Dongyuan Shuang Jiangxi Shi Gou will be unveiled at the Harbor Harvest Harvest Harbor Farm in Chinese Farmers

Guangzhou Daily News (All media reporters Zeng Huanyang Correspondent Lan Tianming and Huang Zhiqing) Heyuan City celebrated the series of Chinese farmers’ harvest festivals. —Soliangjiang Town, Dongyuan County, fruits such as Xi Shi honey pomelo, grapes, and passion fruits in the town will be unveiled at the harvest festival, and then it will bring a different fruit flavor to foreign tourists. During the festival, the grapes, chestnuts, honey pomelo, passion fruit, kiwi, citrus, etc. in the counties and districts of Heyuan City will be fully displayed in a comprehensive display.

The reporter learned that it is known as Shuangjiang Town, Dongyuan County, which is known as the hometown of fruit in Heyuan City. According to Chen Feiyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shuangjiang Town, Dongyuan County, in recent years, the town has created the goal requirements of the new pattern of coordinated development of the “one nuclear and one triple group” region in accordance with the Dongyuan County Party Committee and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Focusing on the development positioning of the “five major revitalization” and “ancient road pearl, Wanlu Guo Township, Health Resort, and Colorful Shuangjiang”, comprehensively implement the strategy of rural revitalization, highlight the prosperity of the industry, and adhere to the green farming, brand strong farmers, and post roads to help farmers. Promoting the transformation of “big agricultural towns” to “famous agricultural towns”, rural revitalization and development have now entered the fast lane.

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