Where is the non -contact infrared thermometer test?

After discussing the nature of thermal expansion and contraction, Daniel Wall, a Dutch scientist Daniel Wall. When the temperature is not at the same time, its volume is different, and the nature of this properties can stop the measurement of temperature. In principle, only substances that can change according to different temperatures can be made into a thermometer.

Parents should consider carefully for the temperature timing used by their children, because some thermometers have unsafe factors. For example, the mercury thermometer, although it is more common and the price is cheaper, the material of this thermometer is glass, which is fragile, and the exposure of mercury will pollute the surrounding air, which will harm the human body. Therefore, parents try not to use mercury thermometers.


If the temperature of the mercury is not safe, only the purchase of infrared body thermometers, then where is the infrared thermometer test?


The temperature in the ear is more authoritative to indicate the core temperature of the human body, but the ear temperature is suitable for home or medical, and it is not suitable for large -scale measurement temperatures, such as stations, shopping malls, factories, etc., and choose suitable thermometer according to the scope of use. The thermometer of the most commonly measured temperature is non -contact infrared thermometer, that is, the common temperature gun, the veins of the human body, and the forehead is more suitable for non -contact infrared thermometer.

Finally, in order to reduce unnecessary risks, we recommend using non -contact infrared thermometers and ear temperature guns. At the same time, parents are reminded that if you are still using mercury temperature timing, you must pay attention to safety. Usually, the mercury thermometer should be placed where the child is not enough, let alone the mercury thermometer as a toy for the child.

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