Family ethical tragedy caused by an extramarital affairs in Hunan in 2013

Fourteen years ago, the southwest corner of Huaxia was shocked, breaking through the loneliness of the night. , “Earthquake relief, the city’s city”, with the efforts of the rescue forces and enthusiastic personnel from all walks of life, the disaster did not defeat the people of Sichuan.

People who have lost their homes have been cleaned up to rebuild their homes with volunteers from all directions. Among these volunteers, there is a Hunan guy Wang. He is a enthusiastic and kind young man. Take the initiative to apply to become volunteers and participate in the aid activities together.


Unfortunately, when the ruins were cleaned, the big stones rolled down on the mountain were hit. After several hours of difficult rescue, they recaptured a life from the hands of death, but due to excessive injuries, it fell for lifelong disability. He was later awarded the first -class work of the work by the relevant departments of Hunan Province and received a compensation of 1.18 million.

The country has not forgotten the bloody young people, spreading his heroic deeds, and the local government often condolences to him. With this money, his last half of his life can be regarded as worry -free, but he encountered a poisonous poisonous His wife, the money was gone, and almost gone.

Wang and his wife, Yang, married freely. After marriage, he has been living in Changsha. He has a small house and a cute daughter. Life is bland and occasionally quarrel, but he has never had a big contradiction. When Wang returned home from the hospital, Yang was also busy, waiting for his living without complaints.

At that time, Wang also lamented: How can a wife look like this? Wang’s parents also saw his son and daughter -in -law than Jin Jian, and his daughter -in -law would never give up. Then he persuaded him to return to his hometown. When they saw their sons again, they knew that the daughter -in -law was such a vicious person.


In 2013, they received a call from Yang. Yang said that he was going to travel on a business trip, which was not convenient for taking care of Wang and let them take care of it for a while. They can also understand that in fact, they have always wanted to take care of, but their daughter -in -law kept resigning, saying that she could take care of, and the two older people became bigger and bigger, and their hearts were insufficient.

After answering the phone, they rushed to Changsha, but after the son’s house, they couldn’t make a call from Yang, and Wang had no spirit all day. Essence

The bedside table in the bedroom is filled with medicine, but the cultural level of the two elderly people is not high. I can’t see the instructions of the medicine. I can’t contact my daughter -in -law. I can only ask the familiar doctor. The son was always lethargic and he couldn’t wake up. The two thought that they had taken medicine and took the wrong, and quickly sent the son to the hospital.

At the hospital, after the laboratory, the doctor found something wrong. Wang did not contain sleeping components in the drugs for the treatment of disability, but he had traces of sleeping drugs in his body. A bottle of medicine was found to be traded to sleeping pills, which is not difficult to explain Wang’s lethargy.

Excessive consumption of this sleeping drug will cause serious consequences, and it is harmful to Wang’s disease. They did not understand why the love of love was not doubtful. Why did Yang, who had never given up, could only continue to contact her, but the other party did not answer the phone. Yang’s parents did not know where she was.

To make matters worse, soon after Wang received a call, it was called by the bank. He said that his house was mortgaged by 300,000. If he could not pay it back on time, the house would be forced to be auctioned by the bank. Wang was paralyzed. It is impossible to go to the loan. The house is written by the names of Wang and Yang, and Yang can only go to the loan.

But in fact, a person Yang is also unsatisfactory to mortgage loans. The house belongs to the common property of the husband and wife. The law stipulates that if the husband and wife party shall be punished without the consent of the other party, the other party has the right to request that the punishment behavior is invalid. If the third person is a third person I do n’t know that the behavior of the husband and wife ’s side is unauthorized, the acting behavior is still effective.

When a bank is mortgaging, the real estate belonging to the common property of the husband and wife requires the signature of both husband and wife. If the bank does not have this step, then even if they do not know that this is the unauthorized punishment of the husband and wife, the contract is illegal, and it is not protected by law.


If one party’s behavior of sharing the common property has caused losses to the spouse, compensation shall be given. This money is not used for daily expenses of husband and wife, so it is not a joint debt of the husband and wife. Wang does not need to repay.

Wang thought that his wife went away to escape the debt. He had the intention to pay the account for his wife. After flying, after querying the withdrawal record, the first year of Wang’s disabled, the money was withdrawn many times, and the withdrawal from the withdrawal was Yang.

But why did Yang do this? Because Wang’s parents could not find Yang, they could only find reporters and the media for help. Finally, they found Yang’s rental house. The scene in the rental house collapsed. In Yang’s rental house, she was not only the traces of her life, but also many men’s supplies, and even two pillows were two. It can be seen that she has lived with another man for a while.


After some quibbles, Yang also admitted that she had been derailed long ago, and she said that she didn’t want to take care of a paralysis for a lifetime. “There is no good wife in front of the sick bed”. This is what everyone can understand and feel that it is impossible to accept divorce, but she cares for her husband’s money to support the small three outside, and splurge the compensation from the blood and tears in blood and tears. And let him take care of it, which is a bit mad.

If Wang filed a divorce lawsuit, the people’s court hearing a divorce case should be conducted. If one of the following situations, if the mediation is invalid, the divorce shall be allowed: (1) a big marriage or living with others; (2) the implementation of domestic violence or abuse, abandonment Family members, etc.

During the divorce, Wang, as a non -wrong party, could also apply for a divorce damage compensation, and asked Yang to repay his share of the husband and wife’s common property and property.

But in the end, Wang chose for forgiveness in order to go to school. As long as his wife could return to the family and took the house back, he never blamed. Once the people’s heart is lost, it is difficult to turn back, and derailment has always been only 0 times and countless times.

(Involved in privacy, the names of the people in this case are pseudonym, and some pictures are derived from the Internet and only cooperate with narrative. Warm reminder: Respect originality, please do not copy and carry and reprint it.)

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