Huang Zhen: What are the successful transformations of this foreign -related agricultural bank?

What are the experiences of foreign agricultural bank outlets? Today I will share some practices of the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank for reference.

Since the establishment of the South Korean Agricultural Association in 1961, it has adhered to the policy of benefiting farmers and agricultural agriculture, looking for Korean agricultural pain points and practical needs, tracing the root causes, and taking the right medicine.

Retail transformation of agricultural banks

The Bank of Korea Agricultural Association is closely related to South Korean agricultural collaborative group (referred to as the Agricultural Association). It belongs to the internal institution of the South Korean Agricultural Association Group, and at the same time maintains a certain independence and cooperation with the Agricultural Association. At the beginning of the founding of the South Korean Agricultural Association, the business banks were mainly based on policy banking, with low degree of outlet coverage, and limited understanding and support for agriculture and economy. Later, with the development and growth of the Agricultural South Korea Agricultural Association, more and more regional combinations of the Agricultural Association have reached more than 1,300 in recent years, and more than 60%of the people’s people and urban areas have joined the Rural Association’s rural areas. The South Korean Agricultural Association Bank relies on the branches and members of the Agricultural Association of Star Star, extending and sinking outlets. By establishing a large -scale circulation service point and a series of branches, it radiate banking services to agricultural areas across the country. The South Korean Agricultural Association currently has nearly 5,000 branches across the country to provide extensive financial services for agriculture and farmers.

Related to the business organized by the Agricultural Association, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank also extensively participate in the sales of agricultural products, the procurement of agricultural materials and daily necessities, and credit support. Based on different local agricultural characteristics and agricultural products, the branches of the Agricultural Association Bank set up retail areas in the bank outlets, or operate specially operating Nonghyup Hanaromart retail grocery stores, comprehensive sales centers, Hanaro member stores, Hanaro supermarkets to display local specialty agricultural products. Help farmers and cooperative organizations sell agricultural products. By constructing the scene nested model of “bank+retail grocery store” and “bank+supermarket”, optimize the internal space configuration of the agricultural association’s bank outlets, so that the outlet function can be more diversified and characterized. Observation attracts customer traffic, whether it is a win -win situation for producers, wholesale, and retailers of the Agricultural Association and agricultural products.

Agricultural Association Bank

Retail marketing model

After years of practice, it has matured. The agricultural products sold by the Agricultural Association Bank retail grocery stores include fresh vegetables, fruits, beef, pork, and some specialty foods. Foods are sold at the size of the Agricultural Association Bank, and they are also exported to all parts of the world. Many agricultural products of many agricultural association bank retail groceries are processed and processed in factories of the Agricultural Association.

Stick the brand of the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank


, Cover at home and abroad. The Agricultural Association Bank participates in the production activities of the upstream and downstream agricultural products of the Agricultural Association, builds channels, nested sales for agricultural products, and uses the reputation and credit of the Bank of Agricultural Association’s policy banks and agricultural fields. Agricultural Association Bank’s characteristic regional brands, industry brands, national brands.

Provide financial services in an all -round way

The South Korean Agricultural Association Bank is in the core position in the financial institutions in the field of Korean agriculture. It is aimed at the various projects and activities of the Korean Agricultural Association and provides financial services supporting it. The services provided by the Korean Agricultural Association for users include but are not limited to: legal consultation and information services, and manage the acquisition points, fruit classification points, low -temperature storage rooms and rice processing centers throughout the country. The government’s investment and subsidies for agriculture, farmers and rural areas, subsidized industrial machinery, government acquisition of rice, and subsidies for the operation and processing costs of agricultural products. Corresponding to this, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank sets up and supports corresponding financial services in every link of the Agricultural Association, trying to cover the entire process of agricultural production and life.


Information service

In terms of, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank gives full play to the role of information intermediaries. By collecting and sorting out the release of the Korean agricultural annual reports, quarterly reports, monthly reports, and agricultural segments such as agricultural, forestry and fishery production and sales, the output return ratio of primary products and deep processing products, or the supply and demand information of agricultural crop market Proportion, etc., guide the production activities of agricultural producers and cooperation organizations, and guide the procurement, processing, and marketing activities of the agricultural association. In addition, the Agricultural Association also updates the risk investment information, agricultural futures information and exchange rate information on the website, so that agricultural product production and sellers can use financial instrument to save value, avoid risks, and facilitate agricultural product exporters to grasp foreign exchange information in time, timely grasp trading nodes in time Essence

Agricultural production facilities


Farmer training

In terms of, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank provides many subsidy measures to provide farmers with cheap and convenient agricultural facilities acquisition services. The Agricultural Association provides products such as agricultural equipment such as agricultural fertilizer, pesticide, crop seeds, nutrient solution and other products with low market prices inside or retail grocery stores, and HANARO supermarkets, and provide the maximum agricultural equipment subsidies for farmers with poor economic state. The subsidies of the Agricultural Association can be purchased and leased agricultural machinery at the local agricultural association factory. The Banking Association also encourages farmers to use mechanization to sow, harvest, storage, and packaging in the entire agricultural process, open relevant training courses, train farmers to use agricultural machinery equipment, set up agricultural machinery service centers, and carry out mobile maintenance services. In order to develop sustainable agriculture and green agriculture, the Agricultural Association opened a training course on reducing pesticide residues, pesticides on agricultural products and food, and preventing pesticide poisoning methods.

Procurement, processing and sales of agricultural products

In terms of, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank provides a large number of subsidies to the agricultural association organizations so that it can provide agricultural raw materials and agricultural machinery cheap; promote the reduction of production costs and improve production efficiency and market competitiveness of the agricultural associations; , By subsidies, Korean agricultural products are more competitive.

Employee quality training

In terms of investment education activities of the South Korean Agricultural Association, using training, seminars, salons and other methods to update employee knowledge to improve employee quality. The Agricultural Association Bank cultivates specialized agricultural instructors into rural and agricultural activities, collect agricultural information and receive farmers’ feedback. In addition, the Agricultural Association also participated in the investment of institutions such as the Agricultural Association, the Instructor Education Institute of the Agricultural Association, the New Farmers University of Technology, and the technical support group of agricultural operations, and required employees to study charging in these institutions regularly, and combined with the latest policies to give bank staff to bank staff. Bring the theoretical and practical improvement.

In addition, the South Korean Agricultural Association Bank is also responsible for some specific matters, such as organizing government rice acquisition plans, issuing agricultural policy subsidies and investment funds, borrowing funds with the Agricultural Association.


The festival is from: “Research on the Research on the Transformation of Rural Commercial Bank of the New Era of the New Era of the New Era”: Huang Zhen, Wu Hongjun and so on.

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