It’s better to be a understanding person, learn 7 drawers to organize storage skills. Shoes storage has nothing to do with the shoe cabinet

By another year, the clothes changed the season, and others were worried that there was no place to store clothes. I was worried about the four seasons of the family. The whole wardrobe could not be stuffed. What should I do? Professional storage artists pointed out the problem: That is the storage technique that you did not get, and the 7 techniques of the drawer storage shoe can be installed. It can be installed than the shoe cabinet.


① Do a diagonal panel inside the drawer.

Normally, in our shoe cabinet drawer, there are horizontal shelf styles. Here we are recommended to make slope design. Mainly, it can maximize the use of space. The tilted storage can store more pair of shoes, which is more installed than ordinary drawer cabinets. It is recommended to tilt about 45 °.

② Double gear rack inside the drawer.


Often, we are neatly put in a row of the drawer code in the drawer code, but it is easy to croak the shoes during the opening and closing of the shoe. The horizontal rod, so that every pair of shoes can be stuck in the crossbar, it will not move easily, especially for high heels, it is a very good storage technique.


③ The bottom plate of the drawer does not need a wooden board. Choose a hollow steel plate.


Select the steel mesh hollow bottom plate in the drawer. The advantage of the shoe storage inside is ventilation and breathable. It is best for the drawer cabinet door to be louver or hollowed out. It can avoid mold or odor in the shoe time. But the premise is that all your shoes are washed and dried.

④ Select the retractable steel frame instead of the drawer bottom plate.

Do not have the bottom plate inside the drawer. Put the telescopic steel frame directly. The shoes can be stuck directly on the steel frame. When the drawer does not use the shoe storage space, it can be stretched and retracted to achieve flexible storage.


⑤ Choose a tumbled drawer shoe cabinet.


This type of torrent drawer shoe cabinet is relatively common. It is suitable for designing the narrow porch or Xiaoxuanguan. The thickness of the entire drawer shoe cabinet can be half thinner than the average shoe cabinet, but the storage power is not diminished. You can try it.

⑥ Determine the storage method according to the size of the shoes.


The shoes include high heels, boots, leather shoes, sneakers, etc., which are different in size and height. If you encounter high boots, the general drawer shoe cabinet cannot be stored. Therefore, when making or customized drawer shoe cabinets, It is recommended to reserve a high boots storage area separately, about 50cm height.

做 The slope drawer cabinet is designed with a double -layer shoe rack.

If you make a drawer shoe cabinet below the stairs or diagonal attic, the slope is alien, so it can be used for double -layer design. One drawer shoe cabinet can be used as two, and the storage force doubles.

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