Kirin District: Take the “special road” of the industry to play the “incremental card” of the masses

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Qu Jingxun on the palm


In recent years, Kirin District has adhered to the overall idea of ​​”high -end, organic, characteristic”, highlights the chain to make up the chain and replenish the chain, and has a good “income card” of characteristic industries. The regional layout of “one county, one industry” and “one village, one product”, specialized production and large -scale operations of characteristic industries for development, helping rural revitalization.


In accordance with the idea of ​​”regional adjustment, scale adjustment, varieties, high varieties, and high benefits”, focusing on the construction of grain, roasted tobacco, tobacco, vegetables, fruits, flowers, aquatic products, animal husbandry, Chinese medicinal materials, etc. Initially built 10,000 acres of fresh cut flowers and green seedlings demonstration zones, 20,000 mu of fruit exhibition areas, 30,000 acres of silk mulberry production and processing demonstration zone, 30,000 mu of export vegetable production demonstration zone, 100,000 mu of tobacco production demonstration zone, 100,000 mu of 100,000 mu, 100,000 mu of 100,000 mu Grain high yield demonstration area. At the same time, the integration and development of the first, secondary and tertiary industries, the implementation of “agricultural+refined processing”, “agricultural+tourism”, “agriculture+cultural and creative”, “agriculture+Internet” actions, and promoted the upgrading of the entire link of agriculture and the value -added full -chain.

Establish and improve the “leading enterprise (cooperative)+base+farmers” interest connection mechanism, adopt shareholding dividends, order assistance, share cooperation, land transfer, labor cooperation, etc. The transformation of household production into large -scale operations has gradually established a number of specialized agricultural product processing and service bases with strong demonstration capabilities, and driving the masses to increase their income and become rich. As of now, there are 84 district -level agricultural enterprises in the region, including 10 provincial leading enterprises, developing 374 farmers’ professional cooperatives, 180 family farms, and 134 villages (communities) in the district all the collective economic income of 50,000 At the or above, 118,800 farmers are employed nearby.


In accordance with the development ideas of “big industry+new entity+new platform”, guide enterprises and large breeding households to carry out “three products and one standard” certification, create a business card for green agricultural products, and enhance agricultural added value. Up to now, 110,000 acres of public -free agricultural product production bases have been built in the region, 149 have been certified by green agricultural industry bases, 37 green food brands have been created, 185 are completed by “three products and one standard” certification, and 2 public brands of agricultural products are created. The Longtan River and the south Panjiang River were built with 2,000 acres of the two sides of the south. Deepening the construction of the “One County and One Industry” characteristic county, Kirin Blueberry won the title of “10 Famous Fruit” in Yunnan Province in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Cultivate 26 professional villages of “one village, one product”, including 13 provincial levels and 13 municipal levels.

At present, the region has a cumulative transfer area of ​​164,341 acres. It introduces Lenovo Holdings and Guizhou Moutai Group and other enterprises to plant 7,800 acres of blueberries. Today, “Yunzhen” fast frozen vegetables, “Qujing Jiawo” blueberry, “Hongyuan hometown” seasoning, “Pearl Qing” pepper, “Dianhong” rose, “Run Guo” strawberry, “Red Rhyme” apple and other groups of unicorn The popularity and reputation of brand agricultural products have continued to increase. A group of special, high -quality, and good reputation of green agricultural products such as seafood mushrooms, shrimp greens eggs, church vegetables, and plateau chicken chickens have become the “golden signboards” that drive farmers to increase their income and become rich. Essence

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