Guangdong a female middle school student was missing 17 years, family: She is the hope of her family

“Sister, where are you? We really want to think about you! Dad is 76 years old this year, it has been confused, and the mother also broke the legs. I was unable to come to you, but we really hope to see you again. There is a miracle, let us reunite it as soon as possible. “Recently, one on the middle school students Li Chunling missing 17 years of finding notices are circulated on the network.”

On July 8, the news ( learned from Li Chunling’s family, and the content of the search is true. This year is the seventeenth year of Li Chunling for no reason.

On October 7, 2004, the last day of the National Day holiday, Li Chunling in Tangkou Village, Zhangpu Town, Wuchuan City, Guangdong Province, returned to the school Wuchuan Middle School. After returning to the school, Li Chunling took a shower, washing clothes, after taking a slight rectification, she had a small backset to buy something.

Witnesses witnesses with the village met, the last time, Li Chunling was three in the afternoon. At that time, she was standing next to the playground in Wuchuan.

Li Chunling This article provides respondents

But since then, there is no nearby people to have seen Li Chunling. For the past seventeen years, the family has been looking for her. Li Chunling’s sister Li Chunxiao told the news, “We alarm, record DNA, find a rescue station, etc., as long as there is a silk hope, you can’t let go, I hope to find her as soon as possible.”

Tang Ge: She has been cultivated by the school as a “seedling” in the north.

In Li Chunxiao’s young memory, my sister Li Chunling is a perfect student image of a college, filial piety, and cheerful and sweet. She still remembers that the National Day, the sister is going home in the National Day, and a family is gathered together to celebrate Li Chunling to exceed the excellent achievements of several-year-old score more than Wuchuan.

“From small to big, she is the most painful love in our brothers and sisters.” Li Jianhua, who teaches Wuchuan, is Li Chunling’s brother. He told the news, Li Chunling is a very well-known child, usually cheerful, If you have anything, you will share with your family. She only thinks about reading; at that time, Wuchuan is also preparing to cultivate her as the “seedling” of Tsinghua University and Peking University.


Everything has changed on October 8, 2004. On the same day, because Li Chunling did not come to school all day, her class teacher called Li Chunling at home when she was studying. After the feelings, Li Chunling was anxious and quickly started to find Li Chunling.

After the accident, the school also attaches great importance to the school leadership urgently and the parents of Li Chunling and discuss countermeasures, and cooperate with the police’s search. Since the other day, Li Jianhua has distributed findings in the streets of Wu Chuan, but still has no valuable clues.

Li Chunling

“All the hopes of the whole family are taken away”

Li Chunling is a living by selling fish. In the eyes of my sister, although I was very poor at the time, my sister was like a master’s light, gave family life and future hopes.

Tang Ge Li Jianhua also said that in several children in the family, Li Chunling is the best and is the hope of the whole family. “Her disappears, it seems that all the hopes of the whole family are taken away.”


After Li Chunling, “disappeared”, Mother Mother on day and night, I never gave up the search. Because the mother is looking for a daughter in the day, a family’s livelihood is also full of his father.

In order to find Li Chunling, a family wants to do various ways. They logged away newspapers and contacted the local TV station, reported to the police, and also recorded DNA, but still did not have a thread. The family is speculated that her great probability is trafficked.

This long and bumpy search trip lasted for 17 years. They were full of expectation and 忐忑, and they were returned to fall, regret.

Looking for Li Chunling’s huge spending also makes this originally unfortunate family snow. Li Chunxiao recalled that at that time, his parents had to find some sister to study three brothers and sisters, and a family’s life is poor enough to rely on people to help food meters to maintain livelihoods.

“For so many years, Li Chunling’s mother has never put down the daughter’s disappearance.” Li Jianhua said that after the disappearance, Li Chunling’s mother is very depressed, and how many day and night, she secretly sneaked her tears at home. .

Li Chunling’s mother

The missing clue comes out again

A small clue, reorganizes the hope of Li Chunling.


Ten days ago, a distant relative of Yuanfang was returned to his hometown because of his hometown, and his chat with them. About two years ago, she saw a stray woman near Guangzhou Haizhu District. At that time, she went to the greetings before, I didn’t expect the woman to talk to her. Guangdong Wuchuan’s accent, but also clearly said that she is a Tangkoku, called Li, I really want to go home, but I can’t find it. Go home path.

Because the far-house relatives did not live with Li Chunling, I didn’t know that Li Chunling’s disappearance, so I missed the opportunity to find Li Chunling. According to the relative, the gods of the wandering woman were not very awake at the time.

After listening to this news, the family rushed to the four palaces near Guangzhou Haizhu District, and because Li Chunxiao and his sister Li Chunling were very similar, a sanitation worker told them that a wandering woman and Li Chunxiao have been seen two years ago. Like almost, she will appear near the street almost every day.

The sanitation worker recalled that at the time, the woman was very pitiful, and she will give her some money from time to time to keep her life. But in these two years, the woman didn’t have any problems.

The family took Li Chunling asked people in the nearby shops, but they all said that the impression of women is not deep. It is only two years ago. There is indeed similar to Li Chunling, and the young woman who is short-haired often appears in the nearby street, but These two years have never see her.

Today, Li Chunling is high, and it is impossible to come to find love. Her father has 76 years old, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; the mother also broke the leg, because the daughter’s disappearance is still crying. The mother sitting in a wheelchair still praying on the day, I only hope to see my daughter again.

According to the description of Li Chunling, Li Chunling is approximately 1.56 meters, the eyebrows are thick, strong, big, and there is a mosquito fan in the eyebrow or eyebrow. There is also a small spot on the back, 17 years old before missing, now 34 years old.

They hope that netizens can help provide clues. In the past seventeen years, the whole family wanted to read Li Chunling, always looking forward to the morning reunion, I hope that I can have a miracle and can find her as soon as possible. “

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