Less than 60 yuan “big -name” bottom shirt! Wearing resistance, resisting the ball, putting on the second to embracing the swan neck

The weather has become cold recently, and it’s okay

Pile collar

The season!

A thin and fashionable, stacked pile of the bottoming shirt, can be worn for a whole year,

Spring and autumn single wear, summer sunscreen


Make it inside and keep warm


, It is a god -fairy product in a girl’s wardrobe.

The skirt is lightly intellectual, replaced with jeans is cool girl, small suit, white shirt with it, and embraced the “workplace elite style” in seconds.


The house SIR recommends a high level of high level, tolerance of various figures

SHEJIBU’s Planning Department of the Swan Neck Shirt.

【Hejibu’s Planning Department of Swan Neck Shirt】

Original price: 9 89/piece

Zaijia welfare price:

¥ 59/piece

2 pieces to reduce 10 yuan

, Only need

108 yuan

Limited time discount, snap up immediately

Predemage to buy

High -level level, tolerant various figures

In order to customize the high -end version and fabric, the SHEJIBU Social Family Planning Department combined Qingdao and Hua Weaifang, collected

The figure of 10,000 women nationwide

With the standard of high -definition clothing, I designed this one

Custom size · Swan neck repair shirt.

Gao Ding clothing, pay attention to clothes to achieve the body.

Each body has its own aesthetics, and one size cannot be tolerant:

Full girl, should

Tolerant waistline, highlight the chest shape;

Type H body, pass

The neckline modifies the advanced bone phase;



Improved shoulder lines do not show chest camel back;



Reduce the length of the clothing and increase the waistline


Shejibu’s family planning department and large factory, based on the common four Chinese women’s figure, customized

Four -person model



One -dimensional tailoring

, Directly get the shape on the human model, and then convert it into clothes, paper.

Compared with the plane cutting of the machine in the normal bottoming shirt, it can wear the softness of the figure.

Swan pile collar


The fluffy and soft neckline stacks the lazy and noble temperament of art.

Short neck star, wear it

Softening face

, And not “eat” the neck line like a straight and hard high collar.

It can resist the cold wind of winter, and the slightly exposed neck is as elegant as a swan, with gentleness and temperature.

Inclusive chest line

Gentle fabric as fabric, flat -breasted girl, put on your identity in minutes

Supermodel high

Essence The elasticity of gently wrapped, and it can highlight the beauty of the big breast girl.

Smart shoulder tailoring

Shoulder line sagging

, Naturally transition, fat girls will not wear tiger backs like a tight bottoming shirt, and thin girls outline the swan arm.

Breathing waistline


Soft elasticity

Can tolerate abdominal fat

, Girls in office workers can sit for a long time and full of belly after eating, can be gently covered.

Abandoned the perfect display of clothes with professional models, the designer specially invited it

Three amateur friends

Upper body shooting

Real height, weight and different skin tone, each sexy, and flaws, just as real and beautiful as when you put on it.

One piece can be used for all kinds

I can’t wait for all the color numbers

If this swan neck has a hand -made shirt, the color is super complete,

10 kinds of Morandi color number

, Whether it is white skin, yellow skin, and black skin, it is easy to control,

It is suitable to wear in the bottom

Let you transform freely between knowing the foreign style and the fashionable and dazzling temperament.

│ Hepburn Black, Moonlight White │

Two classic versatile color numbers.

Hepburn black

, I can’t wear it in the workplace! The upper body achieves a sense of atmosphere of the suit. Some more flower shirts can also be low -key and not grabbing.



, Single wearing is a fairy.

Stacking a floral skirt, super -age reduction

According to the big name this year’s show trend, the designer designed

A variety of popular colors

│ Water Wave Blue, Baodai Blue, Acacia Gray │



It is a very highly inclusive color number.



, Stacking fashionable short sleeves, becoming a cool girl in seconds.

He can also control the black skirt in the workplace, Gao Zhiyang, who has an office girl, and switch seamlessly after get off work.

