Daming Dynasty: Yang Jinshui was crazy, why did Lu Fang go to Gao Hanwen and Yunniang first? Killing the heart

Yang Jinshui is crazy!

Zhao Zhenji, then “Zhejiang Governor”, reported the news and reported this news with Hai Rui to the court.

“Si Li Jian’s chief eunuch of Bingbi”, which is the second leader of “Si Li Jian”, is second only to Lu Fang’s Chen Hong.

“Okay! I found out the weaving bureau, and the palace came.”

The investigation was found to be Yang Jinshui, and it was bound to involve Lu Fang. Chen Hong, the “Millennium Eighth”, finally reached the beginning of the first day. But at this time, Lu Fang was still the leader of the “Si Li Jian”, and was also Chen Hong’s godfather. In front of the other three “eunuchs of Bingbi”, especially Huang Jin, Chen Hong naturally wanted to pretend to be angry. one side.

In the report, Chen Hong had his own thoughts. While Lu Fang was still unaware, he would report it to the Emperor Jiajing immediately without leaving any opportunities for remedy Lu Fang. But Huang Jin did not agree with this:

“It’s about Yang Jinshui, you can’t just send it like this. If you send it like this, the Master of Wan Sui will be angry at the old ancestor.”

Huang Jin can be said to be the most trustworthy and grace eunuch of Emperor Jiajing, except Lu Fang, but why can’t he replace Lu Fang, even Chen Hong couldn’t compare?

It’s because he is not cruel, and the means are not spicy! It is because he can’t stop the “Manchu”, so that he can’t make the deterrent method that Emperor Jiajing wants!

Chen Hong’s careful thought of being poked, and quickly covered up:

“I forgot this. But the old ancestor had to wait for the emperor to go out of the palace in the morning. Who dares to stand here?”

Still, he finally didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring down Lu Fang in one fell swoop. However, in the end he has not been able to take Huang Jin’s persistence, coupled with the support of the other two father -in -law, Chen Hong can only promise Huang Jin to use the “reward” method to call Lu Fang, who accompanies the Emperor Jiajing Emperor Xianxiu, out. Essence

After Lu Fang returned to the “Si Li Jian”, he began a very perfect crisis treatment.

Step 1: Blocking message

The emergency handling sent by Zhejiang, the original seal was not moved, no one looked at it, and for the time being, don’t care. Lu Fang must first deal with the source of the message:


“Where is the post that is sent to the emergency handling now? Keep him, you can’t let him see anyone.”

The news that Yang Jinshui was crazy, at present, only this post is known. Before Lu Fang did not remedy, the news could not be leaked, so he had to control the post.

Step 2: Stabilize Jiajing

“Jin’er, I have been there, I have to go back in the middle of the night. No one can wait for the master, you go, the master is used to you.”

Lu Fang has been intentionally cultivating Huang Jin to pick up his class, but because of his personality, it is only because the North Korean Emperor’s DPRK is too complicated.

In the end, Lu Fang explained two other father -in -law again:


“You listen, Yang Jinshui I sent it to Jiangnan. I will bear the sin. You all put your heart into the cavity and stay in the duty room tonight. This news cannot be disclosed at all.”

Stabilize the military heart and avoid leaking the news because they are afraid of responsibility; ask them to stay in the duty room, or block the news!

More importantly, Lu Fang also explained to Huang Jin:

“If the master asked, he said that you didn’t watch this place, and told the master, and said that I went to the town Fusi Jaisha and went to see the Gao Hanwen. For details, I came back to the master Chen Zou.”

“No one watched by playing Shu Shu” is to tell Emperor Jiajing that no one knows this matter, and the final decision is still in the hands of Jiajing. Do you want to flood the chanting, or do you want to handle it publicly, all from the sacred will!

However, why did Lu Fang let Huang Jinming report himself to see Gao Hanwen?

Also, why didn’t Lu Fang report to the Emperor Jiajing first, but Gao Hanwen first?

