Knock off the non-emphasis, and use the original corridor door to steal a flat rice, custom bookcase

For the roots of the house, every large number of small things, every corner, and a clear future life scene in her mind.


The day of the day, the flowers, the shock, the sound of the shock, the key open the door lock, the family laughs look like, and there is a sunny day outside the window,


She is persistently in the quality of every furniture, the texture of each piece, so after the small house bursts for two or three years, she has this from this.


Xuanyuan is beautiful to the bedroom.

Apartment diagram

Use area: 145m2

Household: four rooms

▲ wall dismantling construction

▲ final apartment


: The original household is correct, but after deep-in-depth, it is found that each space is very promoted, and the psychological impact of the second bedroom at the porch is influenced by the average reservoir under the active line (pure corridor) and the main bedroom. The space bureau is promoted, and the straight corridor is expected that the main lying privacy is also difficult to guarantee.


: Change the moving line, release the living room and south to the second bed, use the space of the original 4m2 pure corridor, the 9.4m2 second lying is increased to 13.8 flat, which guarantees the main ingress privacy, and more double storage space.


I have changed the opening direction for the children’s room. With a complete household porch, it makes the child’s psychology more secure.


▲ The door is placed in the door, and the floor and the bronze hanging hook are more visible. A full wall storage cabinet solves the storage of a family shoes and temporary hanging clothing, but also develops ready-time habits and keeps tidy.

In addition to illumination, hanging chandeliers can also bring hierarchical changes.


▲ Xuanguan as the most first person, must be beautiful and practical.

living room


Let’s learn the warmth of the object after being grinded by the time, so there are many Chinese objects in the family.

▲ “Knock off non-emphasized, using the original corridor door to steal a flat rice, custom bookcase



▲ After changing the moving line, the porch is symmetrical with the living room, naturally forming a background wall, which is rich in space, and has solved it before I saw the patron of the master bedroom. The Chinese ancient cabinet and the middle ancient land lamp are time to take time.

A warm home is like this.

▲ The gypsum line, the lamp, and the works of the Middle Ancient Italian designer, so that the ceiling of the ceiling does not loses fine. The sofa tea of ​​the Nordic expressions, fireplace, fish bone stitching wood flooring, carpet and Nordic medieval objects, light and shadow challenges are full of modernity.


▲ The retro couch and two chairs can also change the position, parallel to place, the advantage of this placement can see each other. The floor-to-ceiling air conditioning is placed at the corner of the wall to avoid the disadvantages of the central air conditioner.

▲ The design of the symmetric door hole has increased space extension, and the living room is more closely related to children’s room. The TV cabinet on the fireplace can be locked to prevent the child from stealing the TV without any time. Fortunately, I didn’t know this kind of operation when I was a child.




The balcony is a person who loves life, the most realistic manifestation.

▲ The black gardens of the balcony garden are exquisite and retro, and the opening of the balcony is extended with the living room. It is also a separate space.

▲ The light wind is falling in the sun, and the grass is suddenly a horrible.



The bedroom is the most soft place, its comfort and practicality directly affect the state of life every day.

▲ After the change of the movement, the use of the bathroom and the North Dynasty passengers to form a corridor leading to the master bedroom, and the area waste of the pure corridor has been wasted, and the porch transition zone is set before entering the master bedroom. Using the wall is a big wardrobe for a whole wall, here can also serve as a relatively independent coat.

Master bedroom

Warm woven tapestry, retro rhodes bedding, quiet wooden furniture, and the ancient copper lamp and dried flowers, let the whole space are gentle.

▲ The Chinese ancient TV cabinet and the chandelier continues to retrore the retro, the corner window, the thin white yarn and the delicate sunshine are too stimulating the old man’s girl.



It will also be slowly adjusted in the future, but the details of living cannot be hidden, such as … half wall with a sofa chair.


▲ The corner of the right side sets a work area.

▲ Do not put the traditional bedside table, the flying stool is beautiful, and can meet the needs of the placement ornament or mobile phone, the pillow book.


▲ Green planting, half wall, sunshine, blinds, moving a sofa chair, nothing, it is very beautiful.

Children’s room


Opposite the living room, because it is a boy, use a simple wooden and gray blue, and use the bright yellow light to light space.


▲ Lift the window, the desk is connected with the bookcase, saving more space, the cabinet under the countertop can also accommodate.


▲ Bookshelf bedside table, romantic dreaming net, the delicate wall lamp plans together with the fresh green plant, into a vivid painting.


The so-called human fireworks is to rise in the kitchen, it is the most warm existence of home.


▲ Double open black box glass door, does not affect the light, and can isolate the smoke. However, it is also the most regrettable place to learn, because it is not the right to say it, so it can only be unlimited for pragmatism.

▲ Let’s like Chinese cooking, so there is no embedded oven, but a straight drink and soft water system are installed. The tank is used to illuminate the illuminated chandelier, although practical is main, but it is necessary to exquisite.


▲ Don’t hill the human zigzab brick brings a different effect to the wall, this type of wallpaper is in so many cases written in Hunjun, or I see it.


▲ Although there is sufficient storage space, the corner still cannot waste, exquisite small electrical appliances and frequencies, but also add more living at the kitchen.

Dinning room

One or two cups of light wine, three or four dishes, the restaurant is best for a place where a family is gathered together.

▲ The design inspiration in the restaurant comes from an Italian restaurant, all paintings on the wall are Amoy, and some is a net red poster, some are encountered when traveling.

▲ Flowers are fresh, and the utensils are exquisite, and they can choose a corner. The table is a homemaker smoked white rubber plate, and the lamp comes from Wang Bo’s happiness, cutlery and silverware are sea Amoy.

▲ The sun falls in the blinds is the most beautiful. The mesh cabinet comes from the lost to recruit, and I have changed with my preferences.


Look at one person, don’t understand life, first look at his bathroom.


▲ The opposite side of the Canggu door made the shoulder, dry and wet separation, the corridor between the dry area and the northern guest bedroom as the main channel, one meter, even if someone is in use, it will not feel crowded.

▲ The mini bathroom in the exclusive society,


Flower brick, bronze hardware, facing the window, white yarn, solid wood board


In such a bathroom, the heat is hot, it will feel that he is wearing a daddy from the medieval girl.

▲ Although it is not big, it is warm enough, the customized face rack allows space from visually loose, one-mile floor-on-cemented bathtub to meet the wishes of a beautiful bathroom.

▲ Another bathroom is a shower and the toilet also chooses a relatively retro shape.


▲ Another point of view can be seen in the barn door.


There is no specific style of the family, everything, everything is interested,

The so-called style is actually the joy and story of yourself and your family.

Home is a place where you can rely on the rest of your life, a rivers and lakes, greedy and urgent, will be lifted, precipitate gentle and affectionate.

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