Peripheral or accessory is configured high-end gamers, chat mouse pad that we do not know a thing

I believe many people have seen white-collar office desk is often no mouse pad, because some wooden or plastic board itself can be used as a mouse pad, of course, very extravagant tyrant to do directly with the mouse pad on the back of the IPAD, a little low The book is just a mouse pad.

Do mouse pad so not to be seen, even the mouse and keyboard have a name is called peripheral, mouse pad is necessarily peripheral accessories?

Let me have personally seen the most expensive mouse pad, not from the domestic well-known peripheral manufacturer QPAD, nine years ago, had a limited edition by the large size of the mouse pad, priced at more than a thousand dollars, between fabrics and materials between the plastic, in fact, also the case, but is selling expensive, can be used as marketing, anyway, we are here to advertise.

In addition, for example sairui, Razer these manufacturers also had five-six out mouse pad, mouse pad is more two hundred more, so the mouse pad is not, as we see it, is just an accessory, can mouse pad manufacturers do a good job, are all brand attitudes.


The other side is that there is a market price, then the mouse pad Why the hell sell so expensive?

The first category is certainly brand

If you include a headset with a Razer keyboard and mouse, your desk and hold a Razer mouse pad, is not it a little decent?

But the brand does not decide everything, especially the very low threshold mouse pad, the brand does not necessarily see it as a good mouse pad does have a lot of technology inside. As the most common cloth mat, no catcher, rough surface, the fabric is too thin is too hard, too time printing process is the most intuitive details, bring cloth pad experience a sense inside and out to be elegant, but always is low cost, the price is generally not too high.


The second category is the market environment

To more popular with light effect mouse pad, diffuse lighting and peripherals in the market, the first to introduce RGB lighting effect mouse pad can be given a good price, selling is light effect, or popular.


The third category is of special materials

I believe know resins and glass mouse pad not many people mouse pad, a mouse pad with a resin, for example, the material between the fabric and the plastic, but also the degree of smoothness in between, but the manufacturing cost is higher than both.

So purely from a cost point of view a good gaming mouse pad is very interesting, if there is no help for the game, it can not be counted as good works. We are here to play the madman F-REBORN14 resin mouse pad, for example, look at the mouse pad to affect the feel of what aspects?


The size should be the most intuitive,

Many have not used up the rectangular mouse pad, mouse pad always thought that the bigger the better, in fact, that in order to prevent scraping keyboard on the desktop for the purpose. And too small, that is, all the common mouse pad, for some team sports games will always cause the mouse to move slowly, after all, a quick long-range attacks need ample surface of the mouse, so the best gaming mouse pad size and game madman F -REBORN14 of similar length and width of about 356X280mm, is more in line with ergonomic gamers.


The second printing process is more intuitive

As the saying goes you pay for, not necessarily the case for the user, but for the cost of production, it is true. Unlike other display-based, mouse pad surface is in constant friction and the players accept the mouse hand touch, so good mouse pad is paying more attention to this point, will not allow players to play for some time, have been very cool surface color shades become even gets on the hands, so good processes often use cloth pads should not wear silk screen, the game is crazy F-REBORN14 using reverse printing process, transparent resin pattern printed on the back so how use can make skin look as good as new.


The third point is to feel

, Usually the mouse pad friction coefficient to determine the quality feel of the mouse movement. But not all materials can be used to illustrate the data, the cloth pad can only be used to sense the actual experience, you can take a look at plastic plastic material (generally does not provide official data), the former easily soft (not smooth) , which is easy to rigid (slippery), the friction coefficient of the resin except the mouse pad in between, but because the cost is too high, so many manufacturers abandoned resin mouse pad, game crazy F-REBORN14 resin mouse pad the coefficient of particle surface divided two versions, one version of the coarse particle factor of 30, a coefficient of particle release fine particles 10, the user can choose according to their characteristics and mouse game types. But no matter which version, are relatively moderate coefficient of friction, in theory, use the mouse for gamers science.


In addition to three points, the sound when using the mouse above ah, ah even thickness mouse pad features three anti-ah right hand slightly affected, but is already a very, very subtle influence, if not a special case, public users will not consider to such a demand. But having said that, industry specializing in surgery, from the beginning mouse pad indeed downright accessories, just as the game developed gaming industry players in order to get a more perfect feel, but also growth-promoting like crazy this game professional make mouse pads of the brand.

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