There is only one answer: he wants to save his son and save Yang Jinshui, who has been crazy!

Is Yang Jinshui really crazy or fake, Lu Fang must have been in his heart, after all, Yang Jinshui did not conceal anything about Lu Fang; Yang Jinshui wrote to Lu Fang to help him to protect Yunniang. Plan for crazy plans.

Here, you need to mention it specifically, why is Yang Jinshui crazy?


Hai Rui tried to the weaving bureau. Yang Jinshui couldn’t say that this was to collect money for Emperor Jiajing. He could only carry this black pot, wash his neck and wait! But if Yang Jinshui is crazy, the case can only stop on the layer of the weaving bureau, and then want to pull up, no one can testify. In this way, you can avoid the emperor Jiajing in order to keep Yang Jinshui’s life!

Therefore, if Lu Fang wants to save Yang Jinshui, it is necessary to ensure that the people in Beijing and the people in Zhejiang do not know about the Jiangnan manufacturing bureau and ensure that the name of the Emperor Jiajing has not been affected. People in Zhejiang have the restrictions on Jinyiwei; people in Beijing, that is, Gao Hanwen and Yunniang, who just came from Zhejiang, can only be handled by Lu Fang himself.

If Gao Hanwen knows the inside story, Lu Fang kills it, and the Emperor Jiajing, Lu Fang wants to say what, after all, no one can be able to do it; if Gao Hanwen does not know the inside story, Lu Fang can keep Yang Jinshui’s request to preserve the request of Yang Jinshui to preserve the request of Yang Jinshui to preserve the request of Yang Jinshui to preserve the request of Yang Jinshui to preserve the request. After all, Lu Fang is not Chen Hong, and there is not such a big kill. Hello, you will never go extreme.

Well, understand this premise, let’s take a look at Lu Fang’s temptation to Gao Hanwen.

It stands to reason that the jinshi who have participated in the temple test have seen the emperor, and naturally they have seen Si Li Jianyin’s eunuchs who are not separated from the emperor. Because the Emperor Jiajing did not go to the dynasty for 20 years, and the temple test of the three years was not presided over. Therefore, the officials of the Kajia of Jiajing after the Daming Dynasty did not have the chance to see Tian Yan, and naturally did not know Lu Fang.

Lu Fang came to Gao Hanwen’s room to introduce himself:

“My name is Lu Fang!”

The usual method of self -introduction self -introduction has no official instructions, no level introduction, or even unnecessary, just need a name to make the other party quickly complete the positioning -I am a person you can’t afford to, and it is a high -level person. You are out of reach.

Although he had never seen Lu Fang, Gao Hanwen, born in Hanlin, must have heard of the name of the “inner phase”, so Gao Han wen immediately kneeling to salute.

Lu Fang started to question:

“You went to Shen Yishi’s home? In addition to those weaving workshops, shops, one hundred silk silk, and two thousand silver, is there anything else, such as something in text?”

The purpose of the temptation is very obvious. I want to clarify whether Gao Hanwen knows those accounts that have been involved in the weaving bureau, and those accounts that can directly ask Yang Jinshui.

Here, you need to give a plot introduction that is not shown in the play:

Yang Jinshui presented the two boxes of accounts to the court. Under the advice of Emperor Jiajing, Lu Fang was processed first, which will delete all the accounts of the weaving bureau and the palace. Therefore, Emperor Jiajing would let Hu Zongxian show the account book to Yan Song so reliable.

Lu Fang asked this sentence to determine if Gao Hanwen knew those accounts that had been deleted! After all, the weaving bureau is for the Emperor Jiajing’s money, and naturally he will not disclose these books; but now the case is revealed, the corruption of the Weaving Bureau is found out, and the Emperor Jiajing will throw this black pot to Yang Jinshui; If you want to save Yang Jinshui, Lu Fang must determine that no one knows these books. There is no physical evidence, and the confession of Zheng Bichang and He Maocai alone can naturally not ask Yang Jinshui’s life.

