Planting grass denim vest today, knowing two points of dressing skills, a handsome and fashionable cool girl

In the usual life, many girls do not have a lot of contact with denim vests, but for those girls who prefer trendy fan wearing, they can no longer be familiar with denim vests. Summer is very fragrant. But if the matching is not good, there will be a feeling of the men’s mother -in -law. Therefore, today, I will share with you two tips for two points to make you wear handsome and fashionable.

1. Edition



If girls want to choose a vest that suits them, we must first figure out which one is suitable for their figure. First of all, the short denim vest must be able to adjust the proportion of the figure. If it is a small girl or a girl who wants to be better, choose a short version. Whether wearing skirts or trousers when matching, it can make the waistline more obvious, so that the proportion of the body should not be too worried.


Generally, the normal version of the clothes is in the position of the buttocks, so for girls who do not require so much body proportion, you can choose a normal version. This is a more daily version, no matter which style of clothes wears, It can be matched easily, so it is also a version that many girls will choose, and the normal style is very versatile all year round, so buying one can be worn for a long time.

Long model

Many girls will wear a relatively large T -shirt in the summer, but with a pair of denim shorts to create a feeling of disappearance of a lower jacket, but a T -shirt alone may be more monotonous visually, so so You need to choose a fashionable and versatile and cooler item, medium -length denim vest. The length of this style of vest is just under the buttocks, and it is matched with Oversize’s T -shirts. It can not only miss the figure, but also have a sense of fashion.



The long version of the version is actually relatively rare, but the fabric of the denim is generally more stiff, so the long version of the version may be better to modify the body. Some girls with pear -shaped figures, who want to cover their butt and legs, usually wear long jackets, and long denim vests can cover the shortcomings well, and can modify the figure to show the advantages. It is really It is a must -have item for girls with pear -shaped figure.

2. Color

Light -colored

After speaking, the vest of the vest, the more important color choice below. In the summer, the girls are actually very important for the color, so when choosing the vest, the color is also very important. The first is the most common and most versatile light -colored. Light -colored denim fabrics are very popular in summer, especially with a white top, the overall feeling will be more refreshing, but the original fabric of the denim is really It is very versatile, so girls can choose boldly.


Black must be the most commonly used colors in daily wear, mainly because black is more versatile, so it will not be wrong with any color. Black use on the vest, it feels a bit old, so the overall looks more biased to gray. However, gray can be regarded as a good color, so starting a black vest can be considered more cost -effective.


The same is the fabric of denim, but the khaki will be more fashionable, and of course it will be more difficult when matching. Although the color of the khaki is more versatile than other colors, it is a single product of coffee color. When wearing, pay attention to the saturation of the clothes. In fact, in summer, it is not possible to wear bright colors. Choosing simple winds may better reflect your own good temperament.


Both white and black are the same characteristic, and they are more leucorrhea, but white may be more fragrant in summer. Now more popular T -shirts of ice cream are popular. Those clothes are actually single, but it is not a good choice to match a jacket. Will be more fresh.

After watching so many vests, which one do you like most? In fact, the vest is really a more convenient coat, and it can be worn all year round, so get a new one that belongs to your own vest that belongs to your own vest. Bar.

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