The first batch of imported species in Shandong ended in isolation and put into production

At 5 pm on February 8th, after the 1998 Denmark Arctic Fox isolation quarantine passed the quarantine period, the Weifang’s entry animal isolation field was transported to the surrounding areas to improve the fox varieties of farming bases in various places. At this point, the first batch of east fox isolation and quarantine work for the first batch of inbound species in Shandong Port was successfully completed.


Arctic foxes, also known as white foxes and blue foxes, are distributed in countries such as Denmark, Finland, and can live in Iceland at minus 50 ° C. The fur is expensive. Shandong is the largest fox breeding base in the country. The number of deposits accounts for about 2/3 of the country, of which Weifang accounts for 1/2 of the province. The high -quality fox introduced this time will further improve the quality of fur animals in our province and improve the development level of the modern breeding industry in our province. It is expected that each fox will increase income for 30,000 yuan for farmers after being improved.

During the quarantine and quarantine, in response to factors such as low winter temperature, strong animal stress, and difficulty in collecting blood, the Shandong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau made overall arrangements to regulate more than 10 professional and technical personnel from various branches in the province to carry out blood collection. All the staff rushed to the severe cold of minus by minus, and completed the blood collection task of the whole group of foxes on time and on time. During the blood collection period, all the blood samples collected on the day were transported to the laboratory for testing of pseudo -rabies, good varieties of Bacteria disease, and other tests. A total of 4,000 items were detected, and 1 case of animal epidemic disease was detected. Culber and harmless treatment effectively control the risk of transmission of foreign diseases.

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