How to create a RAID disk array server to build a RAID0, RAID1 graphic tutorial

The general server will be equipped with two or more hard drives to form a disk array, and today a netizen consultation of the installed home Xiaobian “How to create a RAID disk array?”, In fact, the method is very simple, the following installed home shared the server RAID0, RAID1 graphic tutorial, taking ultraflight motherboard as an example, other brand motherboard setting methods is similar, can be referenced.

1. First change the SATA mode to the RAID mode; after the server is turned on, we repeatedly press the “DEL” button repeatedly, enter the motherboard BIOS interface, switch to “Advanced”, as shown below.

2. Modify the options of Configure SATA AS to “RAID” as shown below.

超微主板怎么创建RAID磁盘阵列 服务器组建RAID0、RAID1图文教程

3, the motherboard SATA port has two chips, respectively, SATA and SSATA, if your hard disk is connected to the SATA interface, modify the option of SATA / SSATA RAID BOOT SELECT to “SATA Controller”, then press F4 to save settings after adjustment ,As shown below.

超微主板怎么创建RAID磁盘阵列 服务器组建RAID0、RAID1图文教程

4. Generally, two hard drives enter the following interface, we can enter the “RAID” setting interface by pressing the “Ctrl + I” key button.

超微主板怎么创建RAID磁盘阵列 服务器组建RAID0、RAID1图文教程

5. Select 1.Create RAID VOLUME You can create a RAID disk array as shown below.

6, Name is named, can be default, the RAID LEVEL option, for example, we will set the RAID1 to select RAID1, if you want to build RAID0, select RAID0, and then select CREATE VOLUME to create a disk array.

超微主板怎么创建RAID磁盘阵列 服务器组建RAID0、RAID1图文教程


RAID0: You can add multiple hard drives, virtual is a hard drive, and capacity is the sum of two hard drives.

超微主板怎么创建RAID磁盘阵列 服务器组建RAID0、RAID1图文教程

RAID1: It is a array of two hard drives, one of which is used as a backup disk, which is only 1/2 of the total capacity.

The above is the server to share the server to build RAID0, RAID1 graphic tutorial. Tutorial takes ultraf mic motherboards as an example, and other brands of motherboard methods are similar, refer to it, I hope this article can help everyone.

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