Snow brooches, snowflake earrings, snowflakes …

Zhang Fenglan is the fifth -generation inheritor of the traditional production technology of Beijing -style cheongsam. In order to express her good wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics, she has developed a cultural and creative derivative with cheongsam trailers as its core. She was sent to the main media center of the Winter Olympics by her snowflake plate buckle decorative painting. The snowboard buckle pendant she designed was also presented as a small gift to the Winter Olympic venue staff. The small plate buckle perfectly combines China’s gorgeous non -heritage culture with the Winter Olympics ice and snow culture.

After entering the Zhang Fenglan Studio, located in the Wanli Folk Exhibition Museum in the Western West of Shijingshan District, I saw the beautiful “snowflakes” hanging on the wall, the table, and the inside of the book. There are both snowflake decorative paintings, as well as beautiful snowflake brooch, snowflake earrings, snowflake pendants, and elegant snowflakes, snowflakes, etc. Snowflake pattern.

The inspiration of the snowflake series comes from a Ruixue in early 2018. At that time, Zhang Fenglan, who was standing outside the Folk Exhibition Hall, was pleased to see that the big snowflakes fell like a flutter, holding a crystal clear, perfect hexagonal, but the instant was in a crystal clear, perfect hexagonal, The palm of the palm melted, leaving only the coolness. “Why don’t you use snowflakes to make a cultural and creative work with the theme of winter Olympic snow and snow?” It was inspired by the heavy snow, inspired by Zhang Fenglan’s heart, and quickly designed the style of the snowflake buckle in the house.

Dip buckle is part of the traditional production skills of Beijing -style cheongsam. Although there are many types of plate buckles, for Zhang Fenglan, the snow -up style has not tried before.

It is not easy to make the designed snowflake buckle. The plate buckle is mainly handmade, and the basic materials are polished by 24 processes. Starting from the fabric, brush the paste on the silk for 4 times to harden it, cut down, sew, put in copper silk, and then iron the composite side -lining by high temperature to make the plates of the plate.


After the production was made, Zhang Fenglan took the apprentices to make these bars into snowflakes. Even the skilled apprentices would spend at least 2 hours to make a complete snowflake plate buckle.


Why is it so time -consuming? Zhang Fenglan explained that there are two major difficulties in the production process: First, compared to only one -sided brooch, snowflake pendant and earrings made of snowflake plate buckle must be displayed in double -sided, which cannot be exposed. You need to use needle stealing techniques. Second, there are many heart -shaped embedded flowers buckles in the snowflake buckle. This requires twisting cotton to be a corresponding pattern, and then hand -stitched by hand, which requires a lot of effort and effort.


She and the team designed and produced to welcome the 200 days and 100 -day snowflake buckle works in the opening countdown of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Zhang Fenglan has been alone since childhood. He graduated from junior high school and was admitted to Huangzhuang Vocational High School to study clothing design and technology, because his outstanding graduation graduation was a teacher. In 2006, Zhang Fenglan began the production of Beijing -style cheongsam. In 2015, the fourth -generation inheritor of the Beijing cheongsam Li Kan became the fifth generation of the traditional production skills of the Beijing -style cheongsam.

In the production of Beijing -style cheongsam, Zhang Fenglan is good at pushing out the new, not only improves the design style of modern cheongsam, but also makes it more in line with the aesthetics of modern women, but also develops a series of cultural and creative derivatives based on the buckle as its core, including the winter Olympic snowflakes. Series created work. “I am a native of Shijingshan. For so many years, I have seen the tremendous changes brought by the Winter Olympics to the city. The small snowflake buckle not only entrusts my good blessings for the Winter Olympics, but also tells me about this. The love and expectations of the city. “Zhang Fenglan said.

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