It is really fashionable to wear denim in early spring

Whether you love to dress, whether you are

There must be a denim jacket in the wardrobe.

Although it seems ordinary,

But has a unique charm and style,

Become the eternal classic of the fashion industry.

Whenever the cold and hot early spring season,

As if it became a home of denim,

Constantly create its fashion trend.


Denim shirt

Impression of denim shirts,

I can always think of rock youth,

Rebellion, free and free.

When it is a little less retro, it


Can show the randomness of urban women.

Denim shirts are used as inside,


A large suit of a jacket,

Let people see big women


Smart, casual, elegant and sexy.

Or wear a long shirt,

With a long jacket, play with the next dress disappearance,

Set off a small girl


Cute, delicate and playful.


When the weather is slightly hot,

You can use the shirt as an outer,

A solid bottoming shirt in the inner set,

Put the clothes hem in the pants,

Maintain a relaxed and comfortable tone.

The high waistline is the key to the matching of denim shirts.

Whether it is a coat or a coat,

Highlight the waistline, optimize the proportion and body shape,

Then use small accessories to embellish,

Wearing women’s confidence and exquisiteness.


denim jacket

The first jacket in spring,

Choosing a denim jacket must be right.

Cool denim jacket,

The thin and thick, the style is changeable,

Copy the temperature difference between morning and evening in early spring.

Ultimate denim jacket,

It symbolizes the chase of freedom and personality,

At the same time, take care of the temperature and stylish,

Mix and match all kinds of skirts, beautiful and beautiful,

Fuck a buckle at will,

Show the details of design and matching.

Loose denim jacket,

Bring unrestrained comfort and hearty,

Put on the body loosely,

Exposing your shoulders, or directly as a waist seal,

In a lazy and casual atmosphere,

Add a trace of modern retro style.


Denim jackets are rich in diverse


Primary denim jacket and wide -leg pants combination,

Let the cowboy hit the elegance and elegance,

Tough and soft blending;

Match with small feet pants, go to Panasonic tight,

Step a pair of short boots, open the gas field;

Inside a sweater such as a sports suit,

Show the style of leisure.

is acceptable

Add some embellish on the jacket,

Pearl, embroidery, printing, tassel torn edge,


Make the denim jacket no longer ordinary,

Has a clearer personality and rich form.




French fashion editor Camille Charriere once said:

“Only jeans are the most beautiful,

Because the lines of the hips can be in the most beautiful form

It is completely displayed. “

The most absent is jeans in the wardrobe.

Wide -legged jeans are more handsome,

And do not pick a figure, suitable for Asian women,

Put on your own neutral style.

Retro -full straight jeans,

With high heels or canvas shoes,


Drive different styles.

In addition to conventional blue jeans,


There are two colors of black and white,

Whether in leisure or formal occasions

Nothing will appear abrupt.

Pants are best to choose high waist,

Add a bit of elegance and fashion,

The upper body is matched with a clean and neat item,

White shirt, sweater, sweater …

Take a large suit and long trench coat outside,

The trouser legs are slightly rolled, exposing a slender ankle,

Improve the completion of fashion.


Denim skirt

The appearance of a denim half skirt,

Let us keep dignified and confident, while

You can also keep your personal character,

It is a practical model with both elegance and leisure.

A -shaped version classic versatile,

Add some details to rich skirts:


Flowing, asymmetric hem,

Make it more fashionable,

The slit design adds some femininity,

Deduction design shows lively and playful.

These designs can also modify the leg shape,

Tolerant of various figures.

Black jeans with the same color shirt,

Wearing a large suit outside,

Putting into the workplace like this,

Not only will it not be casual, but

It can also reflect the taste of personality.

The denim skirt can also be paired with sweater,

Add a trace of tenderness to the cool,

With a word collar top, romantic and moving,

Put on leather clothes, double handsome.


Denim suit

Higher way of dressing,

It is used with the same material to match the whole body,

The whole denim suit can highlight the texture.

Use the method of color matching or some small decorations,

Let it get rid of the dullness and be more vivid.

The denim suit has various appearances,


It is chic and chic in simplicity and simplicity,

Use gorgeous accessories to decorate,

You can become shining.

It has a magical power that spans the four seasons,

Always filled with youth and vitality,

Highlighting unique personality.

The denim suit is the same,

With a simple black and white bottoming shirt,

Swap into the pants, or knot,

Choose a slightly shorter style,

Improve the waistline and stretch the leg lines,

Youth reduces age, doubling fashion.

The color of the denim color is different,

Put out the sense of layering of the denim suit,

Use the long inner match as an over

Highlighting ingenious fashion.

The fashion of the denim seems to be rough,

It can also wear elegance and tenderness,

Wen Jing and unruly mutual achievements,

Integrate into a brand new style.

If your winter is full of wind and cream,

Just use denim to wake up the brightness of spring!

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