There are no small things for children, these “invisible killers” cannot be ignored

Recently, a video of a “3 -year -old boy was hanging with a rope and hanging his neck” has aroused heated attention from netizens. When a three -year -old boy played in the yard at home, he put the door rope around his neck. Because the barrel under his feet suddenly slipped away, the boy was hanging on his feet and was hung on the iron door. During the period, he kept kicking the iron door, struggling for about a minute, and the boy gradually fell into a coma.


Fortunately, the six -year -old sister discovered in time that she quickly rushed to pick up her brother’s body and shouted to her mother loudly. Later, the sister lifted up and rescued the younger brother, and let him lie on the ground halfway, holding her brother’s head. When I heard her daughter’s shout, the child’s mother came immediately and took the child home to observe. The child’s mother said, “At that time, the child appeared in a coma, and after a while, he cried out, and he would pay more attention to the safety of the child in the future.” At present, after recovery, the boy has no big body.

In fact, in addition, there are some “invisible killers” to make everyone invincible and threaten the child’s life …

Layout danger NO.1

Keywords: pull rope, buttons, small jewelry

In a kindergarten in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, when Hao Hao, who was 3 years old, slid down the slide, the rope on the sweater hat was tied together to hold the neck, causing the things in the esophagus to flow into the esophagus and strangled; When the boy played the slide, he was accidentally suffocated by a knotted collar rope, causing suffocation … Such examples have shocked parents.

In addition to the pull rope on the clothes, buttons, pearls, or diamond accessories are hidden in danger.

Some children had swallowed their clothes buttons and were stuck. When they cried, the buttons that originally stuck in the throat entered the trachea and had to be removed by surgery. Other children use accessories such as pearls on clothes as toys, stuffed their noses or ears, and hurt the nasal cavity or tympanic membrane. In this regard, we must strengthen children’s safety education. Usually inculcate basic safety knowledge to children, tell them what dangerous actions cannot be done, and what consequences may be done, thereby improving the child’s awareness of safety.

Layout danger NO.2

Keywords: grapes, green beans, barbecue skewers

An old man in Nanjing stripped a grape and squeezed it in his hand to feed the child to eat. Who knows that the child sucked hard, the grapes slipped into his mouth and stuck. Soon, the child’s face was white and couldn’t breathe. Fortunately, the family lived in the hospital’s dormitory. The child was immediately sent to the rescue, and the trachea was cut to keep his life.

Similar to jelly, peanuts, fishbone, etc.

In addition, many people like barbecue, but the bamboo sticks of barbecue skewers are too sharp. When children eat it as toys, children are easily injured. Parents should actively teach their children to help themselves. There is always a sparse in Baimi. Even if parents are always with their children, children may still danger. What we can do is to teach them to save themselves. When dangerous, let them learn to save themselves. The youngest child in the above incident is great. In the absence of no one, he knows that the barrel rolls to the little boy’s feet. Although he failed to help the little boy, he had to say that the child was very Ling, know how to save people.

Layout danger NO.3

Keywords: mosquito coils, batteries

Due to the use of insecticides at home, if the child is slightly poisoned, it will encounter almost every year. There are children in the family. In summer, mosquito avoidance and mosquito killing, it is best to use physical methods, such as mosquito nets, electric mosquito shoots, etc.

In addition to insecticides, the buttons placed everywhere can also hurt their children. “Children are curious, and often use the button battery as a toy and stuffing into the nasal cavity, which can easily cause perforation of the nasal septum.” In the hospital’s usual consultation, the button battery has become the first -ranked dangerous small item.

In addition, children’s falling buildings are the most common and most worrying accidents. Many residential bedrooms are designed in the bay window now, and the window is only 50 cm high from the window sill. Children of about one meter stand on it, and they are in danger of falling.

Layout danger NO.4

Keywords: elevator, rotating door

In the festival, parents often take their children out to play in order to satisfy their children’s wishes. As everyone knows, there are many accidents when traveling, and it is not uncommon for children to be injured by the elevator. In addition to the elevator, the rotating door is also a big risk factor. Parents should take care of their children. Do not let children play in elevators, rotating doors and other places to avoid accidents.

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