Want to be gentle and easy -going, tone Morandic

Water wave blue and acacia gray

The house Sir is super recommended, which is very suitable for quiet literary girls.

│ avocado, smoke green │

Green fruit with high saturation, you can wear it when you wear it

A sense of vitality

Smoke wave green is a bit more

Mature and gentle

This upper body is especially like the green wild fairy that comes out of the forest.

│Wermith, Deep Khaki │

Roumium, people feel at first sight

Warm color number

There are women’s aura on the upper body.

dark khaki,

The earth color of not picking people


When we put on it, people can’t help but look forward to the coolness of late autumn.

In the autumn and winter must -have supplies like a bottoming shirt, in addition to starting the two classic color numbers of black and white, to meet the commute from Monday to Friday, you must pick another one

Dazzling color number

, Dating with girlfriends on weekends, salt or sweet, be a B -side.

The texture is like a fog and a fairy

French Sandro, MUJI designated fabrics

In addition to the high version,

The fabrics of Qingdao and Huali Weaving are also light luxury levels

In the past few years, the Shejibu Social Planning Department has been specifically for

Paris light luxury brand Sandro

East Textiles of Japan Centennial Textile Factory




MUJI and other big -name custom fabrics and processed processing

This slim shirt is selected



(Regenerated Cellulose Fiber),

Bonded 5.9%spandex

, Such as the light soft texture of the fog, the upper body has a clean temperament.

Regenerative cellulose fiber, is

Natural material with trees as raw materials

Naturally degradable, harmless to the skin, and more peace of mind than chemical fiber.


Subconsciousness and elasticity


It will not be completely attached to the body like pure cotton, exposing the defects of the body, and the upper body is like a repair.

Inside is invisible, only fashionable, not bloated, bloated

40 40 knitting method

Compared with the 20 -needle Modal fabric on the market,

Light and dull

Spring and autumn single wear, will not show embarrassing underwear lines. The bottom of the winter is as warm as sitting beside the stove.

The normal bottom shirt on the left is slightly penetrated

Even if two thousand cashmere bases are underwriting, they can’t escape the fate of the ball.

And this Modal,

The nature of abrasion resistance, resistance to the ball

It is very good to avoid the fragile of cotton and wool needles that are easy to get the ball and easily change after washing.

Special design

Pack -free edge design

Reducing the restraint

, As comfortable as home.

│ The quality does not lose a hundred yuan big name, seeing the texture for a long time │

Many fabrics look the same as the texture, but after being washed, they see good or bad, and hundreds of dollars have become dozens of pieces of texture. It is difficult to wear out.

This one chosen by Shejibu’s Planning Department

Modal fabric

, Make the clothes soft to the cloud,

Light like velvet

It is not easy to wear the ball for a long time.

Cold -rolled active dyeing

Solid color, uniform color and bright colors

Washing is almost no color. Washing with white clothes does not worry about skewers.

Over time, the texture is still

│ Pre -retracting Crafts │

Before high -elastic fabric fabrics,

Pre -shrinkage treatment.

“The cost of just increases the cost of 10%,” “

Just for clothes to be durable

In front of the big -name window, there is also a confidence that is not lost.

There are many basic models, but there is only a slim shirt that understands your figure. When you put on it, it is the beginning of you know your style.

In order to allow everyone to put on the bottoming shirt that does not lose big names at a preferential price, the house SIR won for everyone

Limited time benefits.

Original price 89 yuan/piece, now only need

59 yuan

, Two pieces can

10 yuan

You can have it, buy it for your mother and girlfriend, become beautiful together, and be happy to think about it!


Hejibu Swan neck repair shirt




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Original price: 9 89/piece

Zaijia welfare price:

¥ 59/piece

2 pieces to reduce 10 yuan

, Only need

108 yuan

108 yuan


Limited time discount, snap up immediately

Predemage to buy

Predemage to buy

Predemage to buy

Predemage to buy



















Cold -rolled active dyeing



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