Goddess Monica Beruci red carpet dress: suspended silk retro, fishtail skirt is fairy

In this era of “goddess”, there are fewer beauty people who have never forgotten, but the once stunning goddesses, they are still classic and lead the aesthetic trend.

No matter how the years change, their beauty has never changed. Monica Beruch, known as the “Earth Ball Flower”, can be called a goddess, one of the well -deserved big beauties.

Her dress is particularly elegant. The camisole -style fishtail dress, wearing a graceful body curve, a fresh and smart blue, and her seaweed -like black -end black hair. This matching makes the gorgeous beauty spread out.

She did not deliberately create the beauty of “frozen age”, but she was still the kind of woman who was favored by heaven. Her beauty can be said to have no dead ends at 360 degrees. Although the body curve is rich, there is still a clavicle curve. At a glance, Monica Beruch belongs to this category.

Exquisite and slender silk skirts are easy to wear as sleepy skirts. Under her interpretation, she also became beautiful and soft. With the shining diamond earrings, she highlighted her women’s soft posture, bright and gentle.

The fishtail skirt is the favorite of Monica. The skirt version of the body is tested. The requirements for the figure are quite high, and her curve is just right. The figure of the grace is S -shaped, the simple suspender design and the retro of lace embroidery retro The romantic style of the romantic dress is highlighted. With a simple hairstyle, the overall temperament is elegant and calm.


The goddess who can interpret the vintage fan with such a noble atmosphere is not Monica Beruchi,

Exquisite fold rose fan tube top skirt, with a black fishing net shawl, bold and gorgeous mixing fan,

With a golden bead necklace, the seemingly fluffy and messy dress style was also perfectly grasped by her high face value.


This fishing net -style tassel shawl is not the first time that Monica is used to match a camisole,


Simple waist lace skirt, wearing a black streaming scarf, the elegant and beautiful feminine taste gradually spread,


She can always exude her beauty properly, simple or complicated, and it looks good.

Among the actresses who are pursuing the sense of girls, Monica Beruch conquered everyone with her own charm. Her beauty is bright and conspicuous. The light tulle shawl, her calm and elegant retro atmosphere followed.

The velvet fabric is also an excellent material for the rejuvenation of the retro fan, the velvet feel and the noble atmosphere,

V -neck cutting shows a long neck curve. The split design of the legs reveals the leg curve of her legs. She has a waist -cut goddess dress. She has always been stable in this classic skirt.


When you are used to being a goddess, in fact, Monica also has the heart of a little princess, romantic and feminine lace puff skirt, with flower small shoulders, a little playful and cute atmosphere, exposing the ankle design, making the overall style lighter to light up Elegant without losing charm.


One -type shoulder design can show a beautiful shoulder and neck curve. Lace flowers are sewn on the shoulders. The smart silk fabric is high -level.

The classic black series is also versatile. On the red carpet, Monica loves to wear black, and it is gentle and gentle.

The dazzling red satin skirt is the best choice for many female stars on the red carpet. I want to wear a bright feeling.


It is important to choose a mature and advanced red skirt. Monica’s red skirt is particularly elegant.

With a simple diamond necklace, he met this bright wine red and charm.

The goddess Monica Beruci’s red carpet dress, the camisole is high -end retro, the fishtail skirt is fairy. Do you think that Monica’s dress looks is classic?

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