Look at Gao Hanwen’s answer:

“Back to Gong Gong, only the real thing, there is no text.”


Of course, Shen Yishi also left a few words to Yun Niang, that is, what is “a piece of Guangling San, and playing with Yunniang again”, but this has nothing to do with the case, nothing related to Yang Jinshui.

Lu Fang further trial:

“What about the account book? Shen Yishi has not had a book book for more than 20 years?”

The key is to make sure that Gao Hanwen had seen or heard these books!

“There should be a book book. But if a big fire is burned, the sinners don’t know.”

Gao Hanwen had seen it, and Shen Yishi also read him in detail, but at this time Gao Hanwen was not clear about Lu Fang’s true intention, and naturally he could not make out!

Lu Fang then asked:

“You met Shen Yishi the next day in Hangzhou. Where did he accompany you? Just watch the silk with you, and don’t show you the book book?”

Asked here, Gao Hanwen thought of the explanation of himself before leaving Zhejiang:

When you arrive at the Beijing Division, don’t say anything, only silence can be released from prison.

When Gao Hanwen was hesitant, Yunniang quarreled outside. According to Gao Hanwen’s reply, Lu Fang could confirm that he was not clear about the book volume and the internal situation of the Weaving Bureau. Better to suffering!

After letting Yun Niang come in, Lu Fang began to ask:


“Are you the one who has followed Yang Jinshui for four years?”

Yun Niang gently returned a sentence “Yes”. In front of Gao Hanwen, Yun Niang’s affirmative answer is not easy!

Lu Fang went on to say:

“There is no shame. There are hundreds of pairs of eunuchs in the palace. There are hundreds of pairs of food. There are five people, and the couple and brothers of the monarchs and sons are also. The name of a husband and wife. Do you want to know what he is now? “

After all, Lu Fang is an eunuch. After all, the subtle relationship between men and women is still not very spiritual. In front of Gao Hanwen, in front of the man in the man, how can Yun Niang admit that she and Yang Jinshui. So Yun Niang answered this way:

“Back to Gonggong Lu, Yun Niang and Gonggong Yang did not have any husband and wife. I just served a slave to him. Later, Gong Yang acknowledged that I was a daughter, and I should call him a godfather.”

Lu Fang didn’t care about Yun Niang’s statement. The key points he cared about was not here.

“It’s OK to say anything. I ask if you want to know what he is going on now.”

This sentence is tentative again. See if Yun Niang knows Yang Jinshui’s madness plan, do you know the internal situation of the Weaving Bureau!

Look at Yun Niang’s clever answer:

“The godfather has Lu Gonggong’s care, no matter how it will be peaceful.”


In front of Gao Hanwen, Yunniang is not convenient to directly ask Yang Jinshui’s situation; in front of Lu Fang, Yun Niang can not directly say that she does not want to know; give this sentence, not only eliminates her embarrassment, but also raises raising Lu Fang, also expressed his concern for Yang Jinshui.

“No one can take care of anyone. In my Ming Dynasty, there is only one solar that can follow the two Beijing and 13 provinces, that is, the emperor. There is still a bigger master on this sun, that is, God. I can’t take care of it, God has received him. “

Lu Fang, right, was loyal to Emperor Jiajing; right, he only cared about his three sons -Feng Bao, Huang Jin and Yang Jinshui. But if there was a conflict between the emperor and the sons, Lu Fang could only do his best. On the premise of loyalty to Emperor Jiajing, he tried his best to save each other.

Fortunately, Feng Bao, Huang Jin and Yang Jinshui all let Lu Fang keep it down.

“Eight hundred miles in Zhejiang handed over the next time, Yang Jinshui was crazy.”


The status quo of Yang Jinshui was given straightforward, laying the foundation for the next “movement”.

