Introduction and parameter display of the “skateboard & electric vehicle tire” series of products

Tolerance scooter/electric vehicle tires are the product series launched by slow travel vehicles.This series of products use the honeycomb tire structure to reduce the weight of the tire through the honeycomb design, increase the elasticity of the tire, and ensure the high -quality structural stability.

This series of products can be used to exempt the inflatable structure through the honeycomb, eliminating inflatable trouble, maintenance costs, avoiding the risk of tire explosion, leakage of tires, and brought more comfortable, safe, and worry -free for users such as electric vehicles, scooters, and balance cars.Save -saving travel experience.The tolerance skateboarding/electric vehicle tire series has reached long -term cooperation with companies such as Narnebo, Lenovo, Kuge.


The tolerance scooter/electric vehicle tire series include 8*2.0, 8.5*2.0, 10*2.5, 12*2.5, 14*2.125 and other mainstream models.Wait for the vehicle to use.


/Usterowing skateboarding/electric vehicle tire series product parameters ☟☟

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