charging functions, which can be transformed into a charging treasure to provide electricity for mobile phones and other devices, which is very convenient to use outdoors.

For music lovers, you can also enjoy your favorite music outdoors. It must be a very different experience. The above four are outdoor Bluetooth speakers I recommend. I hope to have the products you like.

「必买」四款最热门的户外蓝牙音箱 趁特价赶紧收入囊中

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