“Yang Jinshui wants to take care of you, and I also want to take care of Yang Jinshui, but if he does it himself, no one can care for anyone. I promised him and let you live together. Remember me, no matter who asked you, You do n’t know about Jiangnan Weaving Bureau. This is one of them. “

First emphasize “Yang Jinshui, no one can protect it”, and then state the fact that “Yang Jinshui is crazy”, and then explains Yang Jinshui’s rare care for Yunniang and Gao Hanwen, and finally gives actual requirements. Move with the true feelings, and then give specific requirements to let the other party listen to themselves.

“Except for me, no one dares to kill you, I am afraid that you are looking for a short path. No matter who will force you, you should ignore it and live well.”

This sentence has two meanings:

1. Only I can kill you, what to say, what should not be said, there must be a lot of heart;

2. Yang Jinshui allows me to keep you, you have to live well, you can’t let me say a word;

At this time, Gao Hanwen gave an extremely naive question:

“Who live?”

Look at Lu Fang’s answer:

“For the DPRK. The damn is dead, and some are about to die immediately. Those who should not die cannot die. This is the second.”

What is the relationship between Gao Hanwen’s life and the DPRK?

If Gao Hanwen and Yunniang committed suicide, Lu Fang saved, but it failed to trust Yang Jinshui. Of course, this is not the most important thing! The important thing is that if Gao Hanwen, who may know the inside of Zhejiang, commit suicide, the Emperor Jiajing will think that this is what Lu Fang does, the purpose is to kill people and protect Yang Jinshui; The purpose is to kill people, covering the facts of corruption in Zhejiang; and the “Strict Party” will be considered to be the fact that the Emperor Jiajing is instructed to cover up the fact that the weaving bureau collects money for the Emperor Jiajing.

In this way, the people’s hearts floated and the bureau was turbulent. The Emperor Jiajing and the “Strict Party” and “Clear Party” were another big fight!

Therefore, Gao Hanwen can’t die, but can only live!

Then, Lu Fang gave the last explanation again:

“I have a habit. Except for serving the emperor, I always drink all the tea in the bowl before going to bed at night. Tea. As long as I want you to live, God is alive, one year is alive, and one day is also alive. “

High power is like me, and he is as high as me. Every day you cherish every day. Your life has just begun.


Living, whether it is one day, year, or a lifetime, cherish the present is the complete life!

In a word, you can’t die, for the entrustment of Yang Jinshui, it is even more secure!

“My dry son is better than anyone else, and it is better to say that everyone is better. He wrote a letter to me before you came, saying that the two of you were the most good in the world.”

Yang Jinshui is bad, the set of corrupt officials and officials, rape villains, his plenary session; Yang Jinshui is good, love and righteousness, sincere and filial piety, he is better than anyone else. But no matter Yang Jinshui is good or bad, he has done his best to you!

“I understand this. I understand this. I am doing this in my life that is lacking in my life, and this is the envy. Sometimes I really look at others. Gao Hanwen, you are the smartest and most confused person, our family teaches you In a word, Yun Niang didn’t insult you. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it in the future, as long as you are alive, you live with her every day in this yard. “

This sentence is a purpose. Yang Jinshui supports me to preserve Yunniang. You don’t dislike others, and take care of it!

Look at Gao Hanwen’s answer:

Yun Niang was moved, and he heard Lu Fang’s paintings, and quickly answered:

“The little girl recognized that Gong Yang was a godfather, and the ancestor was the grandfather of the little girl. I just listened to the ancestors just now. I would like to serve him whether he was disappointed. Okay, I will take care of the tall adult every day until the old ancestor calls us to die. “

Grandpa Lu, you can rest assured that I will be optimistic about Gao Hanwen. No matter what he knows, how much he knows, I won’t let him talk nonsense, let alone disappoint Yang Jinshui’s preservation.

After listening to Yun Niang’s words, Lu Fang turned to Gao Hanwen:

“Gao Hanwen, have you heard what she said?”

Say you confused, but you know how to protect yourself; if you are confused, you are not even as good as a woman;

Well, Lu Fang’s two purposes have been achieved, and Gao Hanwen was tentative. He did not know the internal situation of the Weaving Bureau and would not affect himself to save Yang Jinshui. He completed the entrustment of Yang Jinshui and entrusted Yun Niang to Gao Hanwen.

After Lu Fang returned to Si Li Jian, Huang Jin reported to his situation:

“Back to the godfather, the master of the master has guessing, the son dare not deceive, and did not reply as he instructed by the godfather.

Emperor Jiajing, Lu Fang understands that the consequences are more serious after concealing; Huang Jin, Lu Fang knows better, and will never frame himself; coupled with Lu Fang at this time, he has fully grasped the absolute initiative to deal with this sparse. The emperor reported that there were already in his heart. Jiajing knew that the news of Yang Jinshui was crazy, it was not important!

Therefore, Lu Fang would answer this way:

“You do it right. What is the intention of the master?”

The reaction of Emperor Jiajing is the key to Lu Fang’s need to know.

Huang Jin replied:

“The master only called his son to show this ball to the godfather, and then asked us to take the purpose tonight and send it to Hangzhou at eight hundred miles.”

Holding this hollow jade ball, Lu Fang began his work that he was accustomed to — the sacrament.

In the end, it was the essence of the servant for a long time. Lu Fang still knew the grandfather in Jingshe.

“Whether it is Jiangnan weaving bureau or the Shangyi monitoring hat bureau in the palace, it is not short. It should be checked and the office should do it!

The weaving bureau, Shangyi Supervisor, and towel hat all belonged to the jurisdiction of “Si Li Jian”. The Emperor Jiajing gave instructions that Lu Fang could also make an interruption and no part of the part. This is the attitude. The best way to emperor.

The weaving bureau can no longer be saved, and the Sanyi Supervisor and the Towel Hat Board of Weae and Manufacturing Bureau do not have to hide it. This is a typical “House Army Bao Shuai”. This black pot!

“Immediately, Jin Yiwei immediately escorted Yang Jinshui into Beijing in Hangzhou, and asked Zhao Zhenji to register the difference between the Jiangnan weaving bureau.


Yang Jinshui is Lu Fang’s most loved son. Emperor Jiajing gave instructions that Lu Fang still had no favorites. This was even more attitude and loyal. Like the role of “Si Li Jian”, Yang Jinshui must block the sewage for Emperor Jiajing.

Let Zhao Zhenji temporarily lead the weaving and build a bureau, and let him take all the need to raise the demand for the anti -Japanese army:

1. The southeast anti -中 is the top priority. As the “Zhejiang governor”, Zhao Zhenji must fully go to the supply army needs. This is the root of everything and cannot be sloppy.

2. The case of Zhao Zhenji’s trial was finally tried to the head of the Weaving Bureau, tried to the head of “Si Li Jian”, and forced Yang Jinshui to mad, Lu Fang would naturally be angry. Now that you splash dirty water on me, then you can try the difficulties and helplessness of the fact that weaving the bureau.

3. In the case of Hai Rui’s trial, Yang Jinshui, Zheng Bichang and He Maocai were involved, but Lu Fang only instructed Yang Jinshui to deal with it. This is to tell Zhao Zhenji. ; No instructions to Zheng Bichang and He Maocai’s handling are to tell Zhao Zhenji that people and things in Zhejiang, you will examine yourself and deal with it yourself.

To put it bluntly, Lu Fang just wants to tell Zhao Zhenji that my “Si Li Jian” does not involve the struggle between you and the “strict party”. You can not test the attitude of Emperor Jiajing. Those who want to sacrifice me to test the attitude of the emperor, I won’t let you succeed!

Just like the narration in the play, this decree, Zhao Zhenji immediately fell into the largest political wave in the past 20 years!

(This article is based on the specific interpretation of the plot and the analysis of human settings based on the “Daming Dynasty 1566”. It is not based on historical and historical facts. Personal views are welcome.

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