Don’t advise me to wear autumn pants, I have leggings! Straight men are puzzled, isn’t it cold when girls wear leggings?

One thing, unified the aesthetics of the mother and daughter, so that the little fairy and the pig girl have the same beauty.


This is the leggings. Girls are the most inconspicuous but indispensable artifacts in winter.

But in the eyes of boys, leggings are another incomprehensible existence.

No matter how cold the weather is, the female classmates next door can always wear leggings. But he is struggling: should you put on autumn pants?

Once, in order to keep warm, we had to put on autumn pants, put on cotton pants, and swapped into socks in autumn trousers.

But girls, with a pair of leggings, have achieved all the special effects of keeping warm and slim legs. Is the leggings really so amazing?

Today, let’s reveal the secret of the pants.


Is it cold? One day question

In the eyes of straight men, leggings are: black, thin layer.


Oh, man.

In fact, the leggings have different thickness, color and styles. Girls will decide what kind of leggings we wear based on temperature, weather, and dressing.

You ask if you wear leggings cold or not, it is not as hot as asking sweaters. The sweater is divided into knitted sweaters, wool, thick sweater, and thin sweater. Which one are you asking?


Seeing someone on the road is like this:

Glance at the girls around you, there are always / UNSPLASH wearing skirt leggings


In fact, this may be like this:

That’s right, you can choose a velvet, thickened, thickened velvet in the leggings, and you can also choose wool, cotton, silk, and so on.

The main ingredients of leggings are similar to jeans, and polyester fibers and cotton are mostly used.


The famous product of polyester fiber is the “polyester” we often call. The “really good” fabric that once popular was polyester [1]. But “really good” is a well -known “really cool”. How can it be used to keep warm in summer?

Boot+leggings+sweaters, it feels very warm visually

At the turn of spring and summer, leggings can be used as thin and breathable good products. And winter leggings lock the temperature by increasing thickness. So seeing a girl calmly in the wind and rain, don’t worry, she may wear 2800D or even higher.

Here is to explain what “2800D” is. “D” is the fiber unit “Denier”, and 2800D refers to the weight of 2800 grams per 9000 meters fiber line. Think about it, such thick leggings, chose to add velvet, and finish the jeans properly.


Of course, the average person buying leggings is still “rampant according to the picture”, and it is selected in “thin, thick, ultra -thick, and velvet”, and even some merchants directly mark the temperature corresponding to a thickness.

Merchants usually mark the temperature of thickness. This is the most intuitive way

Belo pants can not only be thick, but also very light. The pants with thick velvet and thickening are usually not more than 500 grams. Ordinary leggings may be the weight of two apples. The men’s thin jeans weigh more than 500 grams.

Even if it looks the same, the surface of the leggings is actually different. In addition to the obvious leather pants, there are patterns and wool texture. In addition, it must be tangled between black, brown, dark gray, hidden blue, and flesh.

In terms of windproofing, leggings also have advantages.

After encountering a big wind, even if you wear autumn pants, it may be like a naked, just because the socks are not long enough, or the pants are not tight enough, the wind comes in from the gap. Pipe effects. The wind rolls over the leg hair and takes away every trace of calories.

Therefore, there is a ghost design that a boy can’t think of -socks to step on your feet:


The whole socks, the heels of the heels, and the design of the feet, the online promotional map makes the leggings look not only comfortable and convenient, it seems that you can also have a slim ones.

When the cotton jacket is too short and the wind hugs you from the waist, the leggings can also have a high waist design:

It seems to have this leggings, which can not only keep the waist warm, but also have a small waist, a full breeze.

This is really demeanor and temperature.

Leave pants, thickened version of autumn pants

Bottom pants, cold or cold, depending on how you wear and where you are worn.

When you ask a girl, isn’t the leggings cold? She is likely to answer: not cold. The second half of the sentence is: Because I wear boots and down jackets, I just went to the toilet and took off the boots. The company was a bit hot.

She will wear like this in autumn:

Lin Yuner, wearing bottom pants

When going out in winter, she will wear it like this:


Two girls in the snow

The velvet thickened leggings listen to the warmth. In fact, it is really warm.

It is the ultimate mysteries of warmth to wear like onions and layers.

The method of punching clothes follows the “onion principle”. The most windproof is the waterproof layer outside. The warmest is the soft sandwich in the middle, plus the sweaters, shirts, etc., which together constitute a warm dry air layer. In addition The strongest warm equipment.

The warm dry air layer can be said to be the core of warmth. The down jacket can keep warm, because the fluffy down in the middle locks enough warm dry air.

Ni Ni in the cold area, after wearing a multi -layer windbreaker, you also need a hat scarf to lock the temperature

Speaking of leggings, although elasticity is good, it also shows that it is tight. Many studies have shown that tight clothes are lower than the insulation performance of loose clothes, that is, the distance between you and the cold is about a few millimeters.

In the cold winter, it is definitely not a wise decision to wear alone. Its amount is a super strong and thick autumn pants. It still needs skirts, long down jackets, and boots to escort to form a warm “three layers of onions”.


Therefore, few girls really only wear a pair of leggings out of the street. This “lower body disappearance” method not only looks very earthy, but also makes you frozen to doubt your life.

The layers of layers of wear will also be more fashionable

What role can leggings play depends on where you are.

In the northeast, Harbin was average at minus 17 degrees in January 2017. If you still insist on wearing only bottom pants, the problem is not as simple as “wearing or not wearing autumn trousers”, maybe the leg discount.

Perhaps you can consider putting leggings as wool pants. Belo pants are a good choice in the middle layer.

Zhang Shaohan’s Christmas wear: two coats, two tops, three pants. Belo pants are her middle layer

Northeast people who have been trained at low temperature from childhood are very afraid of cold. Don’t look at them wearing jeans on the surface, in fact, wearing leggings inside. Thick mink velvet bottom pants are also special products for northeast.

You can see that the girls are “light” with two legs, and they will definitely not be the Northeast.

In Zurich, Switzerland, wearing wool pants in jeans is really warm, but you can use leggings to replace hair pants

A northeast guy on the Internet shared his experience of wearing bottom pants: “It’s really easy to wear, and it is a high waist, which can be worn above the navel. Essence

Northeast 95 guy, online Amway leggings


Cold or cold depends on the temperature of the body, and the key factor that affects the temperature of the body’s sensation is relative humidity and wind. According to the 2018 National Statistical Yearbook, the average temperature in Shanghai in December was 7.1 degrees, and Beijing was minus 0.2 degrees, but the relative humidity of Shanghai was 65%, which was almost twice that of Beijing.


Therefore, no matter what the temperature, girls in Shanghai may need to warm up pants than girls in Beijing. After all, the cold of Shanghai is seamlessly connected a day.

Female stars dare to wear it like this because they are warm places most of the time. Even if you wear down jackets and boots, you are a real warrior when you go out.

In Guangzhou, with a average temperature of 16 degrees in January, leggings only need to choose the thinnest to match the winter skirts.


Therefore, the underwear is wearing the superman, and the autumn trousers are worn, and the leggings are achieved.

How uncomfortable also wear bottom pants

If the leggings are so good, then all male compatriots should also have a person.


In fact, each leggings have its temper, and sometimes it is difficult to wear leggings.

The invention of leggings is actually a borne product popular in the 1960s, and pantyhose is a thin leggings. To this day, leggings are still loyal to its original features: serving beauty. And beautiful, there are costs.

Want to wear hip skirts in winter, so leggings are necessary

As mentioned earlier, the main component of leggings is polyester fiber. The material of polyester fibers and pure cotton is more flexible and not able to absorb water.


“International Hot Science Magazine” published a research on knitted fabric process and thermal performance. When the yarn twist and yarn count increased, the fabric will not be warm enough but sweat. Conversely, it is not enough to sweat enough [7].

Bottom pants are not able to absorb water, which means that sweat cannot be discharged, so this makes the leggings breathable.

Exercise leggings, usually not too thick


If you live in the north, you can wear a leggings that are just right outdoors, and you may become very embarrassing in the room. It is impossible to get rid of it.

So you say that the leggings are cold or cold, and the girls in the heating will answer: not cold, very hot.

On the other hand, elasticity brings tight. Putting on the leggings, the skinny legs are refreshing for a while, and I have been sitting on my skinny legs.

The cost of stovepipe may be tight enough to breathe. After the winter, I can quietly not wear my bra, but I am immersed in the seal of the leggings all day.

Wearing thick and loose sleeping socks and cotton pants at home is the happiest thing

And, if you buy inappropriate leggings and rub the skin, it is difficult to describe the kind of itching [1].


Even Spider -Man said that his clothes were too tight and itchy, not to mention female classmates.

Super heroes “love” tights

Since there are so many disadvantages of leggings, can you not wear it?

It’s difficult.

For slightly fat girls, wearing skirts in summer is embarrassing, and her legs are rough. There are also width, butterfly arms, and swimming rings. In the winter, they can cover up and shaped the leggings. This is the spring of slightly fat girls.

If you don’t wear bottom pants in winter, what should you wear?

The cold touch of jeans outside the nest in the morning can be firmly seal on the bed. Thicked jeans and turned into elephant legs, making it even more windy.

In fact, even if it is a leggings, it is restrained in terms of selection thickness. Because the synonym of warmth is bloated.


Wearing “sweater+thick bottom pants” was suspected of being pregnant by colleagues

At present, women’s skirts will appear more formal, and wearing fitted leggings is also polite. In Japan, barefoot is considered rude, so women should wear skinny pantyhose to avoid rudeness.

Participate in the band performance, usually you need to wear a dress. In order to keep warm, you can put on the bottom clothes and pants.

Kimura Takuya has a famous saying: never wash your jeans. If he is wearing bottom pants, he probably can’t say this. The leggings are clean and warm, because the dirt will block the gap of textiles, and the sweat is slowly cold in the pants. What a painful experience.

You who have chosen leggings are destined to wash the bottom pants every day. This was born of a magical behavior: the socks of the pants. This is the magic operation that is named “only washed the bangs”.

In the recent period of time, news that “boys also buy leggings” can often be seen. For example, the news said that “25 million men in 2019 bought nearly 300 million leggings on a online shopping platform.”

It can only be said that it is impossible for boys to fall in love with such abnormal torture leggings.


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