The Korean version of the Woman Watch for the Heart

Once you accompany your girlfriend to go shopping, eat while shopping in a large shopping square, and in a chance, at a glance at a watch counters in the shopping square, you are drunk for a Korean version of Women’s Watch. The urge you want to buy. Don’t ask me why I do n’t buy it, if it ’s not because the clerk said that this watch is just a mold and has n’t officially released it yet. I think I have already started.


Little Qiao Linglong’s design style, with an oval mirror, the pointer design on the dial can also be said to be ingenious. When the pointer beating with a loving shape is full of romantic imagination, the strap is pink color. For this Korean version of Women’s watch for ten minutes, she reluctantly left under the pull of her girlfriend.

The design of the lady’s watch on the market shows the ingenious psychology of the designer. Unlike the Men’s Watch’s Qi Yu Xuanang, the ladies watch is small and clever and coquettish. Later, I also deliberately found a Korean version of the Woman Watch on the Internet. There are many characteristics of the Korean version of the Woman Watch on the Internet. There are many small and exquisite design styles in the appearance. There are also similar styles to shopping in the mall. Watch, the ones I saw on the Internet have no feelings of heart. Although the design is almost the same, it does not feel my heart.

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