The refreshing and outstanding leggings show the street fashion sense, beautiful, comfortable and durable, full of elasticity

There are many matching of leggings, but the most important point is the figure. Many people have a short and powerful proportion. Then we wear leggings. Of course The figure is not long enough. Others wear shorts and look longer. Don’t worry about this problem. If you think your figure is very suitable for wide -shoulder leggings, it will be more decent to wear than shorts.


Generally, the choice of the styles in summer will be light, and some may be that kind of short and short. This basically looks at the face value of the face. The long one is loose, so if you choose, look at your personal.


And daily daily leggings are recommended to be Korean -style small fresh and simple leggings. For specific styles, such as the Korean version of the white sleeve sleeveless sleeveless, the shoulder strap is not picky, simple and fresh, like this Korean version of short -sleeved bottoming bottom Pants, or Korean shirt leggings, solid colors or stripes,

It is more beautiful without picking people like this, but these Korean -style leggings are more loose suitable for summer, but if the legs are thick, don’t try it. In addition, like these Korean shirt leggings, one feature is that the chest is not particularly large. It is better to cover the chest position and cover the disadvantages, so these are particularly suitable.

Basic pants are particularly good to match, basically everyone knows, but when choosing, there are still some details that need to be considered. For example, what color or length of clothes is paired, these require us to consider it.


Personally feel good -looking leggings, such as some Korean small fresh leggings, which are similar to the Korean version of the girl’s cute and fresh style. Others, for example, there are some slim solid colors. This shorter style is preferably with a short T -shirt or shirt. In fact, it will look better.

In particular, some of the bottom pants with short T -shirts or shirts. In fact, it is more suitable with a short white T -shirt or shirt. Why is this leggings thinner? Because the clothes are paired with short T -shirts or shirts, it will be better. If we wear long sleeves, it looks stronger. With short -sleeved or long -sleeved, especially high -waist short -sleeved leggings compare nice.

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