Don’t find it in the east! The classification is clear and the storage is neat 5 tricks to make the bag neat and clean

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Small bags, shoulder bags and other small bags are carried, because there is no way to put too many things, so girls will give priority to choosing larger styles. However In the case of less than, I will come to teach you today, how to effectively organize your own items!

1. Sort on every day when you go home

One day when I go out, in addition to the existing items, I may buy some things, so after you go home, you must clear your bag to know what is needed.

2. Reduce the portal of change

不用在东翻西找了!分类清楚、收纳整齐 5招让包包整齐又干净

Sometimes the money found in eating or buying drinks may be scattered in the corner of the bag, so occasionally there will be no change in change. In the tube, you can not only reduce the weight of the bag, but also save a small money!

3. There should be a home

不用在东翻西找了!分类清楚、收纳整齐 5招让包包整齐又干净

Regardless of the key, change, business cards, cards, cosmetics, etc., there must be a place that can be stored. You can consider buying key bags, coin purse, card clips and cosmetic bags. Avoid the situation that cannot be found for a while.

4. Classified classification

不用在东翻西找了!分类清楚、收纳整齐 5招让包包整齐又干净

It can be divided into two categories: “necessary” and “non -necessary”, so that when you go out, what must be brought, such as keys, wallets, toilet paper, cosmetics, etc., can be classified as necessary. As for the unnecessary items, see the benevolence!

5. Check the bag before going to bed or before going out

不用在东翻西找了!分类清楚、收纳整齐 5招让包包整齐又干净

If you can develop this good habit, you don’t need to worry about something to forget, because with the action of inspection, you can avoid the trouble and dilemma brought about because you go out or forget to bring.

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