Who is the 30 sunscreen?

want to

Resistance to ultraviolet injury


All have to rely on this small tube sunscreen! So, sunscreen is definitely the product necessary for every four seasons of girls! Goose and this time I am very common



Added sunscreen spray!

Is it super intimate?

Sunscreen /


Mentholatum new double moisturizing water prevention

Reference price: 99.9 yuan / 80g

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++

A sunscreen of moisturizing is very good.

7 kinds of ingredients

Composed sun protection system, match

SolarEx-3 Technology


Ability to protect the skin

Do not let the face hurt from ultraviolet rays!


Small gold hat unique sunscreen dry technology

Even if it is in the face of hot sun, it is also possible to maintain moisture water and moisturizing, adding hyaluronic acid, silver ear and vitamin, etc., which uses water.


, Especially suitable for the skin more dry, you ~




Mistine small yellow cap sun protection

Reference price: 119 yuan / 70ml

Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA +++

Red for a long time, no alcohol, is also very friendly for sensitive muscles, but also added

Six plants essence

Using nourishing clothes,

Fast film film is fast, it is not easy to lane

, Cost-effective, especially suitable for students’ party ~


Allie 护 防 晒


Reference price: 139 yuan / 40G

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Very low-key daily sun protection, use

Wiping technology

Even if you wear a mask, it is not easy to fall off.

Ultra-high sunscreen index is matched with UV-A defense technology

It can more effectively block the ultraviolet damage, and the hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen can also be added to allow

Face egg keeps a waterstuff

There will be no risk of 搓泥 ~


Per Laya sailing sunscreen

Reference price: 158 yuan / 50ml

It is very suitable for going out to play,

Waterproof and sweat, there is also SmartVector UV microcapsules

, The stronger UV, the faster the protection ingredient is released, the emulsion, the face is refreshing, even if you don’t worry about it, it is not worried!

05 理 泉 轻 大哥 大哥 防 乳

Reference price: 168 yuan / 30ml

Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA ++++

The shell is superimprac as a big brother mobile phone, and it will feel very interesting in hand, it will


MEXOPLEX wheat color filter

Added, just like a layer of golden hood, it is possible to high-band high protection, whether it is UVA or UVB all pass, the texture is particularly thin, the face is refreshed, it is very suitable for oily pink muscles and sensitive muscles, and


Waterproof and anti-sweat, even if you go to the sea, you don’t have to worry about sun protection.


L’Oreal multiple protective isolation

Reference price: 170 yuan / 30ml

Super fire small gold tube sunscreen, pressing the pump head to facilitate hygiene, and use

L’Oreal Badmato Microfiltration Technology Mexoryl XL

It is like forming a superior protective film on the face, resisting UV line! Goose also added hyaluronic acid,

Use it more water to worry

No greasy and greasy affection ~


Weona clear sunscreen milk

Reference price: 188 yuan / 50G

Sunscreen Index: SPF48 PA +++

This is simply

Sensitive muscles

, Add purslane, red without medicine,


Can ease the discomfort of skin irritation

, High-definition sunlight is matched with an ultraviolet isolation system, which can be formed on the surface of the skin.

Tight protective net

Protect the skin, away from light damage! This skin is slightly stunned, more suitable for sisters of dry skin.


US Eltamd sunscreen milk

Reference price: 238 yuan / 50G

Sun protection index: SPF45

American professional sunscreen brand, containing 9% transparent zinc oxide protection,

More capabilities that are more than traditional sunscreen blocking UV

, Emulsion is used to knock on the water and not stimulate, it is very suitable for dry autumn and winter.


Another Shadin Gold bottle sunscreen

Reference price: 248 yuan / 60ml


A fire over a lot of sun is almost a human hand, adding Aqua Booster EX,

Waterproof and sweat resist


Four moisturizing ingredients

, Use it more moist, super recommended, you can use it as a body sunscreen, even if you go to the sea, you are not afraid to make black charcoal ~



Yi Lizale Protective Essence (Holler)

Reference price: 250 yuan / 35g

Dry skin essential sun protection

Ultra-high moisture is matched with high sunscreen values, and the ultraviolet rays can maintain skin moist, and they are very suitable for urban beauty.

Emulsion, film formation speed is super fast, like invisible

, Unusual, no greasy feeling ~

11 珂 multiple anti-sunscreen milk

Reference price: 290 yuan / 60G

Peel’s treasure sunscreen,

Nourishing is very bullish

And high sun protection index,

Can effectively resist UVA and UVB damage to the face

, Face knocking in the clothes, and the follow-up makeup can be fused,

And the ordinary cleansing can be removed

Lazy giving me a choice!

12OLAY small white umbrella sunscreen

Reference price: 290 yuan / 30ml

Run the high sun protection, but the sunscreen is weak,

Four-head sunscreen system

It is like playing an umbrella, no longer worrying about the damage of the skin to the skin ~

There is also air black technology, and the film is not a dream in a second!

The face will become very refreshing,

The situation of subsequent oil is also greatly reduced.

, Sisters, oil and mixed skin, choose it!

13 L’Oreal Jin caused a luxurious sunscreen

Reference price: 320 yuan / 30ml

Sun protection index: SPF35 PA +++

Dried skin sisters must like sunscreen

, Adding peony and royal jelly to nourish the skin.


While keeping your face while keeping your face,

Plus L’Oreal Badges Mai color filter sunscreen technology


It is capable of strengthening the capacity of the ultraviolet rays! Dried sisters choose it!

14 Cai Yan’s soft sunscreen isolation milk

Reference price: 350 yuan / 30ml

Sunscreen strength thief is tired of sunscreen


,have inside

Wheat color filter sunscreen system

Side-spectrum high sun protection


It is very effective to block the old age, the goose and add it.

Urban pollution protection technology


, Close the dirty things, but moisture is quite high, it is very suitable for dry skin, oil skin can be used in autumn and winter ~

15 Shiseido Sunshine Summer Effective Water Sunscreen

Reference price: 380 yuan / 50ml


This blue fat man is called

UV killer


Even if you go to surf the sun, it is not weak, because it is added.

“Intelligent” sweat technology, enhanced in the water!

The fluidity is super-strong, and the face will be a bit sticky, more suitable for dry skin and mixed skin ~ After film formation, there will be a dry powder, and the sisters who like outdoor sports will be locked!

16 Clarins light isolation sunscreen milk

Reference price: 420 yuan / 30ml

Sensitive muscle super love sunscreen,


Added plant extract


It can prevent the face of dark yellow, rough, and relieve the discomfort of the skin.

Four protection

, Away from UV damage to the skin! Water feelings, light and not sticky, and also slightly brighten the skin ~


17 Estee Lauder special research multi-effect sunscreen

Reference price: 480 yuan / 30G

Sunscreen Index: SPF45 PA ++++


it is

Isolation sunscreen two in one

For the very friendly, high-speed sun protection can effectively block UVA, UVB, the skin is light, and there is also a slight brightening effect after pushing the mask.

And the antioxidant ingredient is also added, and the skin oxidation of the skin can be improved.

Let your makeup more lasting, stay away from the troubles of the makeup!

18 Lancome light breath

Reference price: 480 yuan / 30ml

Urban beauty super love

“Small white tube”

Added wheat color filter Mexoryl, indoor and outdoor

Effective protective skin is not hurt


And also added a frittere flower, a spicym seeds,


Can resist urban pollution to skin damage

, Can moisturize the skin, love your love ~

19 Lancome Jing pure sun protection cream

Reference price: 890 yuan / 30ml


A skin care anti-old sunscreen, also added L’Oreal Badgent

Wheat color filter MEXORYL XL

It is possible to protect the ultraviolet line in full range, and there is a rose essence, a bicycle,

Have a certain antioxidant effect

The texture of the essence, very light

If you don’t give your face, you will have a loss of losing, and you will choose it right!

Sunscreen spray /

20-key secret crystal sun spray

Reference price: 79.9 yuan / 180ml

Super fire sunscreen spray, no pressure, no pressure, no pressure,

3-layer UV sunscreen film

It can more secretly cover the skin gap, the spray thief is delicate, the film formation speed is very rapid, and there will be a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit, more suitable for dried sisters,

Very high cost, the student party election is right!

21VT tiger anti-sunscreen spray

Reference price: 89 yuan / 150ml

It is super

Suitable for sensitive muscles

The sunscreen is very strong, with snow grass, snake bed,

Skin will be more gentle when used

, The face is also tapped, it is faster, not greasy, and it is very convenient to spray it before going out every day ~

22 Polana Sunscreen Spray

Reference price: 98 yuan / 150g

The more the stronger of the protection, the stronger,

Added SmartVector UV Microcapsules

, The stronger the ultraviolet rays, the microcapsules will break, release light protection ingredients,

The radius of the nozzle is also very long, and it is easy to never


Especially suitable for the use of summer ~

23JM Sunscreen Spray

Reference price: 99 yuan / 180ml

It’s really a lot of sunscreen, ultra-high sunscreen index,

Match DEM sunscreen technology

Don’t be afraid in facing multi-ultraviolet rays!

And also added pearl essence and hyaluronic acid, while using while ensuring the moisturizing degree of skin, it is not fake after film formation, it is simply in summer.

24 nourishing sun cotton spray

Reference price: 109 yuan / 150ml

Sun protection index: SPF30 PA +++

It is a

Physics + chemical double sunscreen

The inside contains reflective powder,

Can block ultraviolet hurt to skin

, Spraying is a transparent small water jubs, which can be rapidly cooling for the skin, more suitable for hot summer use.

26 high postal yellow cap sunscreen spray

Reference price: 129 yuan / 120ml

A spray of sunscreen is great,

Side-spectrum sunscreen system

, Will form a double resistance barrier on the face,

Full-band blocking UVA, UVB

, Goose and spray it out


Small molecule

Not easy to destroy the makeup

The film formation speed is fast, it is simply lazy to go out of the magic weapon!

26 Mentholatum New Bi Double Moisturizing Water Sensing

Reference price: 139.9 yuan / 200ml

Sunscreen Index: SPF40 PA +++

Super sunscreen is suitable for use in travel, sprayed on the body, cold,

SolarEx-3 triple skin sunscreen


Can help skin against ultraviolet rays and photoconditions

However, hyaluronic acid is added, and the skin can be maintained.

Goose and waterproof and anti-sweat friction!

Too suitable for outdoor!

27 Nivea ice cool sun spray

Reference price: 140 yuan / 200ml

Sunscreen from Germany,

Waterproof and anti-sweat, go to the water park with very good

, I also added natural mint, spray it up, can cool the skin quickly, especially when it is hot, it is used ~

28coppertone water baby thin new anti-sunscreen spray

Reference price: 159 yuan / 236ml


Waterproof, thieves, sunscreen,

Broad-spectrum sunscreen

Let the skin stay away from sunburn, faster film formation, no feeling, the only small disadvantage is to contain alcohol,

Sensitive muscles can be tested before using the ear before use.

Anotherly sand outdoor prevention spray

Reference price: 178 yuan / 60G

“Anung Saxi Gold Bottle” spray version

It is also a spray that is strong in progress, spraying out


Water fog

, Do not stick to the white, will not get dirty makeup,


Goose and shower gel can be removed, it is simply a lazy gospel!

30banaanaboat banana boat body sunscreen spray

Reference price: 199 yuan / 170g

Sun protection index: SPF110 PA +++

Sunscreen is super cow,


European and American standard sunscreen ingredient Oklin

Can withstand the full-band ultraviolet

, The whole wide-angle head can easily spray all over the body. Immediately after the spraying, it will form a transparent sunscreen umbrella on the face, especially suitable for loading ~

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++


Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA +++







Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA +++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sun protection index: SPF50 + PA ++++

Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA ++++

Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA ++++


Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA ++++

Sunscreen Index: SPF50 PA ++++

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