The “Korean coat wearing” recently is very popular, simple and fashionable, and the copying is good -looking

The weather suddenly gets cold, it is time to take out your coat out of it, and a Korean style coat is popular recently. Are you all get it? You can make your basic items easy to wear and high -level, just wear it!

No matter how warm the down jacket is, it always cannot replace the fashion of the coat. For the classic versatile and simple coat style, it is even welcomed by everyone. So how to choose a coat that suits you? Then start with its style, color, and length!

The style, color, and length of the coat ‍


1. Select the style of the coat

There are various styles of coats, H version, slim version, loose version, cocoon type, etc. You must choose the right style according to your own figure. If you are a fat girl, it is recommended to choose the H version of H version. , Loose version, cocoon -type coat.

2. Color selection of coats

To choose what color coats, you need to be based on your own skin tone. If it is fair skin tone, basically it can be easily controlled by any color. Do not choose a fluorescent color.


If you are a yellow -skinned girl, it is recommended to choose a dark and neutral coat color, which can better set off your skin color advantages, wear very simple atmosphere and lined with skin tone!


3. Select the length of the coat

Many girls will choose long coats. In fact, not all girls are suitable, especially for small girls, too long coats will reduce your height and wear it more and more short. It is recommended not to choose more than ankle ankle more than ankle ankle. length.

Korean coat wearing demonstration ▼


I always see that the shape of the heroine of the Korean drama is beautiful, especially when wearing a coat, it is simply a goddess fan, so how can I wear the style of the heroine of Korean drama? You can learn from the demonstration of the Korean coat, and it looks good to be mounted directly!

Put on 1. Coat+scarf+leggings+canvas shoes

When girls who like to watch Korean dramas, they will know that when many female heroines in Korean drama wear coats, they are accustomed to matching a knitted scarf, which increases the sense of Korean atmosphere. It looks very simple and high -level. A very warm -colored scarf, so gentle and pleasant, choosing leggings and canvas shoes inside, so tender!

Wear 2, knee coat+jeans+black boots


The Korean coat is basically choosing a long coat. This is a very important point. Don’t forget, choose tight -fitting jeans, and very stylish black boots. The sense of advanced, but there is a little bit of Korean style, how to wear it? With the Korean version of the messenger bag, and the scarf fixed by the heroine of the Korean drama, it is important. It is full of Korean feel!


Wear 3, horn buckle coat+high -neck shirt+small white shoes


There is a long coat of the horn buckle of the college, with a sweater+high -necked shirt. This method of wearing it has added a lot of styling and fashion. Shoes have added a sense of atmosphere of Hanfeng, and you are so youthful in autumn!

Well, I will share with you here today. Recently, the “Korean coat wear”, which is very popular, is simple and fashionable. Fashion match] Let us become beautiful